Booking the Studio Suites

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The Studio has multiple reservable spaces for students to book and use. We have an Audio Suite, Video and Photography Suite, and a Virtual Reality Suite. Our Audio Suite has all the equipment you need to put out a demo or launch a podcast. It features an Apple iMac workstation with Apple Logic Pro Native Instruments Machine Studio, and Ableton Live in addition to the general Studio software package. It also features a multi-source audio interface with two microphones already set up two sets of professional headphones, studio monitors, a full-size MIDI keyboard for controlling virtual instruments and extra audio controllers available to check out for recording. You can view all of our additional equipment available under the ‘equipment’ tab, as well as software, on the Studio website. You’re also free to bring in your own instruments. Our Video and Photography Suite houses an adjustable three point lighting system as well as black, white, and green backdrops. We also have cameras available for use in this room, so there’s no need to reserve one ahead of time. In here, you can do photo shoots, video interviews, or use the green screen effect for your projects. You’re free to bring in any props you may need for your photos and videos. Our Sandbox Virtual Reality Suite is a room for the HTC Vive. We have a variety of games and software. You can explore dungeons, fend off aliens, sculpt or paint masterpieces, and so much more. To book a Studio room, click ‘Studio’ in the left side column on the UTC Library homepage. On the Studio’s page, click ‘Space.’ Choose which Suite you’d like to check out and click ‘Reserve Now.’ Look at the Suite’s calendar, and then select the time slot that you’d like to start your reservation at. You’ll then be prompted to select all the hours for your reservation and even give it a title if you like. Reservations can be made three times per week, per room, for up to three hours at a time. After you have your time selected a confirmation box will appear. To make any changes to your reservation you can simply click on the block of time you’ve reserved. Reservations are held for up to fifteen minutes after their specified start time, but are then canceled and made available to others. You are welcome to bring outside collaborators as long as you remain in the room with them during your reservation. We ask that each Studio be left the way it was before use as all of our rooms are shared spaces. This includes, trash, props, and anything else you may bring in with you. If you want to use one of our Studio Suites, but think you may need a little help getting started on your project Booking a One – on – One Consultation with us is a great way to learn how to use all of the software and equipment available in the Suites. So go ahead! Book a suite and get creative.

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