Building the Ultimate $200 MacBook


– Hey, guys, this is Austin. You may have caught a video where I tried to game on this $200 MacBook, and it actually kind of worked, but today, we’re here with part two, where I’m going to give
it a few choice upgrades. So this is a 2009 white MacBook, outfitted with a blisteringly
fast Core 2 Duo processor, four gigabytes of RAM, and currently NVIDIA
GeForce 9400M graphics. That might not sound impressive, but this guy’s actually
still fully supported on the latest version
of MacOS High Sierra, which got me thinking, can we actually make this
a usable MacBook for 2018? Thankfully, this is back
when Apple made MacBooks that you could kind of work on. So the first thing we see
is our 250 gig hard drive, which that guy’s definitely
gotta get out of here. There’s also the optical drive, which we’re going to be replacing. The battery, it still technically
works in this machine, but it’s pretty old, so
we’re going to replace that. We’ve got the memory. This is not that bad looking to work on. Now, depending on what you’re doing, normally you don’t actually
have to remove the battery but because we just need
to swap it out anyway, it’s just going to make
it a little bit easier to get at some of the
other components here. With that out of the way, now I’m going to remove the hard drive. So, even though the 250
gig hard drive in here actually does work just fine, we’ve got something just
a little faster in mind. Next step is to remove the optical drive. Now, while it is kind
of nice to have it here, I actually want to go with RAID SSDs because you know we do
practical things on the channel. There we go. Now, we just pull this cable out, and we have one optical drive that has been freed from our MacBook. Now we’re ready to start
rebuilding the $200 MacBook. So the main reason to
remove the optical drive is to use an OWC data doubler. The idea here is that
instead of being able to waste all that space on a DVD drive, which honestly, I’m never going to use, we can actually put an
additional SSD inside. The idea here is that
we should just be able to drop it right into place, if I can flip it the correct orientation, and it should just sit like
that and give us our SSD. One of the main things that
makes an older computer like this feel slow is
the mechanical hard drive, but we can fix that with a pair of 500 gigabyte WD blue SSDs. Now one of these by itself
would probably be pretty quick, however, two of these in a RAID, it’s going to be a little goofy. So I think with that, we
have our first SSD installed. All I need to do is put
this bracket back in place, and we can move on to the next one. Perfect, so now we have one terabyte of SSD storage in our lowly $200 MacBook. The next step is to upgrade the memory. So this laptop originally
shipped with two gigs of RAM, and at some point someone
upgraded it to four, however it does technically
support eight gigs of RAM. I’ve got to say, there’s something cool about the idea of taking a MacBook that for most people is kind
of considered old and obsolete and actually giving it some love. It’s kind of weird to
think that in the future new computers really
are not this upgradable. It’s pretty much you get what you get, and that’s all that there is to it. Now we have the fun part. This is a replacement battery. So this original battery is
totally fine, but the issue is because it’s so old and
it has so many cycles, while it does keep a charge, it’s going to last 20-30 minutes, and a lot of MacBooks at this age, the battery’s just completely flat, but the good thing is you can still order
replacements off of Amazon. Now generally speaking, I don’t recommend getting third party batteries for laptops. However, in this case, you’re not going to have any luck getting
one straight from Apple, so this should actually work just fine. Alright, it is moment of truth time. Let’s plug this guy in, in case the battery is
actually dead out of the box. Shows charging. (yells happily) So it should give us the disc error because there’s no OS installed, but that looks like we might actually have a working MacBook. Now comes the fun of
replacing the keyboard. Now there’s nothing
wrong with the keyboard that’s on this right now. However, it’s the older white style, whereas what we ordered here
is a set of MacBook Pro keys, which should look a little cooler. There are a couple of ways
of doing the keyboard swap, but what we did was we just
removed a bunch of the keys and swapped them out with the black ones, and if you really want
to go crazy with it, you actually can replace
the entire keyboard all in one piece,
