hey what’s up you guys it’s steph and we are here with booktubeathon day four challenge number four and today we have
to build a bookshelf out of books it seems like some kind of strange form of
cannibalism but okay I’m cool with it let’s try this so I really don’t know
what to do this cuz I don’t really have small like short st-styled books I
know I have at least one but I don’t know where it is I’ve talked about it’s that
little orange book of mysteries I have no idea where it is because I had that
in like middle school so I don’t really have short books to put in this but I might
end up putting sliding CDs in there to make it look cool I don’t know I do have
some little things I’m going to create my shelves with *awe* I all have usually decorating my other
shelves and I don’t like taking off my shells but shells for this I will this
is definitely gonna be interesting I have a space where I’m going to try and
create you guys would recognize it if you’ve been watching my channel for a
little bit and yeah let’s just try and create this this is extremely uncomfortable, well
hi welcome to the spot where I’m usually sitting on my r2d2 suitcase and talking
to you but for today we’re gonna use this nerd aesthetic for my mini
bookshelf of book so let’s get to it you okay so I did find some short books in
the communal bookshelf so I don’t know if I should stick them down here or what
I might stick them up there oh oh oh oh okay
and then that lil frog can go right up there he’s the keeper of the books and
this is all I’m going to do because I could do it taller but it would be
out of frame and the books are falling to the side and it’s gonna go down so
I’m gonna leave it like this I think it’s cute make us a fairly cute little
bookshelf and yeah I’m pausing like this so I could take a thumbnail I hope I
use this thumbnail *laughs* so yeah that is my booktubeathon day four challenge it was
actually pretty fun at first I wasn’t too into it but it turned out to be pretty
fun it was kind of like the book stacking one though honestly but I bet
there’s people who are gonna get really creative with it and actually make crazy
things so this is just my small example of a bookish bookshelf made of books
like I said kinda a form of bookish cannibalism but it works it’s living it’s
thriving living it’s best life I keep hearing noises I’m afraid it’s gonna
fall over so I’m gonna say that’s all I’ve got for you guys today if you want
subscribe my face will be somewhere know I should put it over back here I’ll put
it over my face how about that so you can’t see me talking about any more
that’ll be hilarious future steph please don’t do that in case people read lips or what
if you want to see yesterday is incredible dominoes challenge I’ll leave
it right there if you want to just catch up on all my booktube some stuff
actually made a playlist of it leave that for you right there my day to
challenge is my favorite and the best so far so I’m just sayin I hope you all
have a lovely day / night and I’ll see you later

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  1. Rowace Reads says:

    I think it's really similar to the house of books one too… except nog you get infite time.
    I liked what you came up with 🙂

  2. RiverMooseVlogs says:

    Your shelf came out nice. Great job!

  3. Super Sea Snails says:

    That was so funny what you said about it being cannibalism

  4. WolfthedreamerTv says:

    Great Job!! Love the Shane Dawson merch! If you want you can check out mine!

  5. Natasha Medina says:

    great job!! impressed

  6. Bookalicious says:

    Love the shirt! The decorations were such a good idea!!

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