Hey, what’s up! Hello! My name is Emma and today I’m going to be talking about some books that I’ve changed my opinions on. So the one thing that I really hate about being a reviewer on booktube is that my opinions are always solidified as they are when I made that video, and it’s very hard to make an amendment to that statement other than to delete the video. So I wanted to take some time today to talk about just a handful of books that I’ve noticed over a time of reflection from when I read the book to where I am now I feel differently about them whether that be positively or negatively. I do want to make a few quick disclaimers before going into this video because anytime I say a mildly negative thing about a book on my channel there’s always a huge discourse in the comments. So firstly no one’s opinion on a book is ever wrong. Reading is a solitary activity and it’s awesome that we have the Internet to interact with so many different people and share our opinions But one does not invalidate the other even if we completely disagree So if I make a negative judgment on a book that you happen to love in this video it is in no way a personal Attack on you. I am NOT trying to change your opinion I am just expressing mine And if anything I understand why you love it so much because any of the books that I feel a little bit more Negatively about now are ones that I originally loved. I think that really covers it Let’s just try to be respectful of each other’s opinions in the comments and we’ll start off with my first book that I have changed my opinion on which is Fifty Shades of Grey Now if you have been on my channel since I think about winter 2015 You’d probably know that I loved Fifty Shades of Grey. At the time I read it It was like right when the first movie was coming out, and I even made a few videos Dedicated just to Fifty Shades Namely Defending Fifty Shades, and Why You Should Read Fifty Shades Darker. Those have both been currently taken down from my channel. My journey with Fifty Shades Started during a big snowstorm probably the biggest we’ve had in years where I was off of school for like a full week and one Night, I just like sat in my bed I picked up a book that I had just because my mom and my sister had read it so many years ago The movie was coming out so I was interested I Devoured the books I thought they were fun and entertaining and light-hearted And they were very new because at the time I was still kind of like a newbie to YA, and had only been reading YA for Like a year at that point, so it was new and exciting to me I was like 18 or 19 at the time, and I definitely did not have the critical reading skills I’m trying to develop now, but I was just really focused on finding an entertaining story That’s all I cared about is something that made me feel good My support of fifty Shades lasted about a year, a year and a half I was like really in depth with it right around when I had first read it when the movie was coming out and then as The second movie was coming around and I had kind of distanced myself from Fifty Shades over the years And there was more discussion about it I realized that there were more problems in it then I had Originally recognized or even more problems than I wanted to admit there were. In the way that Christian treats Anna that he is so possessive over her He sometimes kind of sees her as an object and there’s a lot of actions that he takes that are just way too Controlling for me to ever condone personally at this point in my life Sure it may have had an interesting plot to my teenage self And it has the kind of tension-y romance that a lot of people like to read But the romance that I like realized is so unhealthy and toxic Over time is really what set me off in the books And they may not want to continue supporting the franchise. Being a conscious consumer I just can’t feel good about reading these books or watching these movies Knowing that this relationship is not something that I personally agree with so that’s why my opinions on Fifty Shades have changed It’s just been a lot of growing up personally and realizing that to the previous beliefs I had about fifty Shades were not necessarily true to myself also the writing is really bad The next book that my opinions have changed on is Anna and the French kiss by Stephanie Perkins Now this is a book that I do still consider myself to love I talked about it in my favorite Trashy YA novels, like there’s a lot of like personal significance with Anna and the French kiss to me because it was one of the first like YA Contemporaries that I read and it was super fun at the time but again Just growing up and being more conscious of the content of this book made me not like it as much and I’ve definitely thought about it differently since Again I was 18 when I read this book, and I just wanted an entertaining story but the one thing that always bothered me about it was the Emotional cheating. The fact that Etienne can be in a relationship with one girl and is constantly flirting with a lot of other girls that he is admitting to having feelings for a different girl while being in the Relationship with this person and even sleeping in the same bed as her for three nights knowing that he has a girlfriend it Just it always made me uncomfortable But I kind of looked over it because I love to the gushy romance so much the more I think about it the more I’m like this is not okay. You know like I don’t ever support cheating in books and Relationships that are built on cheating are just like there’s always a part of me that even if I love it I just can’t fully agree with it and Anna the French kiss has been like boiling into that for a very long time for me and it sucks because like when I think about Lola and the Boy Next Door and Isla and the Happily Ever After and I think about the cameos of Anna and St. Clair like I still love them together like I love them in the future But I just I can’t fully support their relationship because it’s built on emotional cheating, and that is so wrong to me Additionally after Lily C reads who was a fantastic Australian booktuber she posted a rant review That’s like 30 minutes long of Anna and the French kiss so