Bookshelf from Pallet. How to Make Bookshelf from Pallet. ♦DIY CAM♦


What’s up, everybody.
Rust with our W research come well I’m doing something a little different and
so I thought all right some of you might be interested in this so I’m gonna show
you what I’m doing my wife found a little cool little thing that was
basically you take a pallet and you turn it into a hanging bookshelf so I’m gonna
kind of go through the process of what I’m doing just because somebody else
might want to do this it’s kind of fun all right you guys there they are the
bookshelves the only thing I would do different is that bottom slit is not all
the way down and books like to fall out the back so I’m gonna take this off and
actually move it down a little bit so just note that otherwise that looks
really cool so that is officially the video of the bookshelves made out of
pallets recycled material fYI this video is completely backwards so yeah keep
watching I think you’ll like it let’s go really making an awful lot of
racket Hey okay rally get some books got our
bookshelves done did it uh yeah like that like that can you get something you you
I don’t know whether they are they are bookshelves huh
just found some studs pre-drilled my hose one screw there one screw there
same thing on that one although I think I missed the stud on
one we’ll see how long it lasts no I think it’s okay yeah
fill it up dad looks upside down but okay okay that’s then that’s what we’ll
try looks pretty good can you reach that Windex it’s the high
side huh I just decided not to have any clothes on in this video okay what do you think love it
good okay all right good it’s not so bad okie dokie
that’s how you make a book book sliding out the back Riley yeah you
gonna stand them up straight she’s got to be in there crooked so there’s the
other one turned out nice the bottom here is really crazy it’s a really
squiggly the first one I put the front on first I put the bottom on then the
front on and that seemed to work better than putting them back on for
because it allows you to get everything the way you like it at front then you
can tweak and bend and twist the back a little bit the only reason I didn’t like
putting the bottom of this one on first was because of this crazy thing look at
this crazy the only problem with putting this one on first is when I flipped it
over I kind of scratched it a little bit but hey you know what it’s a used pallet
so anyway there it is looks pretty good and I will hang on a wall word oh by the
way I got a few just a few nails left quite a few actually but that looks
really cool with the with the original nails by the way I used a small hammer
like this and just hammered right on the surface and you can see didn’t really uh
didn’t really affect the surface of the nail at all so it still looks up on this
one yeah it still looks pretty original looks awesome alright peace out see
inside alright there you go that’s what a finished bookshelf looks
like currently so let me set it maybe over here view of what it really looks
like looks good with that with that wood the way it’s treated so I’ll go ahead
and construct that other one and then show you what they look like up on the
wall alright there is the bottom I did the bottom first I used one of those
really crooked pieces so these guys are like really skewed out I’ll have to work
with that as I put this together but I haven’t quite decided I kind of like the
look that the bottom piece gives me because it is so twisted so this would
be what it looks like on top okay I’d be the front of your
shelf and then if I lowered it to about here that would be the front of the
shelf I kind of like the way that looks better actually so I think I’ll go with
that oh yeah all right so it’s been about a week I’d
let these guys said I had a bunch other work to do and so this is what they look
like they kind of got a little white going on with them but it’s kind of
interesting they look pretty good but kind of rustic and now I’m gonna put it
together so I’m gonna get that set up and I’ll show you what I’m gonna do I’m
gonna put the bottom pieces here and then put new holes in here so that
instead of being flush like they used to be it’s actually going to be over and
past the bottom section of piece of wood I’m gonna put on the bottom and I don’t
like the way it looks I wanted to kind of be open like this I think it’ll look
better I am going to pre-drill the holes with this drill bit because I’m afraid
that this hard wood might split and I don’t want it to split so I’m gonna
pre-drill the holes and I think it’ll look better so let’s put one together
and see what it looks like okie dokie pokey smokey jokey wiki
anyway there it is these turned out nice so
basically I’m gonna let these dry for quite some time and possibly put a new
coat on the top and there she is again with the trash this time okay so anyway
that’s it we’ll let her dry both sides are coated I think it’ll look pretty
nice what do you think love it do you hear that guys she loves it we she said
we are gonna make a shoe rack that means I’m gonna be slaving her into this one all right well application here’s what
I’m doing this is the Tiki oil I’m just using a brush putting it on quite heavy
I plan on just doing one coat supposed to put it on and let it soak in for at
least a half an hour but this stuff the first pieces I’ve done you can see soak
it up quite nice this piece looks like a really really hard piece so it’s not
quite so keen in his face but that’s it slapping it on I’ll flip
these on the side and do the sides and yep just thought I’d show you a quick quick piece kind of going back
afterwards and making sure it’s all nice but supposedly it’ll just soak into the
wood you you oh yeah yeah day two so I grab one of these pieces of wood and I
sanded it with two different grits and then covered it with a little bit of oil
so here’s what it here’s what it looks like in the Sun so the stuff when my
hand is not coated and the the other two parts or the other part is coated and
I’m marked on here i sanded one with 220 and one with with just 100 grit so this
is 100 grit that’s 220 more of a finish fine finish you’re just kind of in the
