BOOKSMART Official Trailer (2019) Olivia Wilde, Lisa Kudrow Teen Movie HD


Good morning winner Take a deep breath Visualize the Mount your success and look down at everyone who’s ever doubted you Fuck those losers. Fuck them in their stupid fucking faces Talk to her she’s got a really cute smile Amy to knows how many girls are gonna be up your vagina Not sure every time I come to visit you you’re gonna be scissoring and different girls, dude This ring is not a thing. Don’t knock it into benighted. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it It’s the last day. We got you through high school. I need to go VanDerveer budget numbers, man We just graduated head off to college. That should do it, right I can’t hear you. I can’t soundproof glass We have to go to a party to me what nobody knows that we are fun They didn’t party because we wanted to focus on school and get into good colleges and it worked They’re responsible people who partied also got into those colleges. I’m incredible at hand jobs, but I also got a 1560 on the SATs We haven’t broken any rules name one person whose life was so much better because they broke a couple of rules awesome He broke our rules Rosa Parks naman else. Who’s in the Anthony? dammit Hand sanitizer that traps tic-tac mace listen, it is very important that you keep the safety What the fuck is this oh my god, can I say Well, this seems excessive shotgun just kidding I don’t have one Don’t see we’re having a date night why it’s funny your parents think we’re boning, but you do have is fashion We are going to show each other how much we care about each other Well, probably just do a korean face mask. I don’t need to know all the words

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100 thoughts on “BOOKSMART Official Trailer (2019) Olivia Wilde, Lisa Kudrow Teen Movie HD”

  1. lauren n says:


  2. Moku The Greatest Saiyan. says:

    All I see scrolling down the comments is "lesbian" like we got it, damn stfu.

  3. sm16004 says:

    Major superbad vibes….

  4. Peri Dorkster says:

    I wanta watch thsi

  5. TheCrookedMan Crookedman says:

    wow i watched the entire thing… didnt laugh once…. dyke movies are not needed yet… boring…. but i like that Jason Sudeikis is in it…. he offended yall twat bitches in the other block busters…. fuck this film though… movie looks garbage though!!!!!!

  6. Starwars Fan360 says:

    Movie made for millennial cucks. Ew

  7. Ryan Louie says:

    watered down superbad but with unfunny girls…greattt

  8. Ana Gzz says:

    Realist shit I’ve heard all year 1:19

  9. Ms Eggy says:

    Girl Superbad I love it

  10. Stevie Hart says:

    Funny thing how the comment's section makes a bigger deal about her being a lesbian than the actual trailer does. Yes, it's cool that this stuff is becoming more mainstream but for the love of the Great Spaghetti Monster itself if the movie isn't making a big deal out of it, you don't need to. So please, everyone keep their panties, briefs, or gender ambiguous strapons out of a twist.

  11. miamor says:

    i’ve literally been waiting for a teenage high school movie that is about a lesbian but it’s not the whole plot. BRO IM EXCITED

  12. Ghibli Jilli says:

    I just came here for the 2+2 song at the beginning. What is that song, anyone know?

  13. Josh Marsh says:

    More LGBT shit being forced down our throats (yes, youtube spams us with ads). And for those who say it's not all about her sexuality. Look the fuck around you. Every other line in the trailer if it's not about toxic feminism, it's about gay stuff. So uh, fuck the LGBT libtard snowflakes. MGTOW

  14. Carla MSM says:

    Oh my god, it’s the girl from Lady 🐦 Yes!

  15. Zowie Mayer says:

    I love that phoebe is the mom

  16. aznfratboy1 says:

    So this is…Superbad with women?

  17. Keegan O'Connor says:

    The songs in the trailer are: boys by Lizzio (2+2) and the second one is nobody speaks by DJ Shadow

  18. lily child says:

    The song is also in good boys

  19. Brittany Cassidy says:

    The girls version of Superbad for it’s generation. Love it! Can’t wait for this

  20. Mon Rose says:

    This movie got 100% on rotten tomatoes not even Superbad got that. I highly doubt this movie is that ok. Never trust critics who gave Venom a 29% over A Star is Born at a 87%.

  21. Isabelle Goodrow says:

    this looks incredible i cannot wait for this to ocome out

  22. Dominick says:

    As soon as this movie is released and the fans HATE IT! They are going to be called names by these fucking idiot critics that gave this piece of shit 100 percent on Rotton Tomatoes!

