Bookshelf Reorganization


Hi guys. So today I’m going to reorganize
my bookshelf, organize my bookshelf. I feel like my bookshelves are kind of a
mess and it isn’t really apparent to other people, but it’s like one of those
things where I know that my bookshelves are not in order. I mean, for the most
part they’re okay. I’m just being extremely picky because I like my
bookshelves to be organized. But yeah, I’m going to do a quick rundown of the way
that I organize my books just in case you haven’t watched my bookshelf tour
from last year. I’m not gonna do a full bookshelf tour this year probably. I’ll
just do another rundown once I’m done organizing. But yeah, let me show you how
I’ve set this up in case you weren’t aware. This shelf, this shelf, the shelf are
all of my nonfiction. And part of the reason why I feel like my bookshelves
are a mess is because I have these piles that are sitting on my shelves. So this
is just literally– well, this is a book I had sitting on the side because I picked
this up for nonfiction November or I picked it out as a possible for nonfiction
November and just never put it back on my TBR pile. This is a book I recently
got when I went to go see Joe Biden. If you watched my day in the life video, you
would have seen me talking about that. That’s his new book. It came with the
ticket to the event. And so literally I just threw it on my shelf because I need
to get it out of whatever way it was in before. These are all of my library books
that I pulled to the side for the read harder challenge. There’s a very good
chance I’m not going to read any of these and it’s kind of like stressing me out right now. So I might just go put these
somewhere else so they’re not constantly looking at me. These are the books I’ve
currently finished. This is a pin that was sitting on my backpack. Isn’t this adorable? I got this from Etsy. But that’s a
complete side note. But it fell off my backpack and I just stuck it there.
And there are my glasses or at least a pair of my glasses. Obviously I have a
pair on my face. This is my comics and graphic novel section. Those are like
keepsakes in this thing. It’s like my newspapers from college as well as
Milwaukee magazine where I interned for a semester. I have my copy of Shakespeare
from college. That’s just extremely heavy so I keep it on that bottom shelf so it
doesn’t bend my other shelves because I just have cheap IKEA bookshelves. These
are like the handful of kids books that I have from when
I was younger. These are all of my mass-market paperbacks that I just put
here cause they look so nice together in a nice small stack. Alright and then all of
this is my fiction shelf. This is not too bad but it is a little messy. So this
pile of books are all of the books that the last time I organized my bookshelves
I didn’t put these in. I don’t know how but I somehow missed all of my Nick
Hornby books. Like I put them all to the side and then I never put them back. And
I realized it after I was done that I hadn’t put them back. A couple of those
are books that I had just gotten after I had organized my bookshelves. Those Tana
French’s are ones that my sister borrowed and she had them for like at
least a year. So that’s why they never got put in. This shelf is not too bad.
Those books covers that are sitting on the top or actually books that have been
borrowed by my friends. And the way I organize my bookshelves, I didn’t even
say that, is obviously into these genres. But then I kind of base it on the last
name of the author but I also organize things by height as you can tell as well
so they just like look neat on my bookshelves. And then over here are mostly my unread books. I like– oh this is really bothering me. They’ve been bothering me for days. Just
gonna turn that and then turn this so that way all my spines are pointing out. So yeah, I
keep all of my unread books on the top of this dresser so that way I can see
them all the time. And then if I can see them then I’m more likely to read them.
This stack, some of these are read, some of these are unread. These are the books I
recently posted in my book haul. And then these are all the books I read in
November that I didn’t bother to put away because I knew I was going to be
reorganizing my bookshelves. So I was like, hey, there’s no point in putting
them away. So this is my dresser and in some of these drawers are books. So these
are basically organized. These don’t really get messed up very much because
they’re kind of like hidden away in a don’t pull from them very often unless
I’m letting someone borrow books. But yeah, it’s just more fiction books mostly
organized by author. There’s like more hidden in the back. So this one’s full up.
This one is basically full up. This is basically the end of
the alphabet here, as you can tell, brief overview on my books. Again more in the
back. I’m not gonna show you because pulling this out all the way makes me
slightly concerned that it’s going to break. This drawer is the final drawer where I
have books. But these are actually just all of the books I read this year. So
what I do is generally I go through and I organize my bookshelves once a year.
