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Hey y’all! My name is Priscilla
and welcome back to my channel! Today I’m going to be doing
the BookNet Fest tag! 🎶 Intro Instrumental Music 🎶 So if you haven’t heard, BookNet
Fest is a convention/event that is organized by Marines
over at mynameismarines and Sam over
at Thoughts on Tomes. It’s an event that is really focused
on community, on readers, on reviewers, on authors, and
on fostering relationships. There’s a lot of great
panels and workshops. It’s at a really beautiful hotel. There’s usually a park
day where people go to Disney.
So many great things! And last year I went for the first time. This will be my 2nd year and
I’m just really excited. So, I’m going to be doing this tag. So this is a tag that
was created by Kathy. I did do the tag last year.
I’ll make sure to leave that link down below in case
you want to see that. It’s formulated with questions to
introduce yourself and to become familiar with others
that are doing the tag. So it sort of acts as an ice breaker
but let’s go ahead and get to the questions. So Question 1 is to Introduce yourself. Hi! My name is Priscilla. Um…
yea I always go blank after that. Who am I really?
*laughs* Hi! My name is Priscilla.
I am from Houston, Texas and I’m a dog mom. And my favorite genres, probably,
in literature are SFF and non-fiction. Even though, you probably wouldn’t be
able to tell from my channel because I read a little bit of everything.
I am also a co-host of the Latinx-a-thon which is happening VERY soon.
And which always happens and coincides a bit with BookNet Fest and
the energy that surrounds BookNet Fest. Because they always happen [at] the
same time. Like middle of September. So I’m definitely gearing
up for both events at the same time. So, it’s a busy, busy month for me.
Question number 2 is Where are you traveling from and how
are you getting to Orlando? I am very fortunate because I live
in a very big city, actually very close to a very
international, big airport. So I am lucky enough to have
a direct flight to Orlando. Question number 3 is What platforms
do you use to express your love of books? Well you’re on YouTube.
I definitely have my BookTube channel and I’m definitely most
consistent here than anywhere else. I also have an Instagram account
and a Twitter account, if you want to get a hold of me more directly. But I’m still working out how often
and active I am on those channels. And recently, because I like to spread
myself so thin, I also created a blog if you want to go check that out.
I’m definitely way newer to blogging so beware of issues that I
may have there *giggles* in consistencies that may be over
there but I’m still working all that out. But I talk about books everywhere. You can follow me
on any of those accounts. I’ll have all my links to all my
information down below. Question number 4 is are you
reading/ have you read/ or are you planning to read the
#BookNetReads book club books? So I actually just checked out
Midsummer’s Mayhem specifically because of this tag.
I realized I haven’t read it yet and I really want to.
So I need to. That’ s a middle grade story.
I think it’s a retelling of a Shakespeare play and it has
to do with baking and magic. And I’m already sold!
I also recently saw on twitter that Anna Meriano, the author of
Love Sugar Magic, tweeted that Leo (the main character from that book)
would definitely be good friends with the main character
of Midsummer’s Mayhem. So… that warmed my heart.
I definitely need to read that book. Question number 5 is what are you
most looking forward to at BookNet Fest? So there are lots great panels,
the schedule is up on the website already, that I am super excited for.
I am also excited to see a lot of my friends that I met last year and in
person for the first time. Some of my friends are actually on
panels and I’m super proud of all of them. And I’m looking forward to support them
and sitting in on those panels. So I’ll… I’ll mention
specifically here um Jocelyn over at Yogi with a Book, and Njeri over at Onyx Pages.
Also Adriana, I don’t know… I know we haven’t met officially yet
but I already consider you a friend. Adriana over at Perpetual Pages
will also be at BookNet Fest on panels for the first time as well.
So I’m excited for all of that. And I’m also excited for some work shops. I signed up for a Defacing Books
work shop being help by Olivia over at ILivieforBooks
and a vlogging style uh work shop that is gonna be hosted by
Thomas over at SFF180. So lots of great things. Lots of exciting panels to go
to and probably try to split my time on. I’ve also been hearing a lot about
people wanting to take advantage of the pool. I definitely am in that crowd.
I’m going to get in the mix of that because the pool at the hotel is amazing.
It’s got a waterfall and apparently a slide. So I’m definitely taking my
swimsuit this year. Of course, I’ll link all the BookTube channels of the people
that I’ve mentioned down below. So make sure to check them out.
Question number 6 is have you attended other bookish events
that you’d recommend? So BookNet Fest is the main bookish
event that I’ve attended before. Outside of that, I’ve attended author um
signings and book signings in my city. And I definitely recommend that
you go to that, if you live in a city that allows that…
that has that sort of thing. Um it’s a great way to support indie
book shops as well as you favorite authors. So that’s always great.
I went to Anna Meriano’s uh release of the book 2 in the
Love Sugar Magic series this year. And we talk a little bit about the art
on her book cover so it’s just a really great way to support your authors
and your book stores. Question 7 is what book
are you planning to read that weekend? Well, we’re about a week out from
BookNet Fest and if I had my shit together, I would probably know what book I am
going to read that weekend now. But I don’t because I’m currently in
the middle of 3 books right now that I’m trying to finish before I leave, for sure.
And I’ll probably pick up something before then. I might bring just my Ipad which has
my kindle on there. And I’ll probably just end up reading
something from there. And, of course, not a lot of reading
happens when you go to BookNet Fest anyway. Most of the reading that I did
last year was on the plan, while traveling. So I’m not too worried about it. Question number 8 is do you have any
internet book friends you are excited to see (even meet physically for the
first time in person). And yes, of course! I went last year so I
definitely met a lot of people last year. I’m super excited to meet new
people this year. Hopefully, I won’t be as anxious as
I was last year because I was definitely super anxious and nervous.
That’s very common. If you haven’t been to BookNet Fest,
most of us are introverts and most of us are pretty anxious.
So, don’t take it personally if people act kinda weird or strange or don’t have the
best first impression because I am definitely that person.
But um of the people, I haven’t mentioned already, I know for sure I’m rooming
with Sarah and Rebecca from The Tea Hags. So [I’m] super excited to see them as well. I also created bookmarks this year.
It’s super exciting. So let me know if you want one.
Like this is what they look like. Don’t they look so cute? I’m really excited to pass these out. So hopefully, if I see you, let me know.
I’ll make sure to save one for you or give you one. But um, yea.
I’m excited to see everyone. That’s the answer.
Everyone. So the last question is of course tag
you friends that you know are going. And I feel like a lot of people are
either doing this tag or have done it already. But I’ll say, I’m tagging the people
that I have already mentioned in this video. So, y’all should go do the tag. But that is
all I have for this tag today. So sorry if this wasn’t as interesting
for those that aren’t going to BookNet Fest. If you aren’t going and you watched
this video anyway, thank you so much! Comment like a little heart down
below. I like hearts. And let me know of a bookish event that
you’ve gone to that you’ve really enjoyed in the past. And also come to BookNet Fest next year. See if you can come next year
because it’s a really great event that seems to be growing
every single year. But that is all I have for this video today. So thank you so much for watching and
I hope to catch you in the next video. Bye! 🎶 Outtro music 🎶

