Hi everyone, it’s Sandy and in today’s
video, I’m going to be talking about the books that I read before I joined
Booktube. I actually created this channel, sandyreadsalot, back in 2014 so I’ve
been part of the Booktube community for over six years now and that’s just wild to think about. And so throughout these six years, I’ve documented all of
the books that I’ve read and my thoughts on them. Obviously as time goes on some of my
thoughts on the books that I’ve read have changed, but recently I posted a
video talking about my all-time favorite book series and that really got me
thinking and going back to all the books that I read prior to starting Booktube
and so in today’s video, those are the books that I wanted to talk about. A
majority of the books that I mentioned in my all-time favorite book series
video are books that I actually read before I joined Booktube, so if you want
to hear me talk a little bit about how I discovered the Hunger Games, Vampire
Academy, Divergent, and The Mortal Instruments aka the entire Shadowhunter
Chronicles and talking about why I love those series, then definitely check out
my recent video. I will have it linked below. So in this video, we’re going to
take a stroll through memory lane and talk about some series that came out
many years ago. You are going to notice a pattern in this video of a lot of
dystopian books because back in 2011 to 2013 that was like the year of dystopian
and I was just reading so many books within that genre. So the first series
that I’m going to talk about is Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. There are four
books in the series but I believe one is a spinoff. I haven’t read the fourth book
but I did read the first three. Uglies basically takes place in a world where
when you’re born, you’re deemed as ugly and when you turn 16, you have the
ability to get this procedure done in order to be turned pretty. And so the
story centers around our main character Tally, who is about to turn 16 and she
soon learns that there’s more to the procedure that turns people pretty. I did
read the series back in 2012 and I did really enjoy the first three books. I
think I gave them all like a 4 out of 5 stars but I’m pretty sure that if I were
to read it now, I wouldn’t rate it as high but obviously I am much older now
than I was back in 2012. Honestly, I barely remember anything that
happens in the series because it has been so long and I didn’t include any
review on Goodreads or anything so I don’t really know what to add regarding
my thoughts because it’s been so long. So, another huge throwback series is
Delirium by Lauren Oliver. This is definitely another dystopian series
and it basically takes place in a world where love is considered a disease and
so similar to Uglies, when you turn 18, rather than 16, you receive this
procedure in order to be cured of love. The story follows our main character, Lena, and
she’s looking forward to getting this procedure done because she saw how the
disease of love affected her mother and so she’s determined not to have the same
thing happen to her. But one day, she meets this boy named Alex and they fall
in love and the story goes from there. I remembered the second book introduced
a love interest, which I wasn’t a huge fan of. And the ending to the third book
was kind of open-ended and I really wasn’t a huge fan of that because it
left me with a lot of questions. I don’t know about you all but do you remember
that Hulu adapted Delirium into like a mini TV series or something. I think it
was cancelled before they actually aired. If I remember correctly, they only
released one episode and within that one episode was essentially the entire
Delirium plot, so I remember it being really rushed and not great. And I
remember that Emma Roberts played Lena and Gregg Sulkin played Julian, who is
the second love interest, and I don’t remember the actor’s name but it was
Ricky from the Secret Life of an American Teenager that played Alex, who
is the main love interest. For the most part, I did enjoy the Delirium trilogy.
Didn’t enjoy the last book as much as the first two. And I am actually selling
all of my Delirium books on Depop, so if you’re interested in buying that
series or any of the other books that I’m selling, then check out my Depop.
Otherwise, I’m just gonna go to Half Price Books within the next week or two
and get rid of all the books that I’m currently selling because honestly, I’ve
been trying to sell those books for a really long time and they just haven’t
sold so I’m about to give up and just sell them to Half Price Books. Anyways,
that was off topic but another series that I started before joining Booktube
was Legend by Marie Lu. So in my all-time favorite book series video, someone
commented, “what about Legend?” and I did consider including Legend in that video.
Legend is a series I really loved at the time that I read it but thinking about it
now, I do still like it but I just don’t feel as connected to the story anymore
so I don’t really consider it an all-time favorite but in general it is a
series that I love. It has been such a long time since I’ve read the entire
Legend trilogy and I have never reread it since I read it back in like 2012.
Marie Lu has also come out with Rebel recently. On Goodreads, it’s labeled as a
fourth book in Legend but it is more of a companion novel taking place
in the future after Champion has ended. I haven’t read that yet and the only
reason I haven’t read it yet is because I don’t remember anything that happens
in Legend. I clearly remember how Champion ended but at the moment, I feel
like it’s not a good time for me to pick up Rebel without really remembering the
backstory to Day and June. So I do eventually hope to read Rebel but only
once I reread the entire Legend trilogy, and if you know me, I’m not a huge rereader.
The next trilogy I’m going to be talking about I’m going to get a little bit
heated on it because I really enjoyed it when I first read the entire trilogy but
now that I think about it and the things that happen, I’m just like oh my god.
Everything is just so disgusting. It is the Wither trilogy by Lauren DeStefano
and I believe the official trilogy name is called The Chemical Gardens. In this
world, males have a lifespan of 25 and females have a lifespan of 20. And so
this book follows our main character Rhine or Rin, I don’t know how to
pronounce it, but she is 16 and she is kidnapped and sold as a polygamous bride
to another man. The person that she’s forced to marry is named Linden and I
don’t remember how old he is… I think he was 18 or something.
He has already married a couple of other girls and one of them is like 13 years
old. Since it has been so long since I’ve read the series, I don’t remember too
much about what happens but I’m like pretty sure that the 13 year old gets
pregnant and has a baby or something. And honestly I’m just disgusted by the
series now. Definitely made a really great choice in unhauling the series many
years ago. Another series that I started before Booktube was The Maze Runner by
James Dashner. So with this book, it follows our main
character, Thomas, who wakes up in this place and has no memories of his past.
The only thing that he knows is his name and so this place that he wakes up in is
called the Glade and within the Glade, there is this maze. And the maze is
pretty much the only way out of the Glade, but it’s very dangerous to go
through this maze and a lot of people have died trying. And within the maze are
basically only teenagers. There are no adults and no girls as well. I did really
enjoy The Maze Runner when I first read the series but I remember not really
enjoying the second and third book as much as the first one. I remember
watching the movie when it first came out in theaters and that was really good.
I still haven’t seen the second or third movie yet but I do love Dylan O’Brien.
Another series that I read before joining Booktube is
Beautiful Creatures by Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia. This is the first book
in the Caster Chronicles. So there are four books in the series and I did read
all four and I’m pretty sure I gave them all like four out of five stars back
when I read it, but honestly that’s like a very generous rating because honestly
the series really isn’t that great. This story takes place in a small southern
town and one of the main characters, Lena, has powers that she’s trying to hide and
then the second main character Ethan, he is having dreams of Lena or something
like that. I read this back in 2013 and that’s pretty much all I can gather
regarding the plot on Goodreads because I don’t remember any of the plot myself.
So I checked on Goodreads and I don’t have any comments on the first and
second book but I do have some comments on the third and fourth and my review on
the third and fourth book are basically like general comments and reactions to
what happened and not necessarily like a review, but it did seem that I enjoyed
the series when I first read it. But I’m reading my review on the fourth book,
which is called Beautiful Redemption and I mentioned the characters John and
Liv and I have absolutely no damn clue who these characters are. And apparently,
a big character dies in the story and I honestly did not remember that. You would
think that you would remember when a character dies, especially when it’s like
a really important character, but I do not remember that until I opened my
review on Goodreads. So if that doesn’t tell you how memorable the series is,
then I don’t know what will. So those are all the series that I wanted to talk
about in this video. I actually had another one that I wanted to talk about
but then I looked on Goodreads and I realized that I actually read it in
August of 2014, which is like eight months after starting Booktube.
If you were curious, that series is The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken. I did
really enjoy the trilogy but it was a series that I began to lose interest in
because I read it as the books were coming out rather than all at once. And
if I had to recommend any series that I mentioned in this video, that would
definitely be Legend. That is the only series that I still have copies of. All
the other books that I mentioned, I did own at one point but I’ve unhauled all
of those books because A) I don’t like them any more and B) I just don’t see myself
ever rereading those books in the future. Thank you so much for watching this
video. In the comments, please let me know some of the books series or books that
you read before you discovered Booktube or joined Booktube. I would love to know.
I hope you enjoyed this video and I will see you next time. Bye! *music*

