Hi guys! It’s Olivia here from Olivia’s
Catastrophe and today I’m here to talk to you about the books that I never get
to talk about on my channel. There is just, you know, wrap-ups, books and I’ve
read ages ago before I was a booktuber and also with tags, you know, I feel like
the questions lend to sometimes featuring the same type of books. So I
just wanted to make a video where I got to talk to you about some of the books
that I love or really enjoyed. And I just never really talked about them on
my channel. So I’ve got a top ten here to show you. I could do more videos like
this because I actually was looking through my shelves and I was like: oh, there’s so
many to feature! So if you enjoy this video let me know in the comment section
down below if you want more videos on books that I love but just never really
get the chance to feature on my channel. So let’s get started with some childhood
favourites. And for this I want to mention Roald Dahl. He is a doll. Like, I absolutely
love his books. I think him and Dr. Seuss are some of my favourite children’s
authors. I think he was a genius. When I was younger I basically went through and
read all of his books. The one that I’m showing you here — the lighting is
really bad but it’s the BFG which I absolutely adored. And actually Roald
Dahl is really special to me because when I was younger I wasn’t that keen on
reading Dutch. I was a child who was a big reader and I was very quick when I
was reading in English. So when I tried to switch to Dutch it really slowed me
down and I tried not to read books in Dutch. But I have De GVR which is the
BFG in Dutch and I also have De Griezels and some other Dutch Roald Dahl books. So
I feel like this is one book that shows that I am quite Dutch sometimes because
I read Roald Dahl in Dutch. That’s how much I loved his work. So it was good
enough for me to try it in another language even though I read the English
versions first. He is so creative. He is so funny and if you don’t let your
children read Roald Dahl I don’t know what y’all doing cuz he’s brilliant. And
then I also need to mention Judy Blume who was basically the author of my
pre-teen age. The one I want to show you the most is Deenie but I also read Are You
There God It’s Me Margaret and also Blubber. So all of these books were quite
important to me for different reasons. First of all Deenie
is a character who has scoliosis, I believe. And it was the first time I was
learning anything about scoliosis. I absolutely
fell for that book when I was younger and I joined a writing website where I
was a member for several years. So people there know me as Deenie with a different
spelling. So if you’re watching this and you used to be with me on YWS, you know
who I am. And then Are You There God It’s Me Margaret is basically this
groundbreaking novel that has been banned in so many places because it came
out like a long time ago. And it’s about, you know, this girl who’s going through
puberty and it talks about masturbation and some other things that people
weren’t too happy that Judy Blume was writing about. I remember sitting down
with my sister and we were just chanting: we must we must increase our bust
because of this book. And I thought it would work. Last but not least Blubber
which was my first fat girl character. And I just found the dynamic in this
book and what it said about bullying to be so interesting as a child. And just
all of these kind of just blew my mind when I was younger and I was learning
about girl things, growing up things for the first time. Then I want to talk about
The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. What is up with the lighting? Okay I’ll put the books on
this side. It’s a little bit better. So The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt is a book
that I absolutely adore and it’s being made into a movie as of when I’m filming
this. I just cannot. So this one follows Theo. He is this young child who is in a terrorist attack in a museum and it
blows up the museum. And while he’s there he’s kind of really drawn to this
painting which is the painting of the Goldfinch. So he kind of escapes out of
the building and he just takes the painting with him. And then when it’s
reported stolen he’s just like: man! Now I can’t return the painting. So he just
doesn’t. He just keeps it. So he’s got this small painting which is a stolen
masterpiece and it’s just him growing up in the wake of what’s happened to him
and just the choices he makes in life. It’s so character driven that I think if
you’re not a character driven reader you’re gonna find this one so boring. But
