[Music] my hair good face hell yeah okay my clothes fresh yeah yeah yeah just all right what’s to YouTube it’s your boy junior man not just junior you know Junior okay as you always know man come on you know dab on a bitch like this is that that real quick like that all right you know what today I’m gonna react to a song and it’s called construct by booking machine and wait let me check out the list like who who are sit like who’s singing the song so basically we got for Chi main waves Jimbo look II mean Thomas Miraz I’m not sure if I’m getting the name right see that sound oh no no no SoundCloud sound loud marcoon and oxymoron you feel me yeah listen it’s way too much man it’s like me saying you know you know that’s a vibe right that’s that’s what I feel right now and they’re like how many minutes is this whole door holy shit 850 seven minutes you know what this is the time for you guys you know you gotta prepare you know you know what you gotta prepare probably your popcorn it’s coca-cola sit back down on the big-ass house and enjoy this goddamn place that you’re gonna watch reaction to the song all right you know what I’m not gonna waste any of your time but before I get into it real quick Oh as always as always you know don’t forget to Like comment subscribe hit the notification Bell so that you’d be part of the game you know I’ll live like for some of you guys who don’t know the song is I’ll leave the link of this song in the description down below so without further ado man let’s get down to it okay it started like kind of hard already boom poor Chi as the first one a Russian is robbing enigmas that oh shit that was the perfect crime right now like oh no he can’t with this on – oh okay my wait wait wait hold up hold up the fragments go further the question don’t you guys think that may waves look like who does it look like in game of thrones this face right here don’t you think he looks like Johnson oh he does look like Jon Snow to me man Oh hit the boat oh you said that that part okay that was real cool [Music] ‘we had been like on the neck why was he putting that over there okay the first one was hard this is kind of soft okay Gypo that is real cool that is real sick right there this is this is this real hard a deposit yet well oh one is is it okay all looking is it look look lookie lookie mean at Leena’s where is he in the slaughterhouse this shit looks like Evelyn inless real like you know like the cycle tempeh we do not we’re right there the vibe layer okay Diwali those on the back right there way that looks like the executioner then nobody’s got look like real quick this part right here this guy right here what do you think he looked like you know the institution are from Resident Evil the guy with the you know the plastic bag on his head and the big eyes like saw or axe I’m not really sure you know come straight to you like he looks like that guy and this shit looks dark as well it looks like zombie time okay okay Tim is Miraz okay what the fuck is like this Mike lifting with like one hand my man is like lifting money it is not much to wait he’s lifting money he knows too heavy oh that was a fail that was it failed on him like trying to do the basketball what he wants pasta seabed ok Tibet who’s this guy don’t know this is hard he was doing the shooting that looks like from the egg hey okay so this solo sound whatever now he looks like a psycho in this though yo that transition was real cool [Music] Wow [Music] okay he didn’t come in with a rap flow he came in with like singing you want though that is that is sweet he came in with sweet melody I like this waterfall okay Marco this is like some mafia well you see jube no offense I’m just curious I’m just here because he wears the cap or isn’t Muslim there who is cool this though with the right floor he makes himself look what you got on this okay wait two people okay there are two people they popped out of nowhere [Music] okay I see another one another one another one wait wait does he know this is actually cool so that’s the end of the song so loud I actually read the name wrong the first time as some sound loud or something his link just look like SoundCloud and everything it looks like that looks so loud okay alright now you know I finished with the reaction of the song man construct by booking machine if that if that is like all these celebrities musician so far a man like this song man the song so lit I like the way how everything is because it shows everybody has their own different sides into the song due to the musicality of the song and everything like video perspective everything is like everybody has their own thing it shows how versatile a person can be how suitable they are with the song and I feel like this shit is actually cool man you know I don’t even have any other thing to like cable people about the song because I think I did express my like my opinion my feelings towards the song in the video like wow like talking in between so I think you know that’s that’s all I gotta say man and you know as always smash the like button don’t forget also subscribe hit the no to the kitchen belt to be part of the squad a feeling and also whichever songs you guys want me to react to next time drop it in the comment section down below here alright so the more you request as you can see this song I had more requests and that’s why I decided to do the reaction for you guys man alright so you know black kids signing up man deuces enjoy

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