BOOKSHELF REORGANIZATION πŸ“š – A Quick walk through my system


hi friends I was planning on filming
another video right now but my bookshelves are empty and since that’s my background I
can’t really do that without putting the books back in my bookshelf so while I
was doing that I though that I should film it as well and have one more effortless video in
this process so that’s why I’m gonna be doing right now and if I’m a little
breathless is because it’s super freaking hot, we’re in the middle of a heatwave I just dusted my bookshelf and I’m
tired and I’m fasting, why am I doing this to myself? anyway I I’m just gonna
speed through the organizing process and then maybe walk you through how I
organize my shelves? it shouldn’t be a long video since I am going to speed through
the longest part and I don’t have that many books so yeah I hope you enjoyed
this very spontaneous video I realized you can’t see my lower… lowest,
well actually, it’s my two lowest shelves you can see them, even now you can only see one
and I put my Game of Thrones books down there, which I call the shelf
of shame, cause those books intimidate the hell out of me so I don’t know what I’m gonna
read them I need someone to smack me and make me read them. so yeah I’m just gonna
put those there and then I’m gonna be done and we can
talk about my shelves, i guess I feel sweaty
do I look sweaty? I don’t know I don’t care so yeah.. um should I bring you closer?
so yes we are coming closer. Here on the top shelf I just have my completed series which I don’t have
that many of, it’s just Six of Crows A Darker shade of Magic and then the reader, which is severely underrated and you should all read it, please and thank you And I have…this is a fairytale book i have from when I was like 2 years old, i think? Anyway, this is the book that got me into reading And here is my Muslim shelf, and I’m quite proud of it because I have quite a few books The only Muslim authored book… A butterfly just got into my room, that’s fine!
it’s fine! the only Muslim authored book I don’t have here is
a romance book I have down there…it’s Soft on Soft by Em Ali Here is my little Mirage corner. I have almost every copy
the only ones are missing are the owlcrate one which I’m still looking for and the UK arc which I’m not really that into getting. I don’t care! I don’t really care
about the UK arc, I have the US one I really hope I can get that one soon.
these two shelves here it’s just standalones and series that I only have one book in
in a rainbow…order…thing, I don’t know, what’s english? I’m tired! anyway so that’s these!
we’re gonna go lower for the other ones ! this isn’t comfortable! anyway here I
have my little romance shelf which is forever here I have my little romance
shelf which is forever growing and I’m so happy with it here’s the… soft on soft
that I said I didn’t have on my Muslim shelf because my Roman shelf is pretty
small so I’d rather have it here it needs help. and on this side I have
poetry, I only own thre… I literally only own three poetry books, and that’s those This video is a workout! and here is the Shelf of and
here is the Shelf of shame, Game of Thrones! one day maybe, after I catch up
on the TV show and I finish it, I’m not in a rush anyway because neither is the
author so one day? maybe? at least I have them! the thing is I’m really
interested in them but…. they intimidate me so… and down here I am one heck of a
hefty book, it’s my anatomy book for school because it doesn’t fit anywhere
else. and that’s about it for books I only have some cassettes from when I was
a kid here for nostalgic reasons and that’s it. I hope I hope you enjoyed this video! it’s
pretty all over the place and I literally just thought about it while I
was cleaning my shelf! so I hope you enjoyed this video
I had fun filming it I hope you had some kind of fun watching it and yeah I’ll
see y’all in the next video bye!

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14 thoughts on “BOOKSHELF REORGANIZATION πŸ“š – A Quick walk through my system”

  1. Your Tita Kate says:

    I just did a similar video! Although I didn't video myself actually shelving the books cos I'm too dang lazy to edit that in πŸ˜…

    Cute as always πŸ’•

  2. TimeAndChance says:

    Send your heatwave to AtlantiCanada. It's afternoon & I've got 5C. Brr.
    Do u find English a frustrating language to speak in front of a camera sometimes? So do I, when I'm just spontaneously winging it, but not when I'm following some half-written script. Usually though, I prefer to get away from scripts.
    I haven't read GoT or Scott Lynch fantasies because these authors may never finish their respective series. I'm still waiting for P Rothfuss to finish his Name of the wind series & I've already read vol. 1 & 2 with 1 book to go.

  3. Perle says:

    Love your Muslim shelf ! So happy there is more and more books I can identify with πŸ™‚

  4. sampagne says:

    if you're still looking for the owlcrate edition of mirage, i could definitely send it to you once i finish reading it! (which /should/ be after july because i'm reading it that month for a readathon i'm doing)

  5. chanelletime says:

    Your bookshelf is so pretty 😭😭😭😭

  6. MaΓ«lys Reads says:

    "shelf of shame" aha, i love that! can't wait to get to Soft on Soft in june!

  7. Cande says:

    ahhh yay loved this!!! your shelf are SO pretty!!

  8. Zara Zeb says:

    I enjoyed the video and I love your bookshelf look. Your English is very good and I got a good idea of your personality. Where in the world are you?

    What do you have on your Muslim bookshelf?

    And how do you choose which book to have facing outwards?

    Thank you

  9. ZarriahRose says:

    Yesss I love bookshelf reorganization videos!!!

  10. HipchecksandPaperbacks says:

    Front facing books and a rainbow! That's such a great combination! Great video πŸ™‚

  11. Open Pages says:

    I love how your bookshelf looks. You’re making me want to get new shelves so I can rearrange my books to look this nice.

  12. Maria Hossain says:

    Love your shelf, so pretty!!
    Also your accent 😍😍
    And who were you glaring at in between the shelf arranging? :p

  13. Owl of YarnOwlReads says:

    β€œI’m not in a hurry anyways, because neither is the author” is the best and most accurate GoT mood I’ve ever seen. πŸ˜‚

  14. azra trnn says:

    the shelf looks lovely!

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