Can FRUITS Be the Game Changer For Weight Loss? | (New Study Breakdown)

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the code SCIENCE20 to take 20% off your PicFit order. PicFit thank you. Fruits, supposed to be healthy right? Unless you’re doing keto, where fruits are
the devil’s treat. Just kidding, kind of. As much as we often associate fruits with
healthy living, we don’t often hear them being the food choice for weight loss. Well, can it actually help? A new study seems to be purporting this, using
the fruits of our world to nudge you a bit closer to your fitness goals. Let’s check it out. In this study in 2019, researchers pondered
the impact of fruit consumption on satiety. The feeling of fullness, the reduction of
hunger, desire to eat, aka appetite. So, they took 17 healthy, young males and
had them go through three different protocols. In all of them, they were given a lunch consisting
of fried rice and water, with portion sizes relative to each subject’s food records. The difference between the three lunch protocols
is the addition of fruits. In one lunch, fruits, in this case, 60 calories
worth of sliced apples, a fairly small snack, was given 30 minutes before lunch. In the other, the fruits were given 30 minutes
AFTER lunch. And of course, there’s the control which
didn’t have any fruits. Subjects were required to eat all of the apples
but only advised to eat as much as they would like of their lunch. Food intake, satiety scores, and other markers
were measured. Now, what happened? First and foremost, it was very clear that
eating fruits, before or after, increased satiety scores. Subjects felt fuller for longer when given
apples. Total daily calories consumed and lunch consumption,
however, was actually not statistically different across all groups. In short, the apples did not result in eating
less in both during lunch and for the whole day. But, there is an interesting outcome worth
mentioning. Although lunch and daily intake was not different,
subsequent intake, the food eaten AFTER lunch, was statistically significantly lower when
subjects were given apples BEFORE lunch. About 165 calories lower on average, or an
18.5% reduction. Not less at all. But, ultimately, what does this data mean
for us? Can fruits be a good piece to the weight loss
puzzle? Well, it’s only one study so nothing’s
definitive. Also, this really only applies to apples,
red delicious Washington apples in this case, but not all fruits. But we have seen other studies finding similar
outcomes with prunes and apple sauce. At most, it’s quite an interesting finding
and I would say, pretty harmless to just try for ourselves. And keep in mind, although a 165-calorie reduction
doesn’t sound like much on paper, this was a study where subjects weren’t actively
trying to lose weight, yet they still naturally ate less. And of course, one of the biggest weight loss
struggles is to eat less. IF this can help you eat less without much
effort, then kudos. Ultimately, it’s more of a “try and see”
approach. It’s cool that we got some data on it, so
let’s see what it can do for us individually. I hope you found this study breakdown at least
interesting, and if you wanna try it yourself, please let me know how it goes in the comments
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