Brock Lesnar Vs Samoa Joe – How It Should’ve Been Booked… | WWE Raw, June 12, 2017 Review


Brock Lesnar returns on Raw! So does Emma, but to a much, much lesser extent. And a comedy bear wrestles a match! I’m Oli Davis, and this is the 12th June
2017 edition of Monday Night Raw…in about 4 minutes. The Beast, Unleashed
Two and a half months after winning the Universal Championship, and defending the belt across
the United Federation of Planets, Brock Lesnar finally showed up on WWE TV, opening Monday
Night Raw with a Paul Heyman-led promo. It’s a shame Heyman wasn’t wearing a neckbrace
to sell being choked out by Samoa Joe the previous week. Joe soon came down to show Brock he ain’t
afraid of no beast, squaring up face-to-face, and then striking first with a mean looking
headbutt. The two then had a great pull apart brawl,
with Kurt Angle sending down Raw’s mid-card to keep them apart after the usual WWE security
goons were destroyed. After last week’s great promo, the Joe vs
Brock feud is now two for two in fantastic segments. An angle so good, the Raw writers took the
rest of the night off, going home and letting Gary from catering book the rest of the episode. As great as the segment was, it would’ve
been so much better as a hot close to the night – a confrontation between two unstoppable
heavyweights built throughout the show, Lesnar tearing through the roster and holding Raw
hostage until he got Joe in the ring. Instead, because the show’s second and third
hours were up against the NBA Playoff finals, the Brock/Joe segment opened Raw, leaving
the rest of the night with an impossible act to follow – so why even bother? Elias Samson beat Dean Ambrose
Like the neverending, ‘help us, we’re stuck in limbo’ feud of Dean Ambrose and
The Miz. Elias Samson beat Ambrose after some Miz interference,
which Kurt berated the A-Lister about afterwards. Miz rightfully blamed Angle for Ambrose ruining
his Intercontinental title celebration the previous week, so Kurt replied: if you’ve
got a problem with Dean, do something about it. The Miz doing something about it, Kurt, is
exactly why you were just shouting at him! Cedric Alexander beat Noam Dar
Cedric Alexander beat Noam Dar in under 10 seconds because Alicia Fox wouldn’t end
her Facetime call with Dar. Yes, this was as annoying as it sounds. The Big Dawg Announcement
Neither Roman Reigns or Finn Balor appeared on Raw, showing how little faith WWE had in
the episode’s chances against the NBA. Instead, both men got promo packages – with
Roman’s teasing a big Summerslam announcement for next Monday. Bray Wyatt & Seth Rollins
After Bray Wyatt cost Seth Rollins the main event last week, the two confronted each other
with words. Some of those words were good words, and most
of those words were delivered well. Unfortunately, though, I just don’t care
about those words. Wyatt disappeared with a [BLEURGH!] to end
up on the TitanTron. Apollo Crews beat Kalisto
Apollo Crews beat Kalisto in another neverending repetitive feud. Titus O’Neil welcomed a reluctant Akira
Tozawa to his brand, which actually made for some rather goofy fun. Sasha Banks, Mickie James & Dana Brooke beat
Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax & Emma Three babyfaces and three heels are cutting
an in-ring promo. Guess where this is going, holla holla? One of those wrestlers was a returning from
injury Emma! Again! For like the seventeenth time in the last
9 months! The big angle on her return? Tapping to the Banks Statement after Alexa
Bliss left her teammates high and dry. Bayley: Extreme Disappointment
Bayley did a pretaped sitdown interview with Corey Graves, in a segment not so wisely entitled
‘Bayley: Extreme Disappointment’. They attempted to get over Bayley’s noble
character, but ended up just making her look creepy awkwardly hugging Graves at the end. Rhyno & Heath Slater beat The Miz & A Bear
After Miz failed to recruit Heath Slater to his entourage, the A Lister had to find a
mystery partner for their resulting tag team match. It ended up being the guy in the bear suit
from last week’s Intercontinental title celebration. At some point, Ambrose switched with the guy
in the suit and cost Miz the match. Which means Ambrose attacking Miz should’ve
been a DQ, as he wasn’t originally in the-why am I’m picking holes in a match with a comedy
bear? Neville vs Rich Swann
Neville and Rich Swann’s match never got started, as the King of the Cruiserweights
beat down his opponent before the bell rang. Neville cut a promo afterwards on Tozawa,
who looks to be the title’s next challenger. Galanderson beat Enzo & Big Cass
The mystery plot thickens! Big Cass was found knocked out backstage before
his and Enzo’s match against Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. Another almost too obvious clue was given,
as The Revival walked past in the background. Cass insisted on competing while seemingly
concussed, meaning Galanderson easily won. Big Show saved Enzo from a post-match beat
down – making Cass even more jealous… Sheamus & Cesaro vs The Hardy Boyz
Raw’s main event was a 2-out-of-3 falls tag title rematch with Sheamus and Cesaro
defending against The Hardys. Sheamus almost immediately took the advantage,
Brogue Kicking Jeff a minute in for the first pin. Coming off the hot tag, Matt got the second
fall soon after. The match got really fun after this, with
near-fall after near-fall, but they unfortunately went with a very lame double countout finish. This should’ve opened the show, and Brock/Joe
should’ve ended it. So that was this week’s Raw in about four
minutes. Here’s the usual ratings recap, from top
to bottom – In Awe, Cor, AVRAWGE, Poor and Bore. I’ll reveal my rating very shortly, but
first, vote in the poll above my head to give yours. I’ll announce the results in tomorrow’s
WrestleTalk News. Well done WWE. Your ability to consistently not follow-up
on hot angles is unparalleled in storytelling. While the Joe/Brock segment was executed perfectly,
it came at the detriment of the rest of the episode – one filled with repetitive matches
and barely any narrative progression. This week’s Raw is Poor. Goldberg has teased a return to WWE! And is Samoa Joe vs Brock Lesnar actually
a good idea? Luke and I talk just that in WrestleRamble. Click the videos to the left to watch more,
press subscribe and support WrestleTalk on Patreon. I’ve been Oli Davis and that was wrestling.

