Brock Lesnar Vs. Braun Strowman BOOKED! John Cena RETURNS To Raw! | WWE Raw, Aug. 21, 2017 Review


John Cena returns to Raw! A huge No Mercy match made and Beachballamania
runs wild. I’m Oli Davis and this is 21st August, 2017
edition of Monday Night Raw…in about 4 minutes. Brock Lesnar Vs. Braun Strowman Booked
Raw opened with Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar gloating about their win the previous night,
but they failed to mention the guy who almost took The Beast out – so that guy screamed
his name in their face: BRAAAAAUUUUN! Strowman beat up Lesnar once again, pulling
off something quite incredible – making Brock look like the underdog. Kurt Angle later made Lesnar vs Strowman for
the Universal title at No Mercy. Which is great, that’s the match everyone
wants to see after Summerslam. But the announcement should’ve been saved
for something bigger rather than a commentary line by Michael Cole. Enzo Amore beat Big Cass
Because the Shark Cage match the previous night wasn’t enough, Enzo Amore took on
Big Cass in a Brooklyn Street Fight – because Brooklyn is where their friendship began,
so this is where it will end. Unfortunately, the feud climaxed in the wrong
way – Cass landing awkwardly when he fell out the ring, and the match awarded to Enzo
because of injury. Even when WWE try to book someone strong,
it still somehow becomes 50/50 booking. Nia Jax beat Emma
Nia Jax beat Emma in a total squash match. You gave Emma the wrong chance again. Elias beat R-Truth
Physically manifesting the cultural battle between rap and country music, Elias beat
R-Truth in two minutes. Kurt Angle’s Surprise… When Kurt Angle came out to announce his big
surprise, the crowd loudly chanted ‘You Suck’. When that surprise was revealed as John Cena
appearing on Raw, the crowd loudly chanted ‘John Cena Sucks’. And when Roman Reigns answered Cena’s challenge,
the crowd completed the smart fan trifecta, chanting ‘You Both Suck’. Miz punctured Vince McMahon’s main event
dream with an incredible promo, accusing Cena and Reigns of getting handed moment after
moment, while he toils away on the pre-show. With Cena acting like a goof and Reigns expressionless,
Miz provided a real emotional hook for the crowd to believe in. One Samoa Joe later, and -holla holla – we
got main event tag team match, playas! Mustafa Ali, Gran Metalik, Cedric Alexander
& Rich Swann beat Drew Gulak, Tony Nese, Noam Dar & Ariya Daivari
The crowd continued to be a factor in the following 8-man Cruiserweight match, but detracting
from the action rather than adding to it. A Mexican wave was most over part of the match. A shame when the in-ring moves were significantly
more impressive. Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins beat Hardy Boyz
Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins fared much better with the crowd against the Hardyz – despite
Seth’s cringeworthy reply to Jeff’s match challenge: “Are you serious? We used to idolise you when we were growing
up!” It’s bloody Monday Night Raw, Rollins – not
a Make a Wish treat. The two teams had a really good match, based
around which brothers had the better timing and joint technique. Sasha Banks Celebration
Sasha Banks proved she’ll be a fighting champion, challenging Alexa Bliss to her title
rematch right here. Bliss correctly pointed out how bad Sasha’s
title defence record is, though, and said they’d fight for the belt next week. Finn Balor beat Jason Jordan
Jason Jordan – getting no preferential treatment from his dad whatsoever – was granted a match
against Finn Balor. It looks like they’re taking a similar route
to Chad Gable on Smackdown – give Jordan valiant, but losing efforts against main event level
talents. It’s a far more organic way of getting over
than pushing him straight into an intercontinental title chase right away. Sadly, the crowd were suffering from the third
hour lull, and despite both men working hard, they got distracted by the ZOMBIE BEACHBALL
CESARO KILLED THE PREVIOUS NIGHT! It lives! John Cena & Roman Reigns beat Samoa Joe & The
Miz Zombie Beach Ball was the most over thing
during Raw’s main event, the crowd not that interested in Samoa Joe and The Miz just being
a catalyst for the brewing tension between Cena and Reigns – which culminated in an accidental
Superman Punch from Roman on John. Monday Night Cena, as Michael Cole named him,
got the win anyway, hitting Miz with an AA. So that was this week’s Raw in about four
minutes. Here’s the usual ratings recap, from top
to bottom – In Awe, Cor, AVRAWGE, Poor and Bore. I’ll reveal my rating very shortly, but
first, vote in the poll above my head to give yours. I’ll announce the results in tomorrow’s
WrestleTalk News. The Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman segment,
Miz promo and Shield Vs Hardys match were all very enjoyable, starting the next chapter
of WWE 2017. The rest of the episode was so-so, both helped
and hindered by a boisterous crowd. ‘Hindered’ as their antics most definitely
took away from the action, but also ‘helped’ because without them, the more tedious parts
of Raw would’ve dragged even slower. I’ll take an excitable crowd over a dead
one every time, and remember – if WWE were putting on a genuinely engaging show that
the fans were truly invested in, the Mexican waves and Beach Balls of the last few days
wouldn’t catch on so well. This week’s Raw is AvRAWge. There are some huge NXT call-ups rumoured
to be happening soon! And how were Baron Corbin and Enzo Amore buried
at Summerslam? Click the videos to the left to find out,
press subscribe and support WrestleTalk on Patreon. I’ve been Oli Davis and that was wrestling.