And then I take whatever the last drawer is in my dresser and then I just start
putting in the books that I read that year in that drawer. And then at the end
of the year again I just go through the drawer and I started putting them
wherever they’re supposed to belong. But I really like how all of my book of the
month books look in this drawer. Like isn’t this so pretty? So yeah, I think
what I need to do now is start pulling out these books and putting them close
to where they need to be. And then I can start figuring out how to reorganize my
bookshelves. But before I do that I’m going to take a picture of this and post it on
Instagram because it looks great. All right. So that wasn’t too bad. But that wasn’t the hardest part yet either.
So what I did is I basically took all the books and I put them like
approximately where they would go on the shelf if I had like the room to just
stick them on the shelf at the moment. So you can see like I’ve added piles. Well,
that was already there. But like there are more books. This is looking to be
like the crazy part right here. Down here are just like approximations. Like these
could go in the bottom shelf or they could potentially be moved into my
dresser. And then I have like this giant stack here which is all like stuff in
the latter half of the alphabet that I know is for sure is gonna go with my
dresser just because of the way you know the alphabet works. My goal now is to
start putting this stuff in my shelves. There’s a couple of concerns I have. One
is that my like nonfiction bookshelf or shelves fit perfectly on three. I have a
feeling they’re gonna spill over into four. So if they spill over into four I
don’t know what I’m going to do. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time
and I still haven’t figured out what I’m gonna do. Like part of me is thinking
like I can start migrating these magazine racks. It might be helpful if I
showed you what I’m talking about. These magazine racks have single issue
comics in them. I’m thinking like what if I just move these to down here because
there’s plenty of space on this bottom shelf for those. And then if I mix like
my comics and nonfiction. I don’t like the idea of mixing genres though. But I
might do it for now. My other option is just to make this a completely non
fiction shelf, have room to grow and then move my comics somewhere else. But the
question is where is that somewhere else going to be? I might end up doing that
though. My other thought like if I do move my comics then I could like move
them to the top of my dresser because there’s not like quite as many of those.
So like if I just stack them. Because I like my comics being on display because
they just look nice obviously because they’re a visual medium. So I don’t like
the idea of like putting them in drawers. Yeah I think what I’m gonna do is I’m
gonna make this a non fiction shelf, outside of that bottom drawer and move my comics. I don’t feel great about this decision right now but I think that’s just what we’re gonna
have to deal with because I have too many books. The struggle. Anyways, so
then that’s my nonfiction shelf. So my fiction itself shelf obviously there’s
like no room here for more books. So what I think I’m going to have to do is just
like start moving more letters of the alphabet into my dresser drawers. And
that’s fine. I mean, I’ve had books in my dresser drawers for a while now so I’m
used to that. I’m just a little sad that more books have to be hidden away. But that’s
fine. More surprises for people. The greatest thing about having people come
over to my house or coming into my room is like showing them my bookshelf and
them being like oh my gosh you have so many books. And then I’m like oh yeah by the
way there’s more in the drawer and then their faces are like what? Some of them are like
what are you a crazy person? Some of them were like what are you a crazy person?
But anyway that’s a completely separate tangent. I need to organize my
books and I’m currently procrastinating it by talking to you guys. So let me
just get to work. [Good King Wenceslas plays] So here’s a thing I didn’t think about. Daphne Du Maurier. Do I categorize her as D or M? Pretty sure it’s D, right?
I’m just going to put it as D. Let’s just go with that. Alright so I finished the nonfiction section.
So let me take you through that really quickly. So a lot didn’t change up top except there’s just
like more space here. I left this big gap because I got the third volume of this
biography series of Eleanor Roosevelt. If you watch my December? Yeah, book haul you
would have seen that. So I left space for it because I will be reading it soon and
then I can just stick it in here to be with its friends. Just adjusted things
so I could fit a couple more books up here. Moved a bunch of books down and
then reorganized them by size. I’m still not crazy about the way this looks just yet. But I might just have to move small
things around like order wise. Going down, plenty of space down here. And then even
more space down here. It really bothers me how like wide these are because they
don’t sit nicely like this. They would probably sit fine if I
stacked them like this. But I figured since the stack is small right now I
can put it up like that. But yeah, plenty of space here to grow which means
clearly I need to buy more non-fiction books. And then down here: single issue
comics, single issue comics, memorabilia. And then I combined all of these and I
double stacked a little bit which is fine. Because those are like my
mass-market paperbacks and other things like that. I was going to move a couple
of those– Oh nope, maybe I can’t keep that standing up. Anyway I was gonna move some
of those mass-market paperback sized books down here but just decided not to.
So now onto the fiction. which is going to be a lot more work.