  23. Rabitstyle Gaming says:

    i just screened this movie today its so funny laughs the whole time

  24. Richard Post says:

    trailer feels like a female version of Super Bad

  25. sofija prekovic says:

    The caption is disrespectful to main actors

  26. ty durden says:

    but i want it to be about her being a lesbian wtf

  27. Andrew Sep says:

    I got passes for an early screening to see this movie. The movie is hilarious and well done.. Gigi 1:57 (Billie Lourd) stole every scene she was in..

  28. Aesthetic Alliee says:


  29. Jessica Belcher says:

    I gotta see this

  30. Danny Caracciolo says:

    OK HOLD THE FUCK UP STOP EVERYTHING!!!!…….. Is one of the girl's mom"s…… Lisa Kudrow???? IS THAT MUTHAFUCKIN PHEOBE!?!?!?!

  31. TazTaz says:

    finally hollywood is treating being a lesbian like A NORMAL THING instead of THE MAIN PLOT, amen

  32. some one says:

    "I don´t need to know all the words" aaaaahahahahahhahaha

  33. rilla46 says:

    Wow! IMBD already has 100 fake reviews that give this a 10 before the movie is even out. It must suck horribly.

  34. matthew gill says:

    Is that dave franco???? Honestly

  35. Andres Vercetti says:

    Wow this looks like shit and you're all retarded for liking it

  36. Loren P says:

    Female Superbad….🙄

  37. Joseph Springfield says:

    Jonah Hill's sister

  38. Patrick Albrecht says:

    It's hard for me to imagine Kaitlyn Dever as a Liberal.

  39. Bald Eagle says:

    Nice superbad ripoff.

  40. Will Ferrel says:

    Jonah Hill makes an even uglier girl than a guy

  41. Sherry Patrick says:

    Can't wait it looks fun 😃

  42. Vittoria Colonna says:

    Read a write up about this I NYT. Looks like fun. Irreverent, Un PC, but not stupid. I think I will check this out.

  43. Darlene Lewis says:

    Why is this movie rated R, when dirty grandpa is rated PG-13

  44. Joe L says:

    Movie looks great. I'll see it this Memorial Day weekend. 🙂

  45. Jake Pentland says:

    Beanie Feldstein reminds me of Elle Mills, is that bad?

  46. Karl Walther says:

    Is it just me or did they push the lesbian thing a bit.

  47. Maina woo bin says:

    Phoebe still looks the same 🤩

  48. Lord Yoshi says:

    Only laughed at the end thanks to Lisa

  49. Lin King says:

    This supposed to be a comedy? WHICH PART

  50. Justin Turner says:

    jonah hill with a wig?

  51. skateski says:

    this will be a netflix original huh? I saw a trailer with a netflix logo but I cant see any info that it is produced by netflix on metascore

  52. David James says:

    It's set post 2016, but looks and feels very 70's (the teacher, the typeface). Any idea why?

  53. Abdelmelik Farooq Alwahid says:

    I haven’t been so excited to watch a movie in a long long time. Such a change of pace from all the STUPID SUPERHERO MOVIES!!!

    I’m ok…I’m going to be ok!

  54. Tom Cool says:

    Teach all the young girls watching this how to screw up their lives and suffer from their stupid mistakes in life. Typical Hollywood Jewish propaganda to destroy the lives of the Goyem.

  55. Majo 123 says:

    Just saw this movie and I looooooved it 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  56. Jay Edwards says:

    Gawd, that looks awful.

  57. Jason Gastrich says:


  58. kam shaft says:

    wtf is this 💩

  59. Kriz Yamz says:

    That Trans AM though

  60. smitty smit says:

    Garbagely cringy

  61. zeysoy says:

    Because of Taylor swift here?🙋

  62. CommentAccount says:

    looks epic, will watch tomorrow

  63. barih4prez says:

    Lesbian Superbad? I can get jiggy with this.

  64. SillyGayBoy says:

    Looks like dad likes seeing cuddly girls.