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100 thoughts on “Brock Lesnar Vs. Braun Strowman BOOKED! John Cena RETURNS To Raw! | WWE Raw, Aug. 21, 2017 Review”

  1. Matt Riccio says:

    So cena couldn't put over corbin before heading to raw ?? Some of the wwe writing just kills me

  2. Prince A says:

    Miz is gold on Mike

  3. P1: Na'jae says:

    Was the Big Cass Injury real or scripted

  4. J Alchemist says:

    Why waste the money and go to a RAW taping when all you gonna do is play with a f***in beach-ball?

  5. Omar Taco Tree says:

    Fuck vince
    Trying so hard to make raw better then smack down by taking there superstars

  6. Mr _Milan says:

    There over hyping Braun so much and we all know that he's not winning the title anytime soon at least not when brock is around

  7. Dennis Moore says:

    Did oli call wrestle ramble a
    Pop-cast (classy)

  8. Mr _Milan says:

    I'm sick and tired of this beach ball shit cesaro needs to be in the crowd every time they bring the beach ball

  9. YKTV RECORDS ! says:

    They should make john and reigns vs and make dean and Rollins's interrupt it

  10. TheTimer1337 says:

    Really bad crowd. Almost as bad as the NXT section that chanted for themselves.
    And the excuse that the product "is not good enough" is bullshit. They just wanted to get themselves over by playing with fucking beachballs during the MAIN EVENT. NEVER GO TO BROOKLYN AGAIN

  11. Mrcreapy Pvp Montages says:

    Well at least they didn't steal Jerichos gimmick for Cena.. like what would be more cringe than Cole saying "Raw is Cena"?

  12. FodeeFo says:

    If I made decisions in WWE, I wouldn't go back to Brooklyn because they don't deserve it. If they are so interested in a damn ball, let them pay money for tickets in Barclays to play volleyball. That crowd really embarrassed themselves and wrestling fans. SS and Raw didn't set the world on fire, but they didn't deserve to be ignored for a fuckin beachball. Simple-minded pricks

  13. Plush Hunter says:

    Braun needs to win the title. I don't want him to job to Lesnar and Reigns taking the title at WM. And see how over Braun is.

    Miz had another pipebomb moment.

  14. Ankit Marwah says:

    Why he talks like that ??

  15. Hassan The Mighty says:

    It was In Awe WTF Oli

  16. Brumakian Productions says:

    Make a new rating. Replace Bore with SNORE

  17. Mora艣 Moras says:

    Cena was on drugs today xD

  18. itsvis king says:

    Roman looks so stupid

  19. YTReloader2 says:

    Let's say it. Without pyro, top wrestlers' entrance lost something, Lesnar's entrance looked like a chimpazee just escaped from the zoo and tossed a coconut on the ground to get what's inside….can't imagine what Goldberg would look like with no pyro…

  20. Nigel Thorpe says:

    Raw was awesome

  21. Kenny Jones says:

    I feel bad that Cass got hurt but the show was BAD was waiting for NXT surprises, Miz was the star along with Braun. I mean just hurrying a Hardys vs Ambrose/ Rollins match with NO BUILD made no sense. BORE!

  22. King Possum says:

    It was such a bore I fell in the main event and missed the start.

  23. Smallafro Games says:

    Full raw vlog from crowd on my channel

  24. Mack James says:

    Oli why you own like 3 shirts

  25. SHELLBACKS CLUB 馃悽 says:

    Hate Brooklyn crowds!