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100 thoughts on “Brock Lesnar Vs Samoa Joe – How It Should’ve Been Booked… | WWE Raw, June 12, 2017 Review”

  1. Raymond MacMichael says:

    Anyone else laugh at Titus holding back Brock? Well Kalisto beat Braun? Titus beat Kalisto? Brock v Titus at Summerslam surely? Anyway Finn Balor not being on the show probably did have a huge affect on ratings. More probably watched.

  2. jib jab hamers says:

    and now cue the smack down show. raw is boring

  3. Bunyan420 says:

    who thought the headbutt by Samoa Joe to Brock Lesnar made you think of when Kurt Angle head-butted Samoa Joe in TNA

  4. Jamieb1994 says:

    Last night's RAW was ok I guess, but it could of been better though

  5. 21smoothcriminal says:

    Best moment from this raw : Brock vs Joe
    Worst moment from this raw : Bayley interview
    I really fell sorry for her , she is probably one of the best if not the best in ring woman perfomer , but her character is sooooo god damn booooooring

  6. Nikhchan's Gaming says:

    That wasd no headbutt..that was boob butt

  7. Joseph Carvalho says:

    I think Gary from catering would have done a better job then the creative team

  8. Lakshay yadav says:

    is kazuchika okada ever coming to wwe??? plzz answr

  9. Jarrod Alston says:

    raw what the hell are you doing seriously

  10. Abhishek Arya says:

    OLI is the perfect reviewer of WWE #HOLA_HOLA
    love and support from INDIA 💗💗

  11. Md Zawadul Karim says:

    don't you think brock should drop the belt to joe? cos brock is a lazy part timer who just won't show up on tv…

  12. Jacob says:

    This show was AIDS. Everything about RAW has become cringeworthy.

  13. Ameen Sulthan says:

    you suck

  14. Boogie on 2 says:

    What in the flying Fox happened to Finn Balor's "Demon" gimmick? Has WWE destroyed that too? This is getting pathetic. Can we please get ROH on a premiere network in the US?

  15. KO GOAT says:

    There should've been another option to rate this RAW. It was beyond Bore way more worse. The worst RAW of this decade.

  16. Jere Pesonen says:

    Does oli even like wwe? Sometimes I think he doesn't. Luke is clearly fan but what about oli!?