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  1. trinhsformerz says:

    omg the nostalgia is reallll
    i didn’t read delirium but i definitely remember “the show” 😂

  2. XimerTracks - Sub To Me says:

    Nice! don't stop. Let's be Youtube friends? 😮

  3. Zubaer Chaudhari says:

    Sandyreadsalot hello

  4. Jay G says:

    Omg nostalgiaaaaa

  5. Will Alvarado says:

    Great Video Sandy!!!

  6. Lindsay's Lovely Library says:

    I haven’t read any of these, and it’s been a while since they were released, but I am still interested in reading Legend someday!

  7. Taylor Pence says:

    This video was great 😁 I read the Legend trilogy about 2 years ago and really enjoyed it. Two series that I read before discovering booktube that gets a lot of hate/not a lot discussed about them are the Hush Hush saga and the White Rabbit Chronicles. I loved my experience reading both haha and still own them. They have survived many book unhauls 😊

  8. youngbloods_t says:

    The only series out of these that I read is Delirium a few years back and I liked the first book, I just didn't continue it because I thought the second one was going to be a bit cliche or something ?? idk but i definitely the first "episode" or whatever with Emma Roberts and I have no idea why the hell they made one episode out of the entire first book

  9. Kjersti Gulli says:

    I know I read the beginning to almost all of those series, but don't think I finished any of them? The nostalgia though – it is so real in this video!

  10. strange the reader says:

    omg i used to love delirium all of these used to be old faves!! this made me so nostalgic

  11. May Cho says:

    6 years is craaaazy! I remember the delirium days ahhhh i read Lauren Oliver's panic before Booktube too! I gasped at Beautiful Creatures because I used to have crazy commitment for the series and, on hindsight, it's a pretty mediocre series haha thank you for the throwback! <3

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