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10 thoughts on “BookNet Fest Tag – 2019!”

  1. yogi with a book says:

    Ayyy I want a bookmark with your face!
    Also I don’t think you came off overly anxious at all, but I guess I already knew we’d be buddies πŸ™ƒ

  2. onthefritz says:


  3. bookramble says:

    Again, that SHIRT
    alsoooo have so much funπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

  4. Kathy Trithardt says:

    Yay Priscilla! See you next week πŸ“šπŸ₯°

  5. ONYX Pages πŸ“šπŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆπŸ‡ΉπŸ‡Ή says:

    Can't WAIT to see you!!!!! xoxoxo

  6. Always Doing says:

    I just looked at the panels and I want to go to all of them. 😍 Have fun and enjoy!! πŸ’•

  7. Reads with Rachel says:

    I’ll be there as well! Also- interested in the LatinX-a-thon you mentioned so I’m heading to that video of yours after this one

  8. perpetualpages says:

    We are friends!!!!!!! ❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀

  9. Liselle Sambury says:

    Nice to meet you through this tag! I’m gonna there too for the first time 😊 that book defacing workshop sounds cool too!

  10. That's So Poe says:

    ❀️ I'm excited to hear about everything you end up doing at BookNetFest! My cousin (Jade from Bedtime Bookworm) is going too, so you should say hi to her if you run into her – she's super nice. I hope you're able to vlog while you're there – your vlogs are so good. I just posted my vlog from WorldCon (which was so fun!), by the way. It's super long, but if you skip to the end, I talk about the DJI Osmo Pocket since I know you were interested in that.

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