however, that requires you to basically take apart
the entire computer. If you guys caught our first video, one of the biggest
problems with this guy is that not only is the back
panel a little scratched up, but there’s also a crack in
the actual screen assembly. So while we could actually
swap out the entire shell, that’s also a lot of work, and instead, we can just cover it up. So this is a semi-transparent shell, so first of all, it’s
going to look a lot nicer than the scratched up
bottom that we have here, but in addition to the keyboard cover, which we don’t need, because
we have a legit keyboard now, we also have a bottom shell for it. So while maybe this isn’t
the best-looking MacBook in the world, it’s a lot
better than it was before. But my real question is
what exactly can you do on this MacBook in 2018? After using the MacBook for a week or so, I’ve got to say, it’s
actually surprisingly usable. For normal stuff like
listening to Spotify, writing things up in Google Docs, and juggling a few tabs,
it feels downright snappy. I’ll totally admit using two
SSDs is complete overkill. So I wanted to run them both in RAID, however, the way that High Sierra actually handles RAID right
now is a little bit buggy, so I ended up just installing
the OS to a single drive, but it still makes a huge difference. It’s so much faster. Jumping up to eight gigs of RAM
also makes a big difference. MacOS, especially the
most recent versions, really do appreciate at least eight gigs. One of my big worries going into this was that the Core2 Duo just
wouldn’t be able to hold up, and while yes, a processor
from 2009 in a laptop doesn’t sound too impressive, when you actually run it
through GeekBench, it’s not bad. It’s right up there with
modern day lower-end parts, such as Celerons and Pentiums. Now don’t get me wrong. Throw more than a few
different tasks at it at once, and it will definitely start to slow down, but as long as you treat
it with the respect that a 2009 MacBook deserves, you can definitely get
work done on this guy, and a big part of that
is because it is running a fully up-to-date version
of MacOS High Sierra. Sure, who knows if it’ll ever receive another major MacOS update,
and some apps don’t like the Core2 Duo, but for the most part, it’s just like using a modern MacBook. You’re pretty much getting
all of the features, including iMessage and even Siri. What’s especially impressive is that even some high-end
apps like Final Cut work, and I’m being serious. You can load up some 1080p video, 4k is a little bit too much
for the MacBook to handle, and even the most recent
version of Final Cut 10.4 is actually able to handle it pretty well. Now you will need some patience when it comes to the
render side of things, but again, this is a 2009 MacBook that I bought off of Ebay for $200, and I’m editing actual HD video
inside Final Cut, so yeah. While our keyboard swap
really isn’t for anything besides show, it does still hold up today. So not only does it
have a lot more travel, but it just feels a
little bit more natural than the newer butterfly
switches in current MacBooks. I’ve also been pleasantly
surprised with the trackpad. Somehow, almost ten years later, this is still better than
most Windows laptops. So you’re getting everything you like, including that solid tracking, you’re getting plenty
of multi-touch gestures, like three fingers to
swipe between spaces, and more importantly,
it just feels natural, something that so many
trackpads do not get, especially when you’re
paying $200 for them. Port-wise, while I do miss USB 3.0, Mini DisplayPort is nice
if you want to go out to an external monitor, up
to 2560×1600 in resolution, and MagSafe is still
one of my favorite ways of charging a laptop ever. Even with that fresh battery though, you shouldn’t expect 2018
levels of battery life. So I’m averaging about 3-4
hours with moderate usage. You can get a little bit more if you turn the screen brightness down, but it’s just kind of okay. So should you go out
and load a 2009 MacBook with a terabyte of SSD storage? Probably not. But unlike a lot of our builds,
this actually makes sense. Picking up a used MacBook and
investing in some upgrades like the battery, memory,
as well as an SSD, really will get you an experience that’s going to be better
than a lot of budget laptops. Honestly, I would rather use this. So, what do you guys think about our super awesome
ultimate 2009 MacBook? This has actually taken
a turn I didn’t expect, but it’s actually kind of cool. Anyway, let me know what you guys think, and I will catch you in the next one.

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