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Well hello, welcome back to my channel–
Jashana here to talk about some friggin BookNet Fest! I am so fuckin
jazzed to be going to BookNet Fest this year! I really wanted to go last
year I was like, I want to make it happen and I just couldn’t like… my life was in…
you know things were going on and I just wasn’t able to make it happen, but I’m so
glad I was able to make it happen this year and I’m just I’m just so excited!
I’m just so excited because there’s many people that I have you know gotten in
touch with on a one-on-one basis just from booktube and kind of become friends
with and, you know, we chat on Voxer every now and then and on Twitter and and we
interact a lot, commenting on each other’s videos of course too and a lot
of those people that I individually connected with all like know each other
and are also gonna be there or like they’re bunking together in villas or
rooms and whatever and I am staying with someone who was a booktube friend, and
also Jade from Bedtime Bookworm her and I are like legit like bunking together
we’re being bed buddies — so I’m very excited and yeah I get to do this tag
this year! Yay and Kathy is the originator of the tag I do believe and
here we go! So number one is to introduce yourself! Hi I’m Jashana and I’m on
booktube–I have been on booktube for just a little over two years…
I read largely fantasy books ya or adult or new adult… I do read contemporary
every now and then but I don’t tend to love it, and then
historical fiction I really like… sometimes some literary fiction but not
a lot and what else what else do I read? Wow! Wow! Can we not? No stop it. Do not
knock over my tripod again. Anyway! I live in Phoenix, I’m not from here
originally, I’m from Michigan… I’m about to be 33 years old when this video posts
I might already be 33, I don’t know. August 22nd woo woo! 33 is such like, a
blah age to be. Like I’d rather be turning 35 or 34. 34 is like cute it’s
like a cute number you know? 33 is just like… okay. Number two–I guess I kind of
answered it–where are you traveling from and how are you getting to Orlando? So
I’m traveling from Phoenix and I’m flying.
I was about to try to drive and like make it a road trip and since Jade is
also going I was like oh she’s from Texas maybe I could pick her up on the
way… but it’s a long drive. I was trying to save money and be frugal but yeah it is
a long drive and I would have to take like more time off of work…
Number three: what platforms do you use to express your love of books? Obviously
booktube…. I mean I’m on Twitter too and I’m on Instagram but like I don’t use it
a lot. I don’t post pictures very often and mine are not like the you know fancy
nice bookstagram photos that are just so beautiful and I love so much… I’m just
not that talented or motivated as far as bookstagram photos go. So yeah I don’t
really do that but I’ll get on the Instagram story every now and then but
even that I’ve been kind of slacking off with lately. Um excuse me, hi. Hi do you
want to get on camera? This is boyfriend’s kitty.
Kuzma. You’re making your film debut! What do you think? What? He has the cutest meow…
if you’ll do it… what are you gon’ meow for me? *soft mew* Did it catch it? I hope it did.
He has like a little squeaker meow. Hey I’m so sorry *annoyed mew* Okay okay get down–ow!–him and
Lillie are running around and I’m really afraid we’re gonna have another tripod
debacle. Number four: are you reading or have you read or are you planning to
read BookNet reads book club books? I didn’t even know this was a thing until
I watched Kathy’s video and I would have to watch it back to see what the books
are so no. Number five: what are you most looking forward to at BookNet Fest?
Definitely just connecting with people and like meeting my internet friends in
real life, like I’m so excited for it. I’m just I’m super jazzed, just for any
chance, any time, any opportunity to just like hang out with people! I’m so fuckin
jazzed for it! Number six is have you ever attended
other bookish events that you would recommend?
Wow that was a struggle. Um I’ve attended a couple but I don’t know nothing crazy…
I went to, a couple years ago in Tucson, there’s like a I don’t even know what it
was called if some like writers bookish conference thing I don’t even know but
I’ve never been to like a BEA or Book Con or like Yall West or… hey can–no!
Lillie you need to stop instigating, ma’am. Um yeah I’ve never been anything like
that so no. Number seven: what book are you planning to read that weekend? I have
no idea. I don’t know. Couldn’t tell you. Number eight:do you have any internet
book friends that you were excited to see and even potentially meet for the
first time in person? And like yeah! That’s all I’m excited for! I mean I’m
excited for the like, other stuff too, but mostly that! And if you’re also going
and if you’re a nervous type who’s afraid to say hello or something like
that I’m just telling you right now, like don’t be, if you if you want to say hi to
me–you might not give a fuck about me– but if you’re like, oh hey I think that’s
Jashana! I should say– just come say hi to me! I don’t, I promise I will not make you feel
weird. I’ll be so jazzed and I’m really good at making people feel comfortable
when they might be a little nervous or awkward or whatever so just come say hi
to me! I promise it’ll be fine. That–my light is like really fucking with my
eyes right now… it’s got this like blue haze around it when I’m looking at it
like, I feel like I have chlorine in my eyes, do you know what I mean? It’s really
annoying. Okay that is all! I would tag people but I think how they pretty much
tagged everybody that I would have tagged so um if you weren’t already
tagged though and you’re going to BookNet Fest… do the thing do the tag! I hope
I’ll get this up really soon cuz I mean it’s like coming up it’s coming up real
quick it’s like two weeks away or something like that? I don’t even know.
I’m so fucking excited! As always thank you so much for your time — hope you guys have
a wonderful day, and I will talk to you later! Bye bye!