My biggest issue which I know I’m going to run into is that this
is like my Harry Potter, JK Rowling, To Kill a Mockingbird shelf. I don’t
think I’m gonna touch that shelf because I kind of like how it’s organized. Like
you can’t see. Those are all of my Harry Potter’s and then it has like the Robert
Galbraith books and then I have multiple copies of To Kill a Mockingbird. Oh hey,
there’s a couple other books back there too. Maybe I’ll take those out. Yeah I’ll probably have to take those out and then
I’ll probably just stick more of the Harper Lee books down because eventually
I’m gonna get another Robert Galbraith. I think there’s another one coming out in
2018. So I’m gonna have to make space for that there. So yeah this is gonna be an
interesting experience. Guys this is the only time where I’m like man I have too
many books. Well not the only time but when I feel it the most. Alright we
reached the point in the book shelf organization where I regret doing this whole
thing. I’m sitting awkwardly so that way there’s light on my face.
There’s literally piles of books all around me right now. But I did finish the
fiction shelf for the most part. But now I have to move onto the dresser drawers,
which I can do it. I’m half way through the alphabet. I did it. I started
listening to a podcast while organizing my bookshelf. I highly recommend it
or an audiobook. Whatever you like to listen to. But I reorganized all my books.
I’m going to do a quick rundown of how things are set up now. I’m not gonna do,
like I said, an individual bookshelf tour but you can get a general sense of my
shelves. And if you have any questions about any of the books, leave them down
in the comment section and I will do my best to answer them. Okay
up top: memorabilia and tigers. I had to reorganize this one because I forgot to
put my Chernow books back in here. Nonfiction. This is basically A through C. This is C through K. This is basically K through S. Ignore these two books
because they are obviously like I said earlier the books that I read so far this
month so I can keep them from my wrap-up. I decided to
mix my comics and nonfiction books. I was going to move them to my unread shelf
but I really just did not like that. And then down here that stayed the same.
Single issues, mass-market paperbacks, Shakespeare. Alright up top we have
basically my A shelf. The only reason why the Michael Chabon book is out here
is because i forgot to put it away and I realized it way too late. And it’s nice
enough looking that I don’t mind if it faces outward. So yeah, that’s just what’s
going to happen. But basically all of the books that are here are authors with the
last name of a except for a couple of Bs. This is more As and Bs and
possibly Cs. Again, obviously Dodie Smith doesn’t belong in this section. But
it’s too pretty. I’m not gonna put it away in my drawers. And just in case you
are wondering what it looks like without those books. Tada. Moving on down, we’ve
got the Harry Potter, to kill a mockingbird, and now catching fire-related shelf. And so without those two this is what it
looks like so. And this is like completely tight. Like I should probably
pull one of these out to put them up top. But it works for now. Okay and this is
like the next part of the alphabet which is like Ds through H I believe. Down here, I
actually really like how the shelf looks. What am I at? H through K maybe? J? It’s
probably J. Yeah all those john green’s look really nice together. A bunch of
these hardbacks just happened to be all to the right size, same size. So looks
pretty good. Alright and then we have first drawer, which again is not in
exact alphabetical order. It’s mostly size so that way I can maximize the space. But
it’s basically like K thru M. No it goes further than M. Maybe O or P. Alright
and then drawer 2. It’s like Q through S. The final part of the alphabet which is
basically T through Z. But at the end I have a copy of the Percy Jackson series
right there in the corner. Because I put them to the side to move down a shelf
and then I realized when I was done that I didn’t put them away. And instead of
trying to reorganize everything again I just stuck them at the end. It works fine.
That’s fine. Good enough for me. Alright so that’s everything. I’m very
glad that I reorganized my bookshelves. Oh I didn’t show you my TBR shelf. Hold
please. That didn’t really change much but yes I will show it to you. Up top.
These are all the books that I own that I need to read at some point. Tada.
It’s not too bad. It’s at like the upper edge of what I like to have which is
around 50 books. But yeah I’m at about 50 books which is like as high as I like it
to go. So I definitely need to read some of these books so I can again start
putting them away and clear off this unread shelf. Now I’m
officially done. I’m going to go to bed now. I’m tired. It’s like 9:30 or so. 10
o’clock. I don’t even know at this point. But yeah that’s all I have for now. Again
if you have any questions on my bookshelf reorganization or any of the books on my shelf that you saw, feel free to leave it
as a comment down below. And I will see you guys next time. Bye.

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16 thoughts on “Bookshelf Reorganization”

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