– (gibberish) Hello, how can I help you? – Oh, I’m just… Looking for some books. (bell tinkles, children talking) – Nah mate, don’t know
what you’re talking about, we don’t do books here mate, never heard of a book here in my life, sorry, you’re going to
have to go to the… (quiet jazz music) What sorta books you after? – (Laughing) Wouldn’t you like to know? – Wouldn’t I like to know? (exhales) You, you really are a
piece of work aren’t you? – Yeah, maybe I’m a piece of work, yeah, maybe I’m just looking
for some books mate. – Follow me. (shuffling and whispering) – Well well well, what have we got here? – What’s it bloody look like mate? – Oh gee, I don’t know, is it a book? – You keep your fucking voice down. Someone’s going to fucking hear ya. – (whispered) I’m sorry, I’m sorry. – This is a bloody book mate.
– It is a bloody book mate. – Show me a page from the book. – I can do that, I can show
you a page of the book. – (whispered) I am
tingling with anticipation. Jesus. – Anything else you wanna see mate, anything from me (beep) book? – (whispered) I would love to know how many pages are in that book. – Pages? There’s no way of knowing. They’ve not found a way
to do it, there’s no way. – [Mark] The technology
hasn’t been invented. – I reckon over a billion. – Yeah probably, Jesus. – A billion pages.
– That is so many. – Are you boys looking at books? – Nah mate, nah, definitely
not looking at books mate. – Yes we are.
– Yes we are looking at books. – Well, mister bookworms, you like books, have you heard of computer? – Computer? Excuse me?
– I’ve never heard that word. (Synthetic music)
– This is computer. (music stops) – [Broden] Oh, what the heck… – [Mark] Oh, my, god. (children talking, shouting,
breaking computers.) – G’day boys. (bass guitar riff) – Are you a cop? – (laughs) No, no, I’m not a cop. – Okay, but are you a
mole? You wearing a wire? – No, I’m not wearing a wire. See? – Checks out. Welcome. – Boys… I am a cop. – [All] Oh no. – And you are under arrest. (gasps of disbelief) – Where’s he going?
– He’s off. (mumbling) – Too much computer.

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