  65. Gargoyle 187 says:

    This movie was kinda like a female version of Superbad but nowhere near as good,…or funny

  66. Sam S says:

    The initial returns are out and audiences did not respond. It made $5.6 million out and now celebrities are coming out asking people to watch this weekend to save this film. I think it is a long shot to make it at this point despite the media's favorable reviews as Cinemascore (of people who watched this film) only gave it a B+ word of mouth. That is okay but not great and it still faces Aladdin and Avengers in the theaters as they are not going anywhere (and greatly outperformed this film with $120 million and $25 million, respectively). Surveys showed this appealed to older people and did not skew younger as they had hoped.

  67. Honk Honk says:

    Eh, heard it’s just a woke trash version of Superbad with girls. I’ll pass. Also why would I want to watch a female version of a funnier, apolitical film? Also it's tanking in the box office, so at least there's some justice.

  68. Bob jones says:

    More left wing propaganda

  69. vorflex says:

    every american movie have either one gay or lesbian what a inside job

  70. bademoxy says:

    another woke movie to boycott! I will however support exciting movies about cis gendered

    action heros like what keanu reeves does. he bequeathed us the red pill analogy . a great man!

  71. wotever99ninynine Hamilton says:

    what the hell is the point of this… a lesbian character, sure. a movie about two lesbians highschool lives and nothing else? nope. i cant watch things like this. how about focusing, at least a little bit, on the majority. instead of the 0.2% gay minority. eh, whatever. enjoy your movie i guess. we dont have to watch it. each to their own

  72. No Man's Sky says:


  73. Stones Jones says:

    They are making a bad version of every classic with a female lead. (superbad in this case) So inauthentic…so generic.
    But…. the masses are generic, so they will eat what they get served and love it, and onto the next dopamine thrill!

  74. Bryzz Lull says:

    So we literally have Jonah Hill's sister in a remake of Superbad.

  75. Lindsay Jo says:

    This was fucking good omg

  76. Lindsay Jo says:

    So disappointing how whiny guys are. Like oh this movie isn’t pertained to me so I think it sucks. Lmao, there’s plenty of coming of age stories with guys as the protagonists, besides who the fuck said this movie was for you?

  77. Dayum Wayne says:

    Here because of Selena!! I'm gonna support Queens

  78. Billie Eyelash Videos says:

    From Selena Gomez

  79. Tommy Wilson says:

    How original….

  80. Vreal80 says:

    This movie sucks.. Please just already play at the teathers so we just can't see this piece of shit fatty girl again .. Please…

  81. Cadi Levox says:

    Lesbian movie done right.
    There's more to lesbians than just being lesbians. Same with a man being more than just a man.
    And most lesbian or gay movies just dont represent that. It's infuriating

  82. Mauro Ariel Alegre says:

    Feminazi movie directed by a feminazi.

  83. Michael Cordova says:

    Why why why why y.y.y.y.y.

  84. Cindy Hsu says:

    so white it hurts

  85. Toby Dog says:

    Could of been a good movie….. Shame

  86. Liam Schoenhouse says:

    Awesome movie

  87. Troy W says:

    I am missing how this is supposed to be funny, I didn't even smile.

  88. Kiau Smith says:


  89. Simon Brooke says:

    This is such a great film. Well trodden territory but it's funny, shocking, well observed and beautifully acted.

  90. Camila Maderas says:

    I’m only here because of damn Lisa Kudrow

  91. rafal kamal says:

    Is that only one who thinks the movie about gay🤮

  92. D in Sydney says:

    This movie is incredibly stupid

  93. Thomas Nitta says:

    So the gals get this coming of age movie and we lads get "the Good Boys" Pretty sure both have used the same music/soundtrack within their trailers and both reek of character and comedy. Hyped.

  94. mike hunt says:

    shit movie. do not see it!

  95. Joanne Larcher says:

    Horrible. Discusting. Sexualizing kids.

  96. Alejandro Gallardo says:

    so another teen movie, partyng and shit..

  97. TheStepmonkey says:

    This is basically a dumb movie full of feminist propaganda…How original 🙂

  98. Luíse Simões says:

    This movie is so amazing. My favorite comedy movie so far

  99. JC Typo says:

    OmG a FeMiNIsT LeSbIaN MoViE…
    Shut the Fuck up lol, it's just another SJW shit show that the media is forcing down your throat.

  100. Bezos' Anti-Bullying Agency says:


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