  17. Cooro Snow-Fox says:

    Samoa Joe is probably one of the only ones who can take on Lesnar and it's not just random booking.

  18. Cooro Snow-Fox says:

    Emmalina was promo'd to death now we get the ever lasting return of EMMA

  19. Madluv4ya says:

    what would you think of Cena vs Reigns?

  20. orio jules says:

    in about 5 mins

  21. jimmy gallo-arsenal says:


  22. Stay Woke says:

    I feel like it isnt The Revival but they might know something about these attacks. It may sound dumb but you never know. It is the only interesting storyline in raw for me so far because anything can happen in the end. But knowing wwe they are probably going to ruin it

  23. Shrimp3r JR says:

    2:47 whenever my parents both start having a go at me for something I did wrong

  24. Gamingdragon says:

    Oli should join the wyatt family . Wyatt needs some members !

  25. TDItaly98 says:

    No Reigns? IN AWE

  26. RZLAND says:

    Joe will be new champ. Brock too busy eating buffets. No time to defend belt.

  27. bawstou says:

    Miz/bear tag worse than Bayley this is your life?

  28. MACHIAVELLI X says:

    Bray fucked JoJo

  29. Dale Lockwood says:

    Raw is just to repetitive.. It seems to be the same crap each week boring and I have no interest in the cruiserweights they should stick to 205 live. The only good thing was Joe and Lesnar.. I fast forwarded most of it. Please wwe mix it up a bit an give us something new an good story lines and please bring back hardcore sorts of matches.. What's happened to the days of the brass knucks an barbwire bat's etc an I miss the 24/7 rules on hardcore title matches. I've started watching raw on YouTube now as it's to boring and sameish all the time.. When I was watching as a teenager in the attitude era it was exciting an surprising each week and the titles were on the line nearly every week

  30. LegendaryKing says:

    I say it was Bore

  31. Thomas Hart says:

    Would really rather Roman v Lesnar happen at Summerslam rather than wait for Mania. Plus it actually makes the main event feel unpredictable (this far out anyway)

  32. AnthonyAnalog says:

    I was stunned when Brock and Joe opened the show (only to cap the show off w/ a dusty finish in the tag match no less smh). That's definitely a final segment.

  33. Steve vallejo says:

    definitely a BORE…maybe a category underneath that! I do agree Joe/Lesner segment should've closed the show. I ended up watching past shows from NJPW on NJPW World instead with RAW in the background just in case it picked up….it never did, they seriously need to do something better with their booking because I'm growing very tired of watching the same thing over and over….and OVER again and I've been a die hard WWF/WWE fan since I was a child. I've found ROH and NJPW way more entertaining at this point. My question to the WWE is, why purchase all of these top guys to only have them linger in the mid-card or not even show them on a PPV? (for ex. Anderson/Gallows, Apollo Crews etc) please WWE SPICE THINGS UP!!!!

  34. Joseph Moore says:

    I was at this RAW. The opening segment was fantastic, and the rest of the night we were left wondering where all the wrestling was. After they went off air, the crowd was genuinely excited for a dark match of Reigns vs Wyatt

  35. Ralyks23 Thims23 says:

    Everyone keeps saying they should have ended the show with Brock and Joe but int he same sentence talking about how they were up against NBA Finals. Personally I have to agree with the decision to open the show with it. This feud is the only saving grace on Raw atm . Think about how many people may have missed out on that because they wanted to see Golden State beat Lebronleirs.

  36. Superkick party says:

    Oh Man
    Oh Man
    OH Man im tired of people put the name "babyface" on the Good superstars
    Change that people put them "technical".

  37. future cartoonist says:

    I actually thought it was a cor. seeing as it furthered things…sure in a comical way but, continuity…I guess

  38. Sead D says:

    Didn't Dean fucked a girl while wearing an bear suit during a promo back in the day?

