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Since theater is a mirror of society and
right now society has fully embraced the digital age we must also embrace it as a
performer as well welcome back actors this week we are
talking about your online presence I’m going to give you three tips that you
need and the third one is the most important one so make sure you stick
around for the last one because it is something that every single actor needs
let’s get right into it your offline presence is just as important as your
online presence do not think that just because you show up at auditions that
that is the last time someone can see you or learn about who you are as a
human being and as a performer your online presence is going to be the key
to keep them coming back into learning more about you than what you showcase in
the room so let’s talk about the three tools that you need to create your
online presence the first one is social media I’m sure everyone watching this
video knows what social media is but how can you use it and are you using all the
tools so of course you need to have your Instagram your Facebook your Twitter
your Linkedin and remember you need all of these platforms under your name if
you haven’t started using one of the platforms just yet go ahead reserved it
for yourself so you have it and when you’re ready to implement and create it
fully you already have it reserved for yourself please make sure remember that
when someone is hiring you or looking or interested in you as a as a performer
they’re also interested in you as a human being are you going to be nice to
work with what are your hobby is what kind of
presence do you put out in the world online and so many times they’re going
to Google you and what’s gonna come up is probably your social media because we
all use it all the time so make sure everything you have on your social media
accounts you are okay if a producer a director of choreographer anyone on the
creative team sees that social media and what you’ve put out
there so if you’re putting it out there make sure that you’re okay with every
single person in your professional world seeing it the next online platform you
need to make sure you have is going to be for your video and your audio so you
want to have a YouTube channel you want to have a perhaps a Vimeo channel and
you want to make sure you have a SoundCloud channel of course YouTube
which you’re on right now almost all of you is going to be the best way for you
to showcase and to upload all of the videos and the performance reels and
demo reels that we created last week right here on YouTube so if you missed
last week’s video about demo reels and self tapes make sure you go check it
here I’ll put it up in the cards for you where I break it down in the best ways
and tools to record your demo reels and compile them obviously YouTube is going
to be for your videos Vimeo is also another great platform for your videos
as well most people use YouTube but both are great just for different reasons
another platform you want to be able to have and to use is SoundCloud for any of
your audios so if you are recording yourself singing or doing any voiceovers
you can use SoundCloud for it without having to purchase the rights to the
songs SoundCloud allows you to upload your audio recordings and you don’t have
to purchase any of the rights because you’re not selling anything it’s a great
platform for you to utilize for just audio clips
perhaps you singing different demo songs the third and most important thing that
you need for your online presence is your website yes you need a website and
it’s the most important thing that you need in your career right now in 2019
this entire month we have been talking about the nuts and bolts of musical
theater your audition book your headshot and resume your demo reels your
performance reels all of these items you are going
utilized to create your website you can make a website no matter how much money
you have you can start one right now for free there are many different platforms
out there that allow you to start creating your website and your online
presence for free and when you get ready to publish it and upload it you can do
it at a very minimal cost remember if you don’t have a website right now just
start with something basic something simple that just has your demo reels on
it your headshot in your resume on it and perhaps some photos of you from
productions start small and just have something up on online you want to make
sure that your website does have your name in it so see if that’s available
and check the domain availability for your name com
now you have many different options if you have never started a website before
start yours for free today on many different online platforms and you can
create it as you as you work as you get more information but you can have a
basic page today right now if you have already started your own website and you
have had one that you created for a while you might want to consider hiring
someone to create that specializes in actor websites that is what I recently
did earlier very early this year as I made the big leap and I had had my own
website that I created that was pretty good but it really wasn’t working for me
the way I wanted to rebrand myself and make take the next professional level in
my career so I hired the wonderful and amazing Tony how to recreate and rebrand
myself and my website if you want to check out my website it’s Ashley
Espinosa com a great example of what you can get when someone creates your
website professionally that knows how to do this
at a cost so no matter where you are right now start a basic website for free
or start researching and looking in having someone created for you that is
professional in creating websites for actors if you want to check out Tony how
I’ll put his website up over here and I’ll put in the links at the bottom he’s
an amazing asset to work with but there are many different people out there at
different price levels that will create your acting website for you most
importantly make sure you take the action to just start a website two day
it doesn’t take a lot but it just takes you taking those first few steps to
create your online presence because imagine if you get a job and you put
into your resume your name at the top with your website they can literally
click directly over and see you and what you want to present to them with your
photos your performances your reels and your resume so action this week create
your online presence especially your website next month for September our
theme is going to be utilizing technology to advance your career I
can’t wait to share all these wonderful exciting topics with you next month of
September I will see you then take the actions you need to game progress in
your career have wonderful week bye

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