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Reservation plugin for activities
for WordPress So you want to sell activites?
Sport, Leisure, Courses… Any activity. Step 1: Build your planning Set your schedule start and end dates …and your business hours. Now, let’s create an activity Yes, Bookking Activities is multilingual. Drag and drop activities to fill your calendar Of course, you can set availability per event. You can also create repeated events. For example: You can also create repeated events. For example:
Everyday You can also create repeated events. For example:
Everyday, from 21st You can also create repeated events. For example:
Everyday, from 21st to 24th You can also create repeated events. For example:
Everyday, from 21st to 24th, but not on 23rd. Indeed, the event has been repeated from 21st to 24th.
But not on 23rd. You can group your events This way, customers won’t book one event,
but the whole group ! Step 2: Display a booking form Option 1: With a shortcode Show / Hide activities Activate / Deactivate groups Copy the shortcode Paste the shortcode You can display a booking form …or only the calendar. Click on an event to select it. If the event is grouped, the whole group is selected If the event belong to several groups,
just take your pick in a dialog. Change quantity… …and book with one click! The reservation is complete. Availability has decreased. Option 2: With WooCommerce Check the “Activity” checkbox… …and a new “Activity” tab appears! Select your calendar(s), Your activity(ies), and groups to display. Grouped events can also be booked alone. Let’s try it. A calendar automatically appears on product page. And now when you click on a grouped event… …you can also book it alone. Ok, let’s add 3 bookings in cart. Event’s availability has decreased by 3. …but it’s temporary! When cart expires, it is emptied and
availabilities are restored You can use all WooCommerce’s gateways! Reservation complete! Step 3: Manage bookings Click on an event to see its bookings This event hasn’t been booked alone. But we made a grouped booking earlier, let’s see it. Here it is, with “Pending” state Now you can validate or refuse the reservation Validated! You can manage each booking of the group individually Now let’s see the booking we made with WooCommerce Offline payment=”Pending”
Online payment=”Booked” Bookings can be rescheduled Booking’s status and WC order status are smartly bound Order status=Processing Order status=Processing
Booking status=Pending Let’s validate this booking And now… Booking status=Booked Order status=Complete
Booking status=Booked Customers can also see and manage their bookings… …thanks to this shortcode. Customer’s bookings list appears They may cancel / reschedule, under your conditions And even ask a refund if they cancel a paid booking. Done. Taking it further: Enhance with add-ons Display pack A lot of customization options have appeared Let’s try different views Change timeslot and snap frequency Display current time indicator Hide saturdays Drop it with a 5-minute precision The “Basic” views simply stack events Choose “Waterfall” booking method The calendar has been replaced by a date/time picker Prices and Promotions Put a price or a discount on events The price appears right on the event Same thing for groups of events WooCommerce price is overriden You pay the new price value See all add-ons on Don’t forget… Step 1: Build your planning Step 2: Display a booking form With a shortcode With WooCommerce Step 3: Manage bookings From backend and frontend Thanks for watching

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8 thoughts on “Booking Activities – Make reservations with WordPress”

  1. Risk Romer says:

    does this work with Google calendar?

  2. Dharmesh Barot says:

    This is very useful plugin. I am trying to have it installed to get booking for training sessions without having to login.

    If I remove the login form then I cannot add custom fields for name, email, and phone. If this is possible, what am I missing? Thanks your help!

  3. Dharmesh Barot says:

    Another issue is if I turn off "Password required" under Options, it still shows on the frontend that too with an asterisk. Expected behavior would be to not display the Password field in this scenario.

  4. George Pistikoudis says:

    Hello, can you please tell me how can i set the date and time format for the calendars and the booikings to be in 24h format?

  5. Charline Boulerice says:

    I have a problem, When I try to change the colour of an event, the colour palette window doesn't open.

  6. Akram Shababi says:

    Can I make a seat booking system with this plugin?

  7. Demetrio Guerrero II says:

    Sounds awesome, I'm about to start testing it out. Thanks for the video! Much love!

  8. Calabasas Apps says:

    Hi there, great video! Planning to use this on multiple sites. Question: @ 3:52 the video shows "booking method", "calendar", "activity", and "group category" under activity. On my product page all I see is "Booking Form". Furthermore, the calendar is not showing up. Am I missing something here?

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