  39. Willow says:

    because olis a smatarse DING ( big sparkling teeth )

  40. MK Videos says:

    Raw is poor

  41. Laredo Reyes says:

    you should get in touch with WWE and make the matches

  42. Thee MikeyBoiii says:

    I hadn't watched raw in a month because it's boring, and I decided to watch it last night because of Brock but after that segment, I literally couldn't watch more than 5 minutes

  43. ELoc SLoc says:

    Emma 4 RAW Womens Champion and dont end Samsons winning streak any time soon

  44. King AR3 says:

    is it just me or did raw fucking suck??? to much going on at once…2 Cruiserweight matches two tag matches

  45. Bvaldez96 A says:

    I did not watch Raw because of E3

  46. Antonio Lopez says:

    Titus grabed Tazuia with essay it was akcward . Poor Tazuia worried with lots of anxiety about real life possible situation where he have to defend himself with a person that much bigger tgen him hoping they don't grab and swing him around like that first he has a chance to punch, kick, block, maybe uses momentum to get the person on the ground because if he picked up like that he has no chances maybe if the perdon big but arms are not as long he may have a chance to get a kick if he swings his lower body to land his foot on the person threating him

  47. DEAN SHIELD says:

    F Gary from catering…I hope Titus whips that guy's ass b/c that's his Turf.

  48. Nicholas Gonzalez says:

    brock should have just showed up in a pickup truck and found joe either in his locker room or backstage and they shoulduv just went at it.

    p.s Yoo Olii you the Fucking Man

  49. brian centi says:

    elias samson reminds me of a cross between MACHO MAN & HERCULES HERNANDEZ…anyone else agree ?

  50. Napa says:

    How WWE Should've booked? Is Plumpy jumping ship to Wrestletalk?

  51. Randall Hilt says:

    Ollie, love the show and you crack me up but the"they have to do something different, they did something different and I don't like it" shit is nerve racking. Miz fought someone not involved in his own feud for a change. Or your "they don't build long full stories, this story is going on too long." The Titus Brand is building a clearly building a story. Or even "They don't build new feuds, I don't have any interest in this new feud though." I think Wyatt and Seth could have some real good matches. I don't disagree with your rating even, just the way you come off a lot of the time is like a kid crying there are no more presents to open instead of playing with the ones he asked for and got.

  52. FL1PN0S1S says:

    i need a cigarette…

  53. Andy Shriver says:

    do you always make these videos in hindsight or do you actually have a perspective before WWE books them?

  54. Foolish Demon says:

    I actually liked Raw last night. I guess it happens when you watch wrestling just to watch it. Didn't fall asleep and liked the segments well most segments, other than the Bayley interview. I enjoyed it.

  55. John Herndon says:

    I had watched it twice to make sure, but the Wyatt odd pictures that controls the lights was heavy in Randy Orton pictures. Odd..?

  56. Carl Johnson says:


  57. EllZ R says:

    Cena v Reigns at Summerslam

  58. Clark Kent says:

    NBA finals not NBA playoff finals

  59. Dallas Spears says:


  60. jesse Johno says:

    It's absolute garbage and unbelievable crap that a champion … Brock Lesnar has not had to defend the title since WrestleMania!!! Whereas other guys and girls lose their belt because of this or that! It's a bunch of @$!# and Brock needs to go or the WWE needs to stop treating him like he is still working at UFC …. like working hours and days.

  61. Dre Hammon says:

    no jojo bray comment????????

  62. PhatGirlLuva68-ThelastOG says:

    You guys should change the name of this channel to ComplainAboutWWETV

  63. anney mamani condori says:

    Aquien mierda le importa lo que hables , queremos el video.

  64. The Perfect Gentleman says:

    Yeah the show went to hell after Brock & Joe!

  65. Ashton Deroy says:

    It kind of feels boring… It should be huge to see Joe vs Lesner! I guess I am just not that into wrestling right now.

  66. jose resendez says:

    ever since miz went to raw he fell, he had a chance to become wwe champ in smackdown, its his blood fude with daniel that keeps him fresh, not dean, as for dean he needs to join a tag team since hardy boys are spliting, shamus and cesaro need a new runer up

  67. ⚉FACE PUBES⚉ says:

    the Oli jump scare is hilarious.

  68. the stoned wolf [ luke owen's #11 fan] he's fine says:

    so funny when graves said I need a cigarette

  69. ECTrouble says:

    I gave it an avrawge rating because it wasn't as good as last week's show, they have been knocking it out with the joe vs Lesnar segments, which is a surprise because they wasn't using joe that well a while back.