  26. Lenra Gomez says:

    Rank 1. NxtRank 2. Smack DownRank 3. NJPW

  27. Machismopw says:

    Mustafa ali, cedric alexander, rich swann…..i feel so sorry for you guys…i dont understand why they are looked as different and treated as guest performers from 205 live on Main Show raw

  28. METalGod66 says:

    John cena is pathetic he just buries everyone by just laughing and never taking anything seriously with his dumbass smirk and fucking roman just stands there like he just shitted himself

  29. It's Yuh Boyyy says:

    Download the podcast

  30. Queen Creepycandy says:

    Oli, do you think Bobby Roode will appear on SD?

  31. Jeremy Suskie says:

    Reigns > Cena
    There. I said it

  32. Shashwat Subhash says:


  33. Minmataro718 says:

    Brock is going to tap Strowman out. You saw his weakness last match. If Lesnar can't dominate you physically he will use his mma stuff to get the tap. Lesnar wont lose the title until Reigns takes it off him at mania.

  34. Dirkified14 says:

    I don't know about you guys. But I believe this new Beach Ball is the next face of WWE.

  35. Fearless BLaZ says:

    When is Cena going to legit get called out for NOW BEING A PART-TIME talent?!?!

  36. Aldair leonides says:

    One Fall!!!!

  37. Justin Barrett says:

    Does anyone notice that the only people chanting "(fill in name here) sucks" are grown ass men? Pathetic.

  38. Omid L says:

    Hardyz will go SD soon and beat Uso's

  39. BlearyLine7 says:

    I never really buy the 'People wouldn't use beachballs if the wrestling was good' thing. They don't sell beachballs at the concession stands. People have to buy them beforehand and consciously take them into the show before it starts.

  40. Shadow the Hawk says:

    Omg Asukas injured馃槩馃槩馃槩

  41. CellyXCityX33 says:

    Am I the only who can't vote? My vote won't count. I put it in and then it removes it

  42. Sergio Osorno says:

    Lesner I'm not finished with you!!!!

  43. HappyNoodle Man says:

    Lance Catamaran does not suck.

  44. Michael Kakakios says:

    I was there and I had floor seats it was amazing THE BEACHBALL LIVES

  45. Bungle2000000000 says:


  46. karan gupta says:

    Give us the "give us a subscribe" back, oli

  47. LLJB3 says:

    This Raw was poor. Not horrible because of the opening segment and Miz promo, but just plain awful. Tag match is not the way to start a long awaited feud with top guy 1 and top guy 2.

  48. Gamingdragon says:

    Transfer Joe to sdlive
    Nothing on raw can develop due to the weed named roman and the parasite named cena.

  49. Nebula Corolla says:

    Let's see what smackdown live

  50. Julian Bockover says:

    I actually thought Raw was Cor! Oh and does anyone have an update on Ric Flair?

  51. Juan Cholo Los Crudo's Gaming says:

    Miz is starting to remind me of the Franchise Shane Douglas in his promo last night.

  52. Himanshu Sood says:

    I hated cena from day 1 hate roman even more but watching these to together made me realise at least cena can act roman cant Even open his mouth without making a joke of himself P.S ill letire the lead man

  53. Tipu Imran says:

    I understand the show was not so good but Crowd was a little terrible. Anyhow Cena vs Reigns can be a big programme but creatives need to put efforts to make it interesting . This shouldn't be the way to make Reigns look like a legit star . I am fine with the match because it's going to be a good match.

  54. ivan moody says:

    like your show but maybe wwe needs to hire you for their creative team because you seam to wanna change everything they do..vince made it this far without you so i think they will be ok

  55. Maestro Blades says:

    I hope Big Cass is okay we'll find out what will happen with him today…. I'm calling it now sprained MCL / ACL

  56. EJ4 says:

    I'm giving raw in awe cuz I was in the crowd

  57. megamovieman101 says:

    I'm gonna be honest. I just saw the middle hour. xD But even after I stop watching WWE, I'm still gonna come to WrestleTalk, because I just like Oli and Luke too much to leave xD

  58. JCLAnimal19 says:

    Too much wrestling fans are antsy can you blame them?? It is rude but still

  59. wrestling geek says:

    Crowd was best

  60. Michael Rios says:

    Security confiscated at least over 10 beach balls last night. Cena did an unscripted promo about the beach balls. And the Brooklyn crowd played with beach balls on there way through the hall out the arena. It was ridiculous.

  61. 讛转讞转 砖诇讬 诇讗讻讜诇 讗转 says:

    This raw was poor.
    from Roman and cena wanking each other off, to the crowd shouting OBSELETE @ Seth and dean.
    That's what pissed me off.
    Dean and seth accomplished more during their time as the shield than matt and Jeff did when they played pattycake at tna. Fuck the hardy boyz.