if you’re interested in hearing more perspectives on this book Highly recommend it, but when I watched that video when it came out she really opened up my eyes to The slut-shaming that happens in this book and Anna’s view of other people which I also don’t agree with anyone who likes a guy or that dates a guy that Anna likes or has some form of relationship to even if that relationship is long over is beneath her and She just like is constantly judging people For the way that they present themselves and their clothes and their demeanor when she does similar things throughout the book Lily does a great Job of explaining it and I’ll link her review below But that just also as well like the girl Hayden, the slut-shaming Stuff that isn’t like necessarily like a make-it-or-break-it in a book for me because I understand YA was a different time back when this Book was published and a lot of books carried these themes not saying it’s okay But it was more tolerated in the publishing world and in readers, but for me now I like my opinion has just changed so I do still love Anna and the French kiss it’s always going to be like a teenage Contemporary that I’m gonna look back at and say I enjoyed But over the years just the emotional cheating and the way that Anna treats other girls has made me uncomfortable Enough to see this book in a different light and that’s not a part that I’m gonna be able to separate from the books anymore Let’s have a change of pace real quick and talk about a book I originally didn’t like, but now I really do and I’ve told this one on my channel before so I’m sure you can predict what it is and that is the Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare. If you haven’t been on my channel before and you haven’t heard this story I’m sure this is a huge shock to you because everyone knows that Cassandra Clare’s my favorite author and my favorite series of all time Is the Mortal Instruments series, but the first time I read the Infernal Devices series I Hated it. I was so angry at the end of Clockwork Prince That like I accidentally ripped my library book, I feel like I just kind of like brushed it off It wasn’t too bad or anything, but I was that mad that like I just didn’t realize there was damage I was inflicting on to the book The easy reason to explain why I didn’t like The Infernal Devices at first is there was no chase Yes, you heard that correctly I was 17 when I read the Infernal Devices for the very first time and this was after me reading the Mortal Instruments four times in a row being like at the peak of my obsession and I had decided I was like you know what I should probably experiment with some of her other books and see what she’s writing about and whatnot So I gave The Infernal Devices a try, and it just did not compare to the Mortal Instruments in my mind I was so invested in those characters and their story in their plot that this just felt completely mediocre to me I wasn’t interested in it at all. I thought it was so boring I didn’t like the characters the love triangle made me crazy because I did not like Jem and Tessa together or whatsoever Like I disliked these books so much at first that I literally rated them one and two stars on Goodreads which like I never do so you know I really didn’t like it at first. What I love about the Infernal Devices is you can actually watch my transformation of how I feel differently about these books because in that first TMI verse tid tag that I did like the Mortal Instruments won 9.5 to 5. I hated everything in the Infernal Devices And then I think it was in like September of 2015 either my favorites video or my September wrap-up I had just recently read the Infernal Devices and I I Really enjoyed them like I think I was just in a position where I wasn’t so attached to the Mortal Instruments And it wasn’t the only thing in my head that I was able to view it as a separate entity and not necessarily Compare it to the Mortal Instruments every five seconds I definitely just needed to grow as a reader in order to appreciate these independently from Cassandra Clare for a series And I’m so happy I did because now I love the Infernal Devices And I’ve had the best time you’re reading them since so this is definitely a very positive change in opinion like I love these books Now I love rereading them I consider them one of my favorite series and So like I just I’m so happy that like I just grew up and I was more mature and I stopped being bitter and petty and I was able to appreciate these books for what they’re worth. The next one might be a big shocker to those of you who love my mental health recommendations because I’ve never talked about this before But another book that I see a little differently now is Made You Up by Francesca Zappia Which is still one of my favorite books. I love this book so much It’s still one of my absolute favorite stand alones of all-time But after having some experiences related to this book and hearing other perspectives I do see it a little bit differently. So Made You Up follows a teen named Alex who has schizophrenia And what I loved about Made You Up And I still love about Made You Up is that Alex does not only suffer from auditory hallucinations she suffers from visual hallucinations Which is something that is never recognized and as somebody who also suffered from visual hallucinations as a part of my psychosis It is the first time I ever really felt identified with that part of my mental health journey Made You Up has always been so special to me for that reason and it is still special for me like the Significance this book holds for me has not changed whatsoever But after I’ve talked about me to do up on my channel so much And I’ve had other people share their experiences reading this book I realized that for people who have actually been diagnosed with schizophrenia a lot of them don’t feel like this book is a good representation of what it’s like to live with that condition. A few examples of the critiques I Have heard is that apparently in this book delusions and hallucinations Are used interchangeably as synonyms, which they are not the same thing I honestly do not remember this it’s been a really long time since I