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Hi guys and welcome back to my channel I
hope all of you are having a great day so far today I want to share with you
five awesome and really useful things about the Toronto Public Library’s that
you may or may not know yet for example did you know that you could borrow audio
books for free from the Toronto Public Library I didn’t know until very
recently and the reason is because it’s been ages
I don’t know how many years since it was the last time that I actively used the
public library and the reason why I really felt that I needed to do that is
because lately I’ve been reading so many books and I started buying books at
indigo bookstore here in Canada and I felt that it started to really take a
toll on my finances cuz books are quite expensive so I thought why not just
borrow them for free let’s get right into it the first one is flexible pick
up and drop off locations the Toronto Public Library System has a hundred
library branches and the great thing about the fact that there are so many
branches is that you can for example borrow a book while you’re at the
library in downtown but then return the book at a library near your home so you
are very flexible about picking up and returning books and you are not really
attached to a single branch and if you borrow your books online you can even
choose at which location you want to pick up the book let’s go on to the next
awesome thing which is the renew function you can borrow books usually
for 21 days and DVDs for seven days and usually 21 days would be more than
enough to finish one book but normally what happens is that you don’t only
borrow one book but you order multiple books like I do all the time and read
them in parallel so in that case 21 days it’s not always enough to finish
everything and luckily we have that renew function in the Toronto Public
Library system which enables us to very easily extend the borrowing period and
now I’m going to quickly show you how you can extend or renew your books so
what you can see here is my account and a summary of all my checkouts and if you
look at the first book the wealth and poverty of Nations you can see that it
will expire on December 9th which is in a few days so if I go on
– this renew button and click on it it will renew and extend the borrowing
period of my book but I’m not going to do it now because if I renew it now then
what it will do is it will count the extension period starting today and I
don’t want that so I will wait until maybe one day before the expiry date and
then do the renewal you can also see here that I renewed the book for one
time so far and most books you can renew two to three times
I think that’s depending on whether or not other people are placing hold on
that book whether it’s in demand or not and so on in the extreme case it would
mean that if you borrowed a book and then renewed it for three times it means
that you have four borrowing periods of twenty-one days or three weeks each
which gives you a total of twelve weeks so that means that you could borrow a
book for free at the Toronto Public Library and keep it with you in your
home for twelve weeks you have plenty of time to read it and you don’t have to
pay a penny for it if you go to the website of the Toronto Public Library
and click on the tab using library renewing materials then you can see a
complete list of how long you can keep each of the items the next feature is
the hold feature there are certain books that are highly in demand but of which
the Toronto Public Library only has a limited number of for example this book
atomic habits I wanted to borrow it but it was not available the library has 77
copies as you can see here but the supply is largely outnumbered by the
demand by the number of people who want to read it so it was not available but I
was able to put it on hold the great thing like I already mentioned earlier
is that you can actually choose where you want to pick up the book at so if
for example the book is not available at the library near my house I can still
choose for it to be delivered to that library once it becomes available the
next great thing is that you can not only borrow books and DVDs and magazines
but also digital books and audio books and that really came as a surprise to me
or maybe I was just not well-informed enough but
I was really happy about this feature there used to be time where I used to
buy a lot of Kindle books from Amazon and the reason was because firstly at
that time I was preparing to move to Canada and I didn’t want to have
physical books that I had to transport and in some cases it’s really great to
own a Kindle book especially if you feel like you want to reread the book or keep
it as reference but then there are some other books which maybe you didn’t like
that much after all so you just quickly scan through it and you didn’t get that
much use out of it so in that cases I found it not to be sensible to even
spend fifteen to twenty twenty-five dollars on a Kindle book so when I got
to know about this feature where you can borrow audio books and digital books
from the Toronto library for free I was so happy about it because it would save
me a lot of money and borrowing audio books and digital books is really very
simple it basically works the same way as borrowing hardcopy books all you have
to do is search for the book online see if it’s available or not and then borrow
it the only additional thing that you need to do is you have to download some
apps so far digital books you have to download the Adobe Digital Editions
application and for audiobooks you have to download this application called
overdrive media overall I found these two very easy to use no hassle at all I
just found that the Kindle application which I normally used was a bit more
user friendly than the Adobe Digital Editions moving onto the next thing it’s
free and it’s super convenient having just moved from a country where the
library services are nowhere as advanced as here in Canada in Toronto I found the
fact that anyone here no matter if their income and their background has the
ability to borrow books for free really awesome because books are basically
knowledge and knowledge is one of the most important things that you need if
you want to make an improvement in your life getting a library card is free for
residents and the criteria here is residents so you do not need to be a
citizen or a permanent resident in order to borrow books from the Public Library
even if you’re a visitor or a non-resident you can still borrow books
from the library but you will need to pay a fee and according to the Toronto
like library website the fee for non-residents is $30 for three months
and a hundred and twenty dollars for 12 months so in general the only time where
you will have to pay anything is if you get fined and you will get fined if you
return the books that you borrowed late there is a fine of 35 cents per day and
a maximum total fine of 14 dollars per item for each loan period and you don’t
want to pay that fine because if you get to that point then you might as well
just buy the book and own it right and the other thing is convenience I found
the process okay someone is vacuuming in the hallway I won’t really complain
about it at least someone is taking care of keeping it clean it is really
convenient I found the experience of getting a library card and borrowing and
returning books really really easy at first I must say that I was a bit
hesitant to open an account at the library because I reminded myself as the
process I had to go through when opening a bank account here in Canada I opened
my bank account at Scotia Bank at that time and I was a bit disappointed that
the process took so long it took me like one and a half hours or so but anyway so
getting a library card was super fast it took me less than five minutes and my
experience so far was really awesome and seamless I also like how easy it is to
check out things from the library pick up books and return books so I never had
the experience of having to wait in a long queue because at all the Toronto
Public Library’s they have these self checkout stations where you can check
out the books yourself and also return them you simply scan your card you can
put your PIN you scan the book and then you’re good to go
very easy the biggest advantage of borrowing books for free from the public
library personally for me is that because they are free I don’t feel like
I have to limit myself in reading anything before I got a library card I
used to be very careful and selective about buying books because of the fact
that they are very expensive but they also take up a lot of space in your home
but since I had access to the Public Library I felt that like whatever I
wanted to educate myself and something read up on
something I had the freedom to borrow multiple books so I could get different
perspectives from different sources because I personally think that it’s
really important that you if you study something if you get information about
something you learn about it you read about it from different kind of sources
and not just one and this is especially important if you’re doing research for
example for your thesis or you’re writing a book and doing the research
forth also when you’re embarking on something
new for example you have plans to become an entrepreneur and you want to read up
a lot about how you can start in your business or you want to get into a new
career field and change careers you want to get a lot of information about that
that new area that new industry that you want to get into so in those cases cases
it really helps if you can have access to a lot of books and information
without having to limit yourself and by borrowing books from the public library
you can avoid spending too much money on books I hope this video was useful to
you and that after this you might feel inspired to get your own library card if
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thank you so much for watching and I hope to catch you again soon

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