  62. F3aR_Uchiha23 says:

    Wow crowd loves heels

  63. Mayank Gupta says:

    Big cass is good on mic but should work on his athleticism..he is sluggish af this is where Braun is best

  64. Akseer Khan says:

    Who gives the Awe rating?

  65. Chris Gevo says:


  66. James Voufo Safor says:

    Beachball vs Cesaro at WrestleMania #BOOKITVINCE

  67. Dar_Welchito says:


  68. Brains Strowman says:

    The Seth Rollins cringeworthy response to the hardys had me dead loool

  69. Tyrone Bailey says:


  70. Joseph Freisinger says:

    Its so sad just another wast of a match spoiler brock wins again boring how original

  71. Lannone17 says:

    Beach Ball Appears More Than Brock Lesnar ALSO


  72. Boogie on 2 says:

    "We've never seen Brock Lesnar manhandled like this ever before" 馃馃 Have they forgotten about the whole stupid Goldberg return???

  73. SJxPVR says:

    Honestly after the first 20mins no need to watch raw after cuz its sucks.

  74. More Quick says:

    The Miz felt so real in his promo. Not as if Kay fabe was broken. But still pretty real.

  75. The Dudeist Nerf says:

    The Hardy's vs Shield was the only good match of the night. I turned muted the show when the Miz came out and turned it off during his match. I dis-pies that cockroach.

  76. Mac Anthony says:

    Alright this is gettin outta hand… I wish the fans would just stop giving Roman and Cena reactions, because if they didn't react so much those 2 would not be top guys

  77. Mac Anthony says:

    And mid card superstars like The Miz suffer, How they put the IC Champion on the kick off show?

  78. Cameron Thomas says:

    Rap vs country music=deaf

  79. Zukka 88 says:

    Raw is Raw

  80. Sensative Guy says:

    If youre the kinda guy who brings beach balls to shows of enjoys beachball mania, just stop watching wrestling. Your a stain on the fucking business.

  81. Rasslin fan and Animu watcher says:

    Odd how smarks complain about WWE not creating new stars but whenever they try to do it, the people at the crowd just play with a beach ball and give Roman Reigns the loudest reactions.

    Want Roman to turn heel?
    Don't give him a reaction just like you do with Jason Jordan.

    You want new stars? Give them a chance.

  82. a j says:

    copying the goldberg angle.

  83. zeiad elaraby says:

    i vote we rename raws top raiting to BRAWWWWWWWN!!!!!!

  84. Nehemiah Hickman says:

    Miz had one hell of a promo

  85. Gute The Gimmerian says:

    Does the McMercy match come with a Fries and Shake? Seeing as Shane's involved I know we're getting a McFlurry of dummy punches at least. LOL. :)-

  86. Vann Loc says:


  87. Impstar says:

    crowd was good, heyman was good miz was good, other then that meh AvRAWge =3

  88. Rodimal Magnus says:

    Come on WWE, you had one job to do!!!!!! (Get Rollins, Ambrose and Reigns in the same bloody ring at the same time already!)

  89. Reign 55 says:

    Cena treated the miz promo like a joke because the miz is a joke. Why do think his match was booked when no one was in the arena to watch.

  90. Ryan Stevens says:

    Miz's promo 馃檶馃徑

  91. Calum Fern says:

    U guys are great at this. Keep it up

  92. Drew Jackson says:


  93. Robert Tucker says:

    I probably won't get a response because it's a bit late but what do people thing of Emma. I quite like her but I actually don't know her wrestling ability.

  94. 9Kualalumpur says:

    You people do know that you can play with beach balls for free? No need to pay a ticket for that.

  95. Paul says:

    Wait, Oli you think Elias plays country music?馃槄

  96. FL1PN0S1S says:

    does Big Cass prefer adult diapers or granny panties?

  97. Believe Conquer says:

    Im sry聽 but it's not an incredible promo by the Miz. He does the same thing and it's not working anymore. It Worked with Bryan very well but he needs to STFU now. Please don't encourage the Miz to do these lame whinging promo's anymore. There is real beef between Roman and Cena. It was tense between the two big dogs. The Miz doesn't belong

  98. Yuke1 says:

    Would have been much better to let Miz win that one, in my opinion. It would have put over Reign's Superman Punch on Cena, and would have flared up a feud between them more so than what we got from them winning and Cena giving him a funny look…

  99. Le Noir says:

    I give The Miz and Strowman a COR !!

  100. Aanant rane says:

    fuck u all guys there is no one match beast beast is very dengours he's champion

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