read made you up I also read it in like 2015 so it’s possible that I could have skipped over it But I did know the difference at the time And I feel like that’s something I would have picked up on but you know if it’s there It’s there and that’s an issue. What I think is the most disappointing part of reading reviews and people with schizophrenia is that apparently Francesca Zappia did not do a lot of research on schizophrenia before writing this book This is all stuff that I’ve heard like through hearsay. I haven’t heard of a specific source that has confirmed it I’ll do another little bit of research before I upload this video so maybe I can find it and link it below But apparently she started writing this book at 16 and she Didn’t really have a good grasp on what schizophrenia was and she just wrote it off of like what she thought it was like Which is a really big problem because when you’re writing about an illness that millions of people experience you have to do your research in order to represent them properly and to not do any is Such a disservice and so disappointing because this book represents me so well but it doesn’t represent the people that it’s supposed to represent and that’s a real shame. So Made You Up will always be a crucial book that represents my Identity and that has not changed, and I will still speak of this book in that way But when I do talk about it now I will be sure to make those critiques known and and to speak about the people who actually suffer from schizophrenia And how they have perceived this book because it’s so important to hear from those voices as opposed to mine so again This is a book that I absolutely love but I do have to view it differently after hearing the experiences of other people and that’s an OK thing to do. So we have one more book that we have to talk about And I don’t want to talk about it It’s been so long can I just let it die? Why did I decide to make this video? So the final book for my video on books I have changed my opinions on is Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth I want to be candid that I was paid by HarperCollins to produce an honest review for Carve the Mark in the months leading up To its release but again It was an honest review and everything that I said in that video is entirely my honest opinions at the time if you think that I would lie about what is inside the book and what my feelings on this book are because it was being paid for it Please fucking unsubscribe because you clearly do not know me at all. That video is still up. You can watch it I also had a Goodreads review that I did update after what I’m going to talk about happened But Goodreads does not allow sponsored reviews on their site So I had to take it down. When I first read Carve the Mark, I really enjoyed it I think I gave it like 4 or 4.5 stars, like I thought it was a really interesting sci-fi world I was super excited for the rest of the duology. I loved the characters and none of that has changed I still feel that way about this book and I could admit that there are problems and other aspects But other parts that I can still enjoy. No. I’m not going to talk too much about the controversy you can fucking google it there’s enough reviews talking about it I don’t really have to at this point. After my fellow book tubers and I had posted our reviews of Carve the Mark a different review surfaced claiming that this book contained harmful racial stereotypes and tropes Like the dark-skinned aggressor or the kinky-haired savage. If I can find that review I will link it below otherwise I will link a very similar one but after that discussion had started there were even more discussions on this book’s portrayal of chronic pain and Its portrayal of self harm. This discussion went on for like seven months and me talking about it Now is probably in a spark another one, but I’m not here to tell you is Carve the Mark racist or not That’s not my place I’m not having this discussion But I do feel like this video would be Incomplete if I did not mention Carve the Mark because I do see it differently now There are a lot of people who read this book and were hurt by it Same with people with schizophrenia who read Made You Up or even people who are victims of domestic abuse and read Fifty Shades of Grey, it happens all the time It’s always a shame when a book has a negative impact on a large Specific group of people. So whether or not I personally feel that this book did or did not promote harmful stereotypes about people of color Like it still hurt people and that’s going to cause me to see this book differently like there’s no way for me to see this Book the same way I did November of 2016 and the way I see it in November of 2017 there’s no possible way for me to separate the two. So everything I said In that first review still stands I still like the characters I still like the science fiction world But I just don’t plan on continuing with this duology when the second book comes out And I can’t really separate all the discussion that has happened because of it. Please let us not get into a discussion if Carve the Mark is racist or not in the comments of this video This is not why I posted it. I just wanted to share the journey I’ve had with certain books on changing my opinions whether it be positive or negative So that really concludes my video on books my opinions have changed on. There are definitely So many more like it’s very hard to harbor These same exact ideals you had when you read a book for the first time and to have them years later But I thought a lot of these were particularly Interesting and maybe something that a lot of you guys could relate to. And you know feel free to share your opinions On any of the books or any of the comments that I made, I try and keep this channel an open place for discussion To not attack people for their personal beliefs on books I hope I have made that clear that I don’t care if you love or hate these books I don’t care if you feel indifferent about them This was just my personal experience, but that is it for this video, and thank you guys so much for watching And I’ll see you soon for a new one bye oh god, I just did my outro wrong!