dark you see compared to like cardboard color so it turned out good I’m actually
using this this Teke Teke oil I didn’t really want to like put a clear coat on
this thing I just wanted to make the natural wood color shine so I heard of
this stuff a while back somebody mentioned it to use it on my clock and
so I just used it on this so what I did is I grabbed these are the pieces I have
left I only have four straights left and they’re either cracked broken or some
other problem with them here are the pieces that I finished sanding and I cut
these guys so in case you’re curious here’s kind of a before and after so get
that out of the Sun here’s a before and after the sanding as you can see the
difference and if you look at this stuff in the Sun see we can see it see all the
really bad splinters and stuff on there that’s the stuff I wanted to sand off
right there you can see pretty pretty bad that is this finished piece
doesn’t have those and I just did that because I’m gonna have my kids around
these things I’d like to solder stuff of it the kids around these things and I
didn’t want that to be a problem so here is all the pieces I cut these at an
angle because I kind of just like that better
no I should have made these I should have cut them a little taller but I cut
one and that was it I couldn’t really do much after that
now the lettering that was on here would have liked that to stay but I barely
sanded it and they just come off because it’s just paint so I could have got
around that by lightly sanding it and just leaving it slightly rough but
that’s okay so these are my front two pieces these are my back pieces these
two pieces here that one and that one’s going to go on kind of the top you can
see them more the front pieces are going to have to be on here like normal where
the nails go in the front because of the I guess I could flip it over but you got
like the cross piece here and I don’t like that look sue yeah these are the
bottom pieces either kind of squirrely ones but they’re going to be on the
bottom and what I’m gonna actually do well I’ll set it up and show you I’m
gonna blow these off with some air and make sure they’re clear clean of dust
and then I’ll uh I’ll show you how I’m going to set this up and then we’ll take
some oil and brush some oil on it see what it looks like this is your idea well it’s your idea it’s actually
probably not theirs either cuz cuz I looked online and there’s thousands of
pallet shells I ended up taking all the nails out because you didn’t know and
freaking pile of nails got these things all separated and the first step is to
clean your hands it looks like and yeah what’s this by the way how many jeez so
anyway first step is to take one of these and sand it and see what it looks
like and then I’ll put some stain on it and see
what it looks like and then pick my wood out this will be a lot easier to say in
this palette this way but I did break some of them getting them apart so it’s
kind of a problem but uh all in all what’s the next step
here’s a few pieces and yeah so I’ll show you when I get to the next step so
I’ll sand this get some stuff and put a little stuff on it make it make it look
nice do some tests before I go ahead and sand the rest of them but one thing I
think I forgot to mention is that normally you wouldn’t want to take all
these planks off but I’m running into something like this and if you can see
how curved that wood is right there that’s not gonna hang very nicely
against the wall so I’m actually gonna have to replace those planks with
different ones so that’s the purpose that I’m actually taking them off and I
might actually use them in the front because they are curved it’s kind of
different I kind of like the way that is so
normally you just whack the pallet right there and just use this bottom piece as
your bookshelf just FYI I’m making a lot more work for myself now originally I
grabbed this pallet which is basically newer and I wasn’t sure what I was going
to do with it and so I figured out that you need the bottom side of the pallet
to be halfway decent and or you’re gonna have to remove the planks and put them
on the other sides so that’s not what I was wanting to do so I found this pallet
which was laying upside down for a long time and it was weathered really like
nice and weathered and I kind of like the way that looks so what I think I’m
gonna do these nails on pallets if you’ve never seen them have these ridges
in them okay and these ridges right here they suck you can hardly get these nails
out so most of the time you’re not gonna be able to get these planks off without
breaking them but if you take your time you might get lucky so far I’ve been
able to take these out because they’ve been so rusty I do have a few other
pallets back here that I could take some planks off of if I need them but the
goal for me is to basically make bookshelves out of here so when you’re
done the book we’ll actually be sitting right here and
then you’ll use it one of these planks to put on the bottom here and then you
will just basically screw this thing to the wall you have a nice little cool
hanging bookshelf so I’m gonna be able to get two bookshelves out of here if I
cut this right here and put a plank on this side I could actually use this side
in this side but I’m going to use these planks here to fill in the bottom gap so
that’s what the plan is I’ll just kind of show you I’m Brenda I’m taking all
these planks off so I just put little clips together as I go along I don’t
know I thought why not some of you guys might like this we’ll see if I even use
it Fuki probably will all right you guys there they are the bookshelves the only
thing I would do different is that bottom slat is not all the way down and
looks like to fall out the back so I’m gonna take this off and actually move it
down a little bit so just note that otherwise that looks really cool

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    You move camera around too much.

  2. Shanta Hsieh says:

    do it yourself , go to woodprix page and learn how.

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    I made it myself. Just go to woodprix webpage if you'd like do the same ;D

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