Theo… Theo… he just makes so many bad decisions the one after the other. And I
just loved learning about him, seeing his story, the characters he came across
intrigued me from beginning to end. I chose to write a huge essay on this in IB
and it was just fun for me. I just loved this book so
much. Then I need to mention Just Listen by Sarah Dessen which is a young adult
contemporary. And what was surprising to me about this book was the fact that I
read two other Sarah Dessen books before this one. I believe they were Lock and Key
and Along for the Ride and I hated them. I really hated them but I have a policy
of giving authors at least three chances so this was her third strike or she
would be out. And I rated it five stars. She completely blew me away and I
understand why everyone loves Sarah Dessen. I think she’s the middle child in
a group of sisters. One of them has an eating disorder. She is a model and she’s
not sure of she enjoys modeling. And she just meets Oscar who is this guy who has
anger issues. And with him she starts to learn and discover about listening to
people. And as Jade from Jaded Reader puts it: active listening. This book kind of
took me on a journey. There’s so many reveals and I hardcore was relating to
the main character all the way through this one because of the fact that she is
the middle child. And I just… a lot of the feelings she was feeling about being a
middle child but ones that I could relate to. I’m not the only middle child
as I’m the third in four. There’s another middle child with me. But yeah, I
definitely related to this one and it kind of just blew my mind. And it’s one of the few books I cried in. I don’t really cry when I read. I think I
can count on one hand how many books I have cried in. But at some point this one
just drew tears from my eyes and they weren’t even at the sad bits guys. It was
at the happy bit. Then I want to mention The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey. Which is a
book that I read because of the hype and I got a second hand. It’s a alien
invasion novel where these aliens kind of take over the world and they do so in
waves. And there is one girl who is with her younger brother and her younger brother
gets taken from her. And she is going to rescue her younger brother. That’s
basically the premise of this one and I saw this one around book blogs when I
got it and I decided to read it. And I really did enjoy it,
but the way it ends lends up to there being another two books. However, reviews
for those two books were really bad and people say the first one is the only
good one. So I decided that I was only going to read the first one. And this is
why this is on the list. Because it’s quite a novelty to me at
that time in the past to say I wasn’t going to continue a series if I still
liked the beginning just based on other people’s reviews. I tend to be very
completionist. I tend to want to complete every series that I start even if I
start to dislike it. So it was quite revelational that I did
that. And that’s why this one is like a symbol for me in some way. Then we have
Smash And Grab by Amy Christine Parker. This was one of the first arcs that was
sent to me in physical copy for my book blog when I was living in the
Netherlands. And I actually really did enjoy this one. So it follows these two
characters and it’s a heist story by the way. We’ve got Lexi and Christian. Lexi is a
girl who loves a good adrenaline rush so she does things that will just give her
a huge rush. Her father is arrested for a crime that he did not commit.
Lexi has no problem with wanting to break into the bank to steal the
evidence needed to clear his name. And then there’s Christian who is from the
other side of town. I believe he’s Latinx. He’s kind of in
with some gang members and things like that. And he kind of ends up
getting paired with Lexi in some ways for this heist situation. It was so fun. I
really enjoyed the characters. It’s not like, a heavy read or anything she’s
serious but it was light-hearted,it was quick, it was fun and it just took me on
a nice ride. So I really did enjoy a Smash and Grab. Then I want to talk about
some more adult books. So we’re gonna talk about The Alchemists by Paulo Coelho. It’s about this guy who’s kind of just goes on this quest to find alchemy which
is something that shouldn’t really exist or be possible. And along this journey — so
you’re basically just going on a journey with him through a desert and through
different areas. Along this journey he kind of just learns a lot of life
lessons. S.ome people love this book and think
it’s really deep and emotional and makes you think about life. I’ve also