  70. Derek Holiove says:

    now i just hate yesterdays raw didnt realize how bad it was this man is right…

  71. Derek Faw says:

    Brock Lesnar vs Samoa Joe as a legitimate match isn't believable. It's a symptom of inept, quality deficient story writing. Undertaker, Cena, Orton, even Reigns seemed challenging and arguably interesting with the match with Undertaker being as I think most would agree, the best all around. Samoa Joe does not, for me at least pose as a legitimate threat to all that WWE has built for Brock Lesnar. As I understand, Brawn Strowman was to be Lesnar's next opponent but, due to injury WWE was left grasping for a story line as a filler. I get it. But, this is laughable.

  72. Charles Artis says:

    Your Bray Wyatt impression is FN hilarious!!!

  73. turtlehead2 says:

    The Bray and Crews back to back segments made me turn away from Raw.

  74. Andrew Weckwerth says:

    I don't know what's worse the name of the upcoming Raw ppv Great Balls of Fire or the match with the bear!

  75. Diarmuid Ze says:

    I want that oli wyatt as a ringtone lol

  76. Inappropriate Name says:

    Confrontation between Samoa Joe & Brock Lesnar was nothing special, it was something they regularly turn to now to signify to beasts colliding but the lack of originality meant it really wasn't a big deal. It was okay though and definitely the highlight of the show which isn't saying much as the rest of the show was trash.

  77. People Evil says:

    Dean Ambrose should be back on Smackdown

  78. Brizzo says:

    Who wears a neck brace because of a chokehold?

  79. Tami Tetoua says:

    "[…] An angle so good, the raw writers took the rest of the night off." Best one so far :')

  80. Cherz zz says:

    Braun is the one who attacked cass and enzo.There is a chance because enzo talled that one blow took cass out

  81. Jake38nine says:

    Majority thought last weeks episode was great.I thought it was boring up until the last hour, but only the first 30 minutes of that hour. And then this week the majaority say it's average or poor. Wtf? This week's was MUCH better!

  82. Tyson199614 says:

    Still loving the Bray Wyatt impression XD.

  83. David Hardy says:

    I really enjoyed the Brock and Joe segments I think it's a good build up to a big match I also enjoyed the Hardy Boyz match I'm giving this Raw an average and by the way that was 5 minutes not 4

  84. GenPatton10 says:

    Bore = Druggies in the Main Event.

  85. Shawn O'Connor says:

    Alicia Fuuuuuucks should just go away. Let Dar get over/get heat on his own

  86. Tony P says:

    So is Ambrose vs Sampson gonna be this year's Ziggler vs Corbin?

  87. Greg Jean says:

    LMAOOOOOO nah that Bray wyatt Impersonation is mad funny

  88. Niloy Nath says:

    Do u always speak that way?

  89. Fallennobody says:

    i know this is late but raw bored me from the end of the first hour on i was playing pokemon for the rest of the show..

  90. obsidianthe7th says:

    Pretty sure that's gimmick infringement.

  91. dvdnalt says:


  92. Zombiecrush75 says:

    If you think the Brock/Joe angle is great so far, your expectations are near zero. Remember when feuds were built by wrestlers actually wrestling each other? Or attacking the other…one guy would get the advantage one week, the next week you watched to see the other guy get revenge. These days you know you aren't going to see the big players actually wrestle until a PPV. Who didn't see the "security" bit coming on Monday? Of course you aren't going to get anything more than a tease unless you have the WWE Network.
    And poor Big Show…that dude looked so bored, going out there and awkwardly holding Enzo's hand at the end. I thought he was going to chokeslam him, but no…that would be a twist, and WWE doesn't do that anymore.

  93. Shurm O says:

    That part Oli did about Bray and Seth was hilarious!

  94. pathak ji says:

    say hi to ur Indian fan oli

  95. pathak ji says:

    say hi to ur Indian fan oli

  96. Kain d. Badguy says:

    I actually watched this episode of Raw and I forgot how BAD it was. Thanks Oli for reminding me why I don't watch Raw anymore.

  97. Yung Oof says:

    I was there and the show wasn't a bad show it was pretty Entertaining

  98. Yung Oof says:

    Roman reigns was in the after show agains beat Wyatt

  99. Shame McShit says:

    Hi Ollie can you do a review of ppvs?

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