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  1. emmmabooks says:

    Hi friends! I just wanna make a few extra lil notes:

    1. In regards to my feelings on MADE YOU UP, I included some details in the video that may come off as fact, but I believe they are personal opinions/speculation from reviews I've seen after double checking with evidence (which I should have done beforehand but hey, we all make mistakes.) I've made a note in the description correcting it and I apologize for any misinformation I may have spread.

    2. I hope I've made it clear that I'm not trying to convince anyone to change their opinions on these books with my criticisms. If you love one of these books and disagree with my statements, that's totally cool & I respect your opinion 🙂

    MUCH LOVE. x

  2. theunicornreader says:

    Yes! Totally agree about Fifty Shades. When I read them, I also just wanted a good story which was fun but only later did I realize how messed up Christian was and I honestly can't condone that anymore.

  3. Benjamin Wambeke says:

    I really appreciate that you have this "I don't nessicarily have to agree or disagree that this book has harmful content, but either way, people were hurt reading this and I can't ignore that" attitude. It's something that I don't think I've ever seen touched on so well anywhere else. You can totally have your own opinion about something while still feeling for those hurt by it because, even if you think they're wrong, their emotions are real, and you can't ignore that. It's super cool of you to do.

  4. Benjamin Wambeke says:

    Also, I totally see the Harry Potter books a little different now. I used to worship them, and JK Rowling, but now, while I totally think the books, and especially the world building and characters, are fantastic, I am getting annoyed at the constant spinoffs and such that it makes me just a little bit weary of the original series.

  5. Ugly Girl Does says:

    I don't follow booktube. I'm only a casual reader, myself. However, I ended up on this video randomly and wanted to say that it's really cool to see someone talk about their growth and progression. It's brave to say "I might not have been right about this and that's okay because I needed time to grow."

  6. Amy Jones says:

    This is so fucking good. I love this video

  7. Twenty øne Phans says:

    Interesting, I used to love Mortal Instruments and now I hate it xD

  8. wordsonwings says:

    I never read 50 shades because I was not into reading the kind of content it contained…not in my early teens and I probably wouldn't pick it up now in my 20's. 

    Carve the Mark is on my try-again list. I read the first chapter but I was in such a bad reading slump I decided to set it down and read something a little more fun and not as intense. 

    I never heard of Made You Up but I know someone who has schizophrenia so I'm kinda interested in checking it out since I don't know of many books that deal with that kind of mental illness. Most books only talk about anxiety or depression.

