Booking Travel in Concur

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(UCAR – University Corporation of Atmospheric Research) (Concur: Booking Travel) Either Concur or Cain Travel, UCAR’s
approved travel agency, can be used to book airfare, rental cars, and hotels.
Concur is available anytime and anywhere, or you can contact Cain Travel during
their business hours to book directly with a travel agent. However, there’s a
discounted fee when you book in Concur. And, trips booked in Concur have Cain
Travel’s full support in case of emergencies, changes, and cancellations.
Several things need to be done before booking travel in Concur. First, verify
your Concur Profile is up to date. Also, make sure your Concur Profile has a
credit card listed. And finally, know your travel request ID number and account key.
We have guides available to help you through each of these steps when you’re
ready. We’ve already done these things so let’s book our trip in Concur! We begin
by accessing Concur. Using the Flight tab of the Trip Search allows us to combine
our air, car, and hotel on the same booking. The other tabs are to book
rental cars or lodging individually. Let’s first enter our flight details,
including airports, dates, and target time ranges. The search default is round trip.
You can use the “Find an airport” link if you don’t know which airport services
your destination, or use the “Select multiple airports” link to simultaneously
search for flights through multiple airports. We need to reserve a rental car so let’s
check the “Pick-up/Drop-off car at airport” box. Now for our lodging. If there is a
special discount or group room rate available, we should make the reservation
outside of Concur. That’s not the case for this trip, though, so let’s also
include our hotel as part of this booking. You can search for hotels close to a
specific location, such as the conference site, with the Reference Point option. Let’s click the Search button to see
what’s available. A matrix, or grid, appears summarizing
our flight options. You can select a column header, row header, or cell of the
matrix to narrow your options that appear below. For example, clicking the
Nonstop row header will result in only the nonstop flights appearing below.
Use the toggle bars on the left side of your screen to narrow your list of
results further. If you need to change dates, times, or
locations, use the Change Search area. Let’s find the best airfare option for
our trip. We can either shop by schedule or by price. Let’s shop by price since we
used the toggle bars to really hone in on the departure time that fits our
schedule. To select the flight pair, click the blue button to the right. Our flight details appear. Let’s select our method of payment as
UCAR Company Card so that our airfare is paid directly with UCAR funds. We
can also make any other selections or changes as needed. Then, let’s click the
Reserve Flight and Continue button. Next, let’s reserve our rental car. We
still have the left side of our screen to narrow our list of results. We can
again use the matrix to narrow our options. This one looks good. Let’s select
this cell, and then click the blue button. Our car rental details appear. Let’s make
any selections or changes needed and then click the Reserve Car and Continue
button. Now it’s time to reserve our hotel room. A map summarizes our hotel options instead of a matrix.
We still have the left side of our screen to narrow our list of results. Click the View Rooms button to see the
options available for a specific hotel. Ooh, this one looks good.
Let’s click the blue button to select it. Our room details appear. In addition to
selecting our method of payment, let’s review the hotel’s cancellation policy
and note our agreement. Then, let’s click the Reserve Hotel and
Continue button. Now it’s time to complete our
reservations. As we review our booking details, we can make changes to our
selections. Let’s click the Next button. We’re almost done! Let’s give this booking
a good name… fill in the bottom half of this Trip
Booking Information page… and click the Next button. Here’s our chance to review the details
of this trip one last time. Everything looks good, so let’s click the
Purchase Ticket button. A confirmation message appears so we
know Cain will be booking this trip for us shortly.
We’ll also receive a confirmation email with the trip itinerary included. This
concludes our video about booking travel in Concur. Additional resources are
available in Concur, from the Training area within Help. Thanks for watching!

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