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21 thoughts on “BookNet Fest Tag [CC]”

  1. yogi with a book says:

    Yay excited to see you’re going! I’m a newer sub but I’m sure I’ll see you around. Last year we lucked out and our villa was right next to Des’s so we got to hang out a bunch

  2. Oana-Maria Uliu says:

    Omg, that cat… <3

  3. zachary romeo says:

    Life can turn a person jaded and biter REALLY quick when you get over 30 for many different reasons but that clearly don't appear to be an issue for you lol !

  4. Libri Labra says:

    OMG I can't wait to meet you.

  5. Sophia's Thoughts says:

    Hilarious, just as you scolded your cats I scolded mine 🤣

  6. Kathy Trithardt says:

    I am so very excited to see you in person!!!

  7. Gildarts Winters says:

    Jashana, I was wondering, if you don't mind my asking, where did your name generate from? I would love to know it's origin. (: but, if it's too personal or, too frequently asked, please disregard. Great video again, and you are awesome! I wanna hug that cat!!

  8. JessicaRose says:

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow!!

  9. A Beautiful Bookworm says:

    Yay Michigan haha. I’ll also be there and I’m excited to meet you! Its so much fun!

  10. Don't Have a Degree in Reading says:

    can't wait to see youuuuuu!

  11. Super Pao says:

    Happy birthday! Hope it's a great year for you!

  12. misscocochen says:

    happy early birthday!!! I love seeing how excited you are aha

  13. Kier The Scrivener says:

    So I feel even more sad I am not going now. I would love to meet you in person. Happy birthday tomorrow!

    I hope you have a blast! It is so fun meeting bookish friends!

  14. a beautiful chaos of books says:

    I've never heard of this! I hope you have a great time 😊

  15. BeautyB says:

    Kitty cat is so cute! I miss having a fur baby

  16. BeautyB says:

    try waiting to be 37 lol. i'm 37 in may. trying not to think about it

  17. Brandys Books says:

    Oh mah gad so excited!!!!!!!! This year is going to be freaking awesome!

    If you hear a super loud “Jashana!!!” squeal/yell…’s probably me 🤣

  18. amberinoface says:

    Happy birthday! I hope to meet you there and that you have a blast. It was so much fun last year.

  19. The Bookish Penbabe says:

    I’m still considering going! I watched the video on the site but I’m still confused as to exactly what it’s all about lol

  20. Life Is A Page Turner says:

    I will do my best to make you feel weird lol especially since I know you’re short lol

  21. ONYX Pages 📚🏳️‍🌈🇹🇹 says:

    Looking forward to meeting you!!!

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