Hey, what’s up? Hello? My name is Emma. I’m here. Okay. I am here with Michael book live That’s when you’re supposed to say it. I did. And we are at the Strand bookstore in New York City and today We’re gonna be buying books blindfolded. I believe the original person that we saw do this was Safiya Maybe with clothes. Yeah, she did clothes, and she did with makeup and today We’re doing it with books basically what our rules are is we have a blindfold And I’m gonna put it on and Michael’s gonna follow me around I won’t mess with you don’t worry about it. Yeah, okay? We’re gonna pick three books and then if it happens that we already own the book or like I already own the book I’m able to choose a different one because ain’t nobody need multiple copy of books am I right how many copies 21 what’s nine plus ten? Twenty one. You stupid. Really? So yeah, I’m very, very exited for this hold on, stupid top knot. All right can see no how many fingers am I holding up Twenty one. Oh my god. I don’t even got that many fingers. Okay begin oh This is a cassandra clare book My god get out of here, you know you own those What does it say about you that you’ve been here so many times you know where her shelf is I do know where her shelf is. I could probably find every shadow hunter book In a science fiction fantasy Ah Okay, you’re hot I mean you’re cold. You’re yes, then you’re no you’re in then you’re out. You’re up then you’re down You don’t know you’re not you’re not feeling anything good there You own You own you own it. Yeah, I think so Are you sure, I’m no sure I own a book this big I’m okay I got you, baby. Let’s go Right Right there’s a person, but I mean they’ll understand you’re in you’re in historical fiction Yeah, there you go Honestly we’re not even getting paid to promote them like this you just kind of got a pick at some point Do you want like I just I don’t think you want. I don’t know what it is. I don’t know her I Don’t know her either Yeah, no don’t pass that You really just got a go for one Go just go just take it Oh girl, okay Oh You just gonna pick one There’s a ladder I’m pretty sure you own both of the things in your hands right now. I mean, I’m the one not wearing the blindfold so Maybe or maybe not you’ll never know Just shoot your hand out and grab shoot your hand out and grab oh Okay You three books know you’ve three books alright so show them to the camera. Oh, you’re just gonna look go for it go for it You can open your eyes you can open your eyes Do you have it that’s wine yes, yes I bought it none of the above buy iw This is I’m pretty sure you have it. No. I don’t know I don’t um I think it’s about an intersex named character, which is my and I’m really excited about What you do yes we went to y’all fest we both bought it together you just stood there while I bought it oh Wait, this is actually really exciting because this is definitely a book club for the next few months. What is it like? December to February this is our book club, so Okay, okay, so is that good? How do you feel about your pimps? Are you gonna get them all Okay, so that is it for our line folding book buying Challenge, it’s not what we’re calling them do we have a name. I don’t think I don’t know what we called this I’m really pleased with my choices if you want to go check out Michaels. You should definitely check it out in the description below And like neither of us did that bad we can really good? I’m so pleased. I just been to the Strand like too many times But definitely go check out Michael’s channel and his blindfolded book choices, but that is it for this video Thank you guys so much for watching, and I’ll see you soon for a new one Are you serious right now they actually have it excited in the wild Oh Perfect

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    AW MAN STRAND IS SO GOOD!!! Best place to play blindfolded book tag xD

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  20. Fluxey says:

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    This is great! You should do another video like this. Lots of fun!!! You picked some good books Emma

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  43. Old Blue's Chapter and Verse says:

    What you should have done was situated yourself in a section from which you’ve bought and read very little. You would’ve ended up with some books that might have deepened your exercise or practice of trying to read more closely. This was fun to watch, though. It strongly parallels a video I’ll be doing before too long. The idea for mine has its roots in something my book club did ten years ago, but I’ll try to remember to mention this video in at least the description box, all the same.

  44. Sophie D says:

    YASSS You got RENEGADES! Can’t wait for Arch Enemies in November!

  45. Apollo Fennec Fox says:

    Omg this is so fake , like OH casualty! She didn’t own any of the books she took . The guy was like “you own that one i think” and she like “no I don’t…uhmm… I don’t have books this big” , hahaha yeah sure what about Harry Potter

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    Hi Emma, I know this is an old video but I wanted to let you know that my daughter and I did a library version of this yesterday (11th November 2018) and we had great fun. We're planning to do another one at some point. I was really surprised at how much fun it was. Thanks for the inspiration.

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