Book: Trump Recklessness Sparked W.H. ‘Five-Alarm Fire Drills’ | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


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100 thoughts on “Book: Trump Recklessness Sparked W.H. ‘Five-Alarm Fire Drills’ | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC”

  1. yvelaine says:

    imagine if he was your dentist .

  2. Your Big Head Cousin says:

    So we elected an utter moron with no interest in doing the job? U-S-A!

  3. Crimson Halo says:

    In other words, Idiocracy has gone from being a satirical movie to being the active operating mandate for the White House. This is the hard cost of early onset dementia.

  4. Kubla Khan says:

    God help us all.

  5. Darlene Hawkins says:

    Is this book all written in past tense?

  6. Mr deplorable says:

    I'll be you folks believe in flat earth too, don't you?

  7. Laurie Penny says:

    This reminds me of Sarah Palin when she answered a question about Russia & Foreign Policies, "I can see Russia from my kitchen window."

  8. Laquan Fisher says:

    Wow he’s a legit moron.

  9. Sam Haines says:

    unfortunately his sound bites and 3-word chants resonate with people of similar attention spans and cognitive abilities.

  10. Diana Hatze says:

    If anyone has been paying attention, sadly this is not really surprising!! Trump's always been a complete narcissistic, ignorant, spoiled child; it's the Republican who support him that need to be held to account!!!

  11. Alice McHugh says:

    Life long criminal behavior skirting the law, paying people off to shut them up and finding loop holes to avoid paying taxes with fake non profits combined with elderly dementia and sun downers syndrome should be considered a dangerous mental state.

  12. jaime delgado says:

    I'm surprised they havent tried to brief Trump with a pop up book

  13. GenericName007 says:

    Crazy thing is every word of that she just read could be complete fiction but it still sounds totally true. Says a lot when people hear horrible stuff about you and just think, “yeah that sounds like something he/she would do.”

  14. Strait Arrow says:

    MSNBC financed a 3rd rate ghost novelist to write this book of fiction.

  15. Aunty Mammalia says:

    I have to say that many of us have pretty much gleaned that the Prez is a king baby. All you have to do is look at who he's getting into what office for whatever reason and by what means. And, as Comey told us very early on, the President demanded loyalty. And we see now who has made that oath. Yes, these are dark times. Our voting situation isn't much better, with the way voting districts have been stacked. It's going to have to be such a huge landslide of a win that no one can dispute. On top of that, the Democrats have their own agenda regarding who they will endorse. Even if we all want Bernie, it's the Democrats who will decide. That said, who wants to start the write in campaign?

  16. Skip741 x says:

    Good Lord Rachel! I mean we have all suspected it was like this But to actually Hear confirmation of the WTF craziness is truly Shocking!

  17. Apada says:

    Sadly, it's not "clear." Trump's followers are not smart enough to understand the wording this person is using to convince them that he (Anonymous) is on the up-and-up. They won't be able to understand the "…neither the Right's 'Deep State' nor the Left's conception of…" types of sentences. If those people are to be convinced, it is going to have to be described in terms they can relate to. Things will have to be dumbed down the same way they have to be dumbed down for Trump. And forget talking to Republican officials because they are too far gone to see reason. They only care about their party looking bad. So who is Anonymous talking to? I think he should have thought about that a little more..

  18. karmoogum says:

    Most kids can read.

  19. Dark Star says:

    Trump Administration Staffer: "He cannot do this. We'll look like idiots."

    Everyone else: "Too late."

  20. theshecamel says:

    I was wondering why this President does so many campaign rallies now I know! We are in trouble and the republicans that are going along with this charade should be voted out of office!! Let the people speak!! Just to let u know I am not a democrat or republican!! I just want the best person to lead our country, so far it looks like Yang he's young smart and has a plan!! Trump is too old and set in his ways and not so smart, Biden is too old and set in his ways, Warren is too old, Booker and Buttigieg No to them in the same boat, Bernie too old and sick, Castro NO, Gabbard maybe, Harris NO she should drop out already, Steyer may be, Klobuchar, I don't think so, Gabbard, I don't know and any others are a non factor!! But I am openminded still just watching and waiting!! Just my opinion!!!!!! P.S maybe Mitt Romney should give it a go!!

  21. aurora2319 says:

    He will be remembered in history as "Dumb Trump"

  22. Jim Leonardson says:

    It seems that Anonymous and strangely, Rachel Maddow are dancing around the issue of Trump's sanity.
    @2:47 decline in cognitive ability
    @3:48 insane
    @4:02 insane
    @4:12 insane
    @4:25 insane

  23. CyberdelicXP says:

    Hey Anonymous, poison his next Happy Meal LOL

  24. Kathie R says:

    A decompensating, demented, dyslexic, ADHD president of the United States.

  25. charcolew says:

    Where are the people now who think that Trump is cleverly acting the buffoon, the better to endear himself to his loyal supporters? The man can barely read, he can only write in capital letters WITH A SHARPIE, his speech rambles all over the place and is frequently incoherent, he is not interested in thinking things through or in the consequences of his actions. Hello USA, your president is not all there and you cannot allow this state of affairs to continue.

  26. Richard & Rose Beal Preston/Johnson says:

    Impeach! Unfit for office ! A danger to the country!

  27. Wond Erful says:

    the book sounds like a real classic, and the specificity shows that it is not a fiction.

    I recommend a british TV series called "Yes, minister" which was Margaret Thatcher's favourite TV program,
    and which she said was very accurate on how the british government was really run,
    the anonymous book is very reminiscent of that.

    the general theme of Yes