  9. belle dello says:

    I always forget how eloquently you speak, I don't look at your videos for a while, then I end up clicking on a video & remember why I like you. I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not but it's meant as one!

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  11. Lexie Richeson says:

    I agree with everything you said about 50 shades and Anna but I feel like everyone should take reading as a work of fiction. Like the thematic elements that are controversial are added for drama and make the book more appealing. Not bashing you or anyone else :))

  12. K.E says:

    Every time I spot a similarity between the Herondales it's a stab to my heart in a good way

  13. Charly Troff says:

    I think these are great reasons for your opinions to change. Growing up and understanding issues on a deeper level can definitely make a big difference!

  14. isla costigan says:

    Can i just say that my name is Isla just like Isla and the happily ever after and what u said about Anna and the french kiss is so true. I didn't see it when i read it at first either, i just thought that it was a cute romance book.

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    in my opinion, the infernal devices and the dark artifices are much better written than the mortal instruments

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    I’ve only read TID out of all these books that you have discussed but hearing your views on them has definitely helped me decide not to pick up the others! I agree with your points on not being able to view books the same way after some research has been done about what the book has been about. Thank you for being so honest Emma!

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    Really admire the fact that you were not afraid to make a video and talk about the books you have changed your opinions on! Well done!

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    Totally random but I really like your voice. It kind of reminds me of Mandy moore's, especially when she voiced Rapunzel

  20. Kerrie says:

    I tried reading 50 Shades Of Grey when I was 13/14 and put it down after a couple of chapters. At the time I just found the writing cringy and the whole thing boring (also I didn't get why people at the time were making so many sex jokes because I didn't find it sexy or romantic in the slightest). I've since heard people talking about it being problamatic in terms of relationships and feminism, which makes me not want to give it another go or watch the movies.

  21. Golden Sun says:

    Make a list video PLEASE !
    How to develop CRITICAL READING SKILLS and also BEST ''FEELGOOD'' BOOKS for new readers,who just got into books… That would be so helpful to hear,a bit about how you as reader changed through years. Thank you.

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  23. Alex Markadonis says:

    It is a shame when people take things negatively, not when a book "impacts someone negatively." People take offence. Offence is rarely given intentionally–and offence given still needs to be received. As people who can flippantly change their minds about gender being a social construct and biologically justified category and oscillate between race being a reality and a myth, I suggest you empower yourselves and get over it: your real masters laugh when you compare oppression points on the scales they sold you. Be better. Be humans before your identities.

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  29. Riptide & Tea says:

    I honestly really appreciate you making this video for several reasons: 1. It is important that people understand that people can grow and that opinions can change. People are fluid, ever changing and expressing an opinion about something shouldn't mean we are branded with it and forced into being static people.

    2. I actually didn't know about the last book. I haven't read it and don't plan to; but, in doing research on it I found I a lot of amazing information and people I can relate to. I have experienced chronic pain my entire life and doctor's believe I have autoimmune and connective tissue disorders. In looking up information about this book I found people expressing rare opinions and experiences that I can personally relate to. I have been chasing a diagnosis my entire life and I'm tired of being made into a romantic or heroic plot-line when it is convenient but ignored and outright ridiculed when it isn't. This kind of exposure to chronic pain which can lead into other chronic health issues consequently leads to a bigger issues of invisible disabilities that real people experience. Books like this only perpetuate harmful stereotypes. I'm not brave, or someones inspiration, I'm not mystical and my pain isn't beautiful or a gift. My pain is real, harmful and there truly isn't anything good about it. Yes, I have learned things through living with it and I won't say it hasn't made me stronger but other bad things and obstacles have taught me things to. I'm not grateful for my suffering and I won't say I am to make non-disabled people feel a little more comfortable. It is like telling someone who has depression that they should be grateful for their depression or someone who got in a car accident that they should be grateful for that because it in some way significantly impacts your life and you have no choice but to live with it. Doctor's are not as compassionate as in movies and I've felt more like a lab rat than a human for most of my life. It is sterile, cold and most importantly living like this is lonely, isolating and you find yourself missing out on life because you are unable to do "normal" things. I'm tired of being a passing story for someone to exploit. I am a person and people don't want to hear my story. People get tired of what I have to live with everyday. I am okay living as I am, I can manage, but when I see stuff like this it sincerely bothers me. I am happy to have found people who feel the way I do to some extent or share experiences. This impacts every part of my life and I don't like it being made trivial.