heard the other side of the story where they just kind of call this cheap
philosophy and nothing else. But when I read it I loved it. I just feel like it
told me so many stories and I learned so much wisdom from it so I loved it. My
friend kind of has the cheap philosophy idea, so
we just laugh about this book all the time. Then I want to mention The Help by
Kathryn Stockett which is one of my favourite books of all time. I’ve been
told it’s quite problematic as its called the white saviour trope. I can’t
remember enough to think or remember if I feel like it was
the white Savior trope when I read it. But when I read it I enjoyed it so I’m
just gonna go with that judgment. So we’re following different people. There’s
Aibileen who is kind of raising a white child in the house because she’s the help.
We’ve got Minnie who is serving under someone who’s really mean to her. And
we’ve also got Miss Skeeter who comes home from college and she wants to know why
her beloved maid has suddenly disappeared. It basically just follows
these characters in a time of segregation, in the time of racism. And
the movie adaption to this one which I’m sure quite a few of you have seen, with
Emma Stone in it, is absolutely amazing. It’s actually one of the best! I would
say it’s my top book to film adaption because they did this book so much
justice. This book is emotional. This book is very deep and it makes you really
think about history and also the current racist problems that we face. Then I want
to talk about Animal Farm by George Orwell which I read back in class. It’s
one of the school reads that I really really loved and I feel like I learned a
lot from it. This is a satirical allegory story and it follows these animals who
live on a farm and they decide that they don’t want to obey the farmers anymore. And they kind of host a rebellion. At the same time it’s quite a satire of what
was happening in the Russian Revolution
and you can definitely see the parallels when you read and study this one. I think
it was written in such a genius way. It gets its message across, it gets his
themes across. You could read it as like, a children’s story but you could read it
with all the political background to it as well. Basically, to write like this you
have to be a genius and as we already know, George Orwell was a genius. So I
just have to applaud this book so much. And last but not least I want to mention
The Lonely Londoners by Sam Selvon and as you can see from all those post-it notes
this is one I read for uni. I read this in my first year of uni. It was actually
one of the first books that I read. And it’s just following these Londoners.
They’re actually from the West Indies, not all of them are Jamaicans who came
across, to move to the UK in the like, past. But you just get West Indian
characters who have moved to London in history to kind of… be in the motherland. To make a life for themselves. When they arrive they’re lonely. They miss
home country but at the same time they’re just trying to adjust to London.
Get jobs, be happy, fall in love, things like tha. Iit’s basically just following
these characters lives and this one really vibed with me. It’s written in
patois so it’s kind of written in the Jamaican language which is just English
with an accent but like, it’s patois, okay guys. And yeah, it vibed with me because
this is kind of the story that a lot of my ancestors have faced. Like my
grandparents generation as both sets of my grandparents moved to England
from Jamaica. And yeah, I just really felt personal ties this one as it was a story
that relates to my history, but also just to see these people struggling in this
immigration and the backlash they get from Londoners who are like: get out of
the country… Hmm, that sounds like brexit in the modern day! And it’s also
something that lots of immigrants are facing around the world. So it really striked with me and I felt like this was such a good classic to
read for all of the cultural reasons. Studying it was such a blast. And there you have it those are ten books that are on my shelves that I
don’t get to talk about much. I tried to include some middle grades, some
young adult and some adult. I hope you enjoyed this video. Please let me know in
the comments section what is one of your favourite books you just don’t talk about
on your channel much or with friends much? And yeah, I would love to hear from
you guys. Give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it, hit a subscribe button if
you want to see more and don’t forget to the notification bell to be updated
every time I have a new video. And I’ll see you in the next one. Goodbye!