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  37. thisissiri says:

    I love when people change their opinions on books and actually share that.

    I do find it interesting, though, that you don't like the slut shaming and emotional cheating and things in Anna and the French Kiss, but you don't appreciate that there are similar themes (and worse) in the Mortal Instruments. I would love to know about your opinions on that.

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    I think it just depends on you as a person and what you notice. Not everyone is going to see the same things as you and that's what I think is good about reading, we all have different opinions. I plan to read Carve the Mark for myself when I'm in the mood for it and see how I feel about it. If I somehow really like it and give it 4-5 stars, for the love of Pete, do not come after me. It is an opinion y'all.

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    It says a lot about a person when they are able to take in new information and alter their stance based on that new information. It says even more when they can admit that they've done so to people other than themselves. The fact that you posted a video like this on your YouTube channel speaks volumes about your character. Thank you so much for the videos that you make. 🙂

  48. Islek Katina says:

    People always think that 50 shades is abusive. But if people really understood BDSM, they’d probably think differently. Everyone who sorta knows about it and isn’t into is usually more or less AGAINST it. Granted, Ana was new to it and the books aren’t even a good representation of the kink. But it really wasn’t as horrible as everyone thought.

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    But I understand where you come from, when I read THE LOST HERO by rick riordan, I was really angry that there was no Percy, however I eventually got what I wanted. But also if I were to reset all the characters of that book , Jason would eat below a lot of the other characters… so yah

    Also also …. how dare you like jem is the best. He is fing amazing like I wish he were mine.

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  58. Seats& Reads says:

    I never understood the 50 shades of grey. It only the toxic relationship and the behavior of the guy himslef, but the girl – oh my. None of her actions made sense, I was constantly thinking that she is very annoying and stupid. To be honest the guy annoyed me so much less than she did.

  59. Angelica Pickles says:

    …Someone clearly fell foul of the P.C police.

  60. TheGeekInvasion says:

    I love made you up and TID! So glad you love them too!

  61. Little Femme says:

    I used to love the Mortal Instruments until I realized how unhealthy the relationship between Jace and Clary is. He pressured her into being with him even when they thought they were siblings. Cassandra Clare has a weird fetish for incest. Sebastian intentially went after her sister and she treats him like a romantic hero. I also cannot forgive her for making a fanfiction with Ron and Ginny having an incestual relationship. It makes me so mad because I still love many aspects of the series, having blown threw the series in high school, but I cannot deny that there some serious issues with glorifying incest, emotional abuse. Jace used to make my heart flutter, but I've grown up a lot since then and I now see how horrible he was.

  62. JQIsabella says:

    I feel like Lilycreads changed the whole booktube opinion on anna and the french kiss lol

  63. Jayleen Arguello says:

    I am another major Cassandra Clare series lover despite the fact that I have not picked up neither the Mortal Instruments or the Infernal Devices in a few years but I had the opposite reaction after reading both. I love the Mortal Instruments and read them as they came out, I didn't start the Infernal devices until after I finished the other series but I loved the Infernal Devices MUCH more than the Infernal Devices!

  64. Simply Bookdreams says:

    Thank you for making a video about changing your opinion not enough people do this kind of video!

  65. Simply Bookdreams says:

    I wished I could do my make up like you..

  66. Char1ynn says:

    I honestly think people need 2 stop geting offended and seeing racism were it doesn't exist most books I find are deverse enuoph that u can relate cause dark doesn't mean skin could mean eyes or hair I'm many races but am seen as white wich idgaf what ppl see me as but their are books that do simler things and make it clear their light skined and u don't see assumptions or crying a book is not a movie it can b what u imagine it 2 be

  67. Faith Murri says:

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  68. Angela Oles says:

    you look so much like noah cyrus omg xx

  69. A Fangirl says:

    I didn't really like Carve The Mark, but it was for a completely different reason. I when I read it, I didn't know about the controversy, I just couldn't keep track of any of the characters lol. But I do understand why it's so controversial. I still love Veronica Roth, though.

  70. Tamaki742 says:

    I actually started with the Infernal Devices books, and I honestly like those better than the Mortal Instruments. Mostly because there's no incesty insinuation, because wtf.

  71. suhani garg says:

    Why isn't Emma continuing with the carve the mark duology?

  72. Bethany says:

    i’ve liked this video just because she likes clockwork angel

  73. Bethany says:

    i’ve liked this video just because she likes clockwork angel

  74. Julia Provost says:

    Hi Emma, love the video! I remember A Clockwork Reader talking about Made You Up too and yes, it didn’t properly respresent those with the mental illness, but Hannah mentioned that Francesca Zappia was 16 at the time she wrote the book so she wasn’t fully grown and wasn’t fully grown as a writer because of that. And that her books since have represented the illnesses they contain much better.

  75. Harry potter Forever says:

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  76. Mariana Narciso says:

    definitely feel the same about anna and the french kiss! lily's review (which i have rewatched so many times lmao it's so good!) opened my eyes and i haven't been able to think about it the same way since.

  77. Una Speranza says:

    As regards Anna and the french kiss,is it well written?Emotional cheating happens a lot in real life so this book is a good depiction of reality. you might not like a character and their actions but still like the book.For example Scarlett O Hara..

  78. Holly Campbell says:

    i am loving that you have both the hard and paperback versions of the Throne of Glass Series and multiple covers of Caraval

  79. neocity next says:

    How can you hate the Infernal Devices? I am OBSESSED with Shadowhunters. Cassandra Clare is my favorite author (also we have the same birthday). Honestly Jace and Clary were (sometimes) really annoying in the Mortal Instruments #malaecforlife. But srsly i loooooooooove the Infernal Devices.

  80. NatalieSigns says:

    I just picked up made you up from my library I’m excited to jump into it

  81. AGoat1971 says:

    Books cannot hurt people. If you are hurt by a book, then the problem lies with you.

  82. Tanisha says:

    Hahahahaha just f***ing google it! Lmao

  83. Nessa Duana says:

    Tbh I’ve never liked Anna and the french kiss when I’ve first read it several years ago because of the same reason, and I’ve made it clear to the people I talk to who loved it so much and it just feels great now that some people share the same sentiments.

  84. I love Mcr says:

    F s o g
    Fi sh of gr
    Fif sha ofg Rey
    Fift shad ofgr ey
    Fifty shade ofgre y
    Fiftys hadeso fgrey
    A a t f k
    An an th fr ki
    Ann and the fre kis
    Anna andt hefr ench kiss
    I d
    In de
    Inf dev
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    M y u
    Ma yo up
    Mad you up
    Made youu p
    C t m
    Ca Th ma
    Car the mar
    Carv them ark
    Carve thema rk

  85. generic angst says:

    I personally hated Carve the Mark because the names looked like Roth sneezed while typing, and the story just. Kept. Going. It felt like it would never end and it was annoying.

  86. UmbraKrameri says:

    I've read Made you up partially because of your recommendation, and overall I enjoyed it, but I thought that the representation was a little problematic as well. My biggest issue (besides the things you mentioned) was that Zappia used the main character's mental illness as a plot device, almost like a weird, inconvenient superpower that propelled the plot forward and helped untangle the central mystery at the very end. I mostly mean when she gets a lot of information she really had no other way of knowing about from people that later proven to be not real. You can argue that it was her intuition speaking, but I doubt it could have been so detailed.

    However, on a slightly random note, I LOVED that the boyfriend character was part German. It's just such a rarely represented nation in English language literature. (Besides… you know… nazis and the Holocaust.)

  87. justabitofamug says:

    Is that a mortal instruments necklace?

  88. Jenny Kruschke says:

    Yay for personal development. I've gotten flack because I used to be a huge Twilight fan a decade ago and now I highly do not recommend it. I've had people call me a hypocrite, as if it's a BAD thing to grow up over a DECADE.