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  1. Tin Minute Book Reviews says:

    The First Wave was good but the next 2 books were off because they followed a new character just as much the main which made no sense. Also, the 3rd book ended so poorly, I wish I could've had my memory wiped. I wanted to enjoy the movie but it seemed as though the creators of it were intent upon having the main character look pretty than having her look authentic. That was a real turn off.

  2. Wilde Book Garden says:

    hair checks are very important!
    I love this idea, Olivia!

    one that falls into this category for me is Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins. I treat it as a standalone since the sequel was NOT good, but the first one is great! wonderful characters and banter and a fun plot–also the MC Harper has what I think is one of the most believable reactions to getting superpowers I think I've ever read! LOL

  3. What Victoria Read says:

    I really enjoyed this, it’s always nice to see books that don’t get super hyped on Booktube ☺️ thanks for sharing!

  4. hope curran says:

    One of my favorite middle grade books was Black Beauty a story about a horse lol. I loved the Goldfinch but read it a long time ago, well at least four years ago. I also read Judy Blume but I dont recall Ronald Dahl so that's odd.

  5. Madisyn Green says:

    I meant to read Just Listen earlier this year and never got to it. I need to! I didn’t realize how much you loved it.

    The 5th Wave is on my TBR and I think I’ll like it, but I’m wary of reading the rest of the trilogy though. I will because I own it, but I hope they aren’t as bad as reviews say. 😄

    I loved hearing about your grandparents moving from Jamaica to England! I’ve been wondering about your cultural heritage for a while now because I find those things fascinating 😊

    I don’t think I really have a favorite that I don’t talk about on my channel!

  6. Sydney Stories says:

    I love this idea- looking back on books we haven't read in years or like you said, books we just don't get a chance to mention much on our channels! It gives a lot of insight on a person!

  7. Veronika Éles says:

    I loved Just Listen! It was my first Sarah Dessen book, and my favorite. Animal Farm is one of my favorite classics, I need to read more by Orwell. Great video!

  8. B a Reader says:

    Loved that you showed some love to books you rarely talk about ^^ As a kid the only Roald Dahl book I read was Mathilda, which I absolutely loved. For some reason I didn't realise that I could look for his other books though, so I never did😂 Now as an adult I am slowly catching up💪

  9. Gaia Athena says:

    I love Roald Dahl's children's books! I've read a lot of his works in both Dutch and English (first Dutch as that's my first language, my only language when I was a kid, then a few years ago I bought a lot of his books in English and read the English versions). I've heard so many good things of Judy Blume, I never read her books as a child (I'm not sure if they were translated, I don't remember seeing them). Wow, giving an author three changes, that's quite a lot! I loved Animal Farm. It's really nice you got to study The Lonely Londoners. Hmm a favourite book I haven't mentioned on my channel much, Thea Beckman's books, The State of Grace by Rachael Lucas, R. L. Stine's books, IT by Stephen King, The Stand by Stephen King (to name just a few on top off my head).

  10. Caught Between Pages says:

    I love this video so much! It's so easy on booktube to just slip into talking about the same things all the time, but I've found that so many readers (myself definitely included!) have a much broader reading taste than our "books we talk about" lists make it seem like😂😂
    I looooooove Roald Dahl so much! The Witches and The Twits and Matilda😭They're all so nostalgic and the stories hold up so well over the years.
    I never read any Sarah Dessen or Judy Blume, but you've definitely sold me on giving both of them a try. I'm a huge book crier, so I'll keep the tissues handy😂
    (no hair check necessary, you're STUNNING💜)
    Oooh The Fifth Wave. I didn't read it because I'm also a "completionist" (never heard it called that, but it's a perfect descriptor) and I heard the books just got worse as the series moved on. Would you rec just reading the first book?
    Ooooh the Help, and Animal Farm!! This is a wonderful list, Olivia 💜 Thank you for sharing!

  11. awanderingmind says:

    I haven't read the Goldfinch yet but I'm very interested! 🙂
    I read the 5th Wave trilogy and yeah I mostly enjoyed the first book.. not so much the ending

  12. Mariana Quesada says:

    Oooh I loved The 5th wave, the next 2 not so much. I need to read The Goldfinch! I’d like to do so. Before the movie comes out, I know there are some crossed characters from The Secret History. Do you think I could read without spoiling The secret history?

  13. isabel alcuaz says:

    omg i loved and devoured so many of sarah dessen's books! i can't seem to get into them again though, now that I'm a bit older. i don't do a lot of tags for the same reason. i find I'm talking about the same books again and again.

  14. Siwe Magadla says:

    I still laugh at the "we must! We must! Increase our busts!" whenever I think about Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret. What a joyous book. I love love Sarah Dessen and Just Listen. I really liked (incorrect way to describe it) but the way she tackled her sexual assault was so empathetic.

  15. Open Pages says:

    I remember reading Blubber as a kid and LOVING IT!!! I haven't heard about Judy Blume in ages, it was a surprise to see you mention her. Smash & Grab sounds so good??? I didn't read Animal Farm for school, I did 1984, but I read it after, and Orwell was REALLY GOOD at creating unsettling atmospheres in his works.

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