  89. Konstantina Mastori says:

    What’s YA?

  90. Veronica Burgos says:

    I know I'm probably soooo late when writing this comment, but better late than never.

    Okay, so, before reading all the comments and whatsoever, I realized that a few comments really blew my mind, as well as some made on the video. Don't get me wrong, it is totally okay to change opinions about books and different topics. I don't have any problem with that, everyone has the right to express their opinion freely and without feeling shame about it. However, note that other people can argument about it as well (in a civilized and respectful way, always).

    So, about Fifty Shades of Grey series… I've read it a few times and I've liked it and all. Of course, all those arguments about Christian being possessive and acting completely out sometimes is totally arguable because it is true. But, in my opinion, if characters were always the same, wouldn't the stories stop being interesting and new? Throughout the series, he begins to change and things between him and Anastasia starts to ease a little as he begins to understand that he must let go on the thing that had traumatized me in the past. Seeing people saying that it is not necessary for people to have hard past when having the life style that Christian had makes me think that people don't consider that one can have any reason to do or be whoever they want if it makes you feel like yourself. One group of people don't have to have the same reasons to be what they are and share their life style the way they do. It's like saying that all the people that goes to the gym are only there to lose weight when there are people that goes to the gym simply because they enjoy it and feel good about it, it does not necessary has to be about losing weight, but a life style. I respect other people's opinions, but I consider that characters like Christian do exist and this type of situation and relationships also exist. I've had experience with control freaks like him and, through Anastasia's point of view, I could relate with her. I was not necessarily in agreement with that kind of behavior, nor did I felt it was okay. My point is that people like him exist and things like that happens. It is no fantasy told only on books.

    Still happy to know what other people think about it. No hard feelings or whatsoever.

  91. Kennedy O'Donovan says:

    It's nice to hear someone else loves the mortal instruments more than infernal devices, I like the infernal devices but I really didnt like the love triangle

  92. Brenda Wash says:

    I’m wondering Where’d you get the black necklace please?

  93. The Only Blue Corn Scone says:

    There is one opinion that is wrong- books are bad. All other opinions about any book can be true.

  94. Ruby Cowie says:

    i LoVe HeR nEcKlAcE

  95. Anna Wixom says:

    So essentially you like the books, but now that it’s politically correct to not like them, you are changing your mind…..yeah not convincing. They were either entertaining or not. If your feelings get hurt over a fiction made up story, you are defiantly a millennial.

  96. Wafaa Saleh says:

    You know I agreed with most of what you were saying about Anna and the French kiss even though I love it but, I wouldn’t consider Etienne developing feelings for Anna as cheating. You can’t control the way you feel about people especially if it’s love or some other strong feeling like that and it’s not like he kissed Anna or had sex with her so it’s not like he committed this huge sin or anything by caring for someone. I just think that that was not the best way to describe it by using the word cheating which is a big word that should not be used lightly

  97. Cityman says:

    50 Shades of Grey is dreadful! It's purely sado-masochist literotica, nothing else.

  98. Dungeons&Cats _ says:

    This whole time I was like she better still love renegades

  99. Arielle Loss says:

    I read one book of the TMI Series and I strongly disliked it. Of course I read it in german because i amfrom germany and took it from my schools libary, but I didn't like the writing or the storyline in this one. Tbh I started watching the show before and was at the middle of season 2 or something like that, and I have to say I am really happy they changed the story of what I read (I only read City of Bones). Also I couldn't connect with the characters in the book that much and disliked them for their shitty behaivor. I could only sympathize with Jace a little and that's the only good thing. In the show, Jace and Clary ar both okay and I love Alec and Izzy. There's only one character good in book and show: Magnus Bane. The show didn't change my perfect little warlock😊
    But I can understand why people like it, I just couldn't connect with it that good.

  100. livia torres says:

    I didn't really liked Tessa and Jem. Maybe it is because I love Will and I thought that he deserved someone that loved only him, since he loved Tessa so much. But the book is great anyway, it is one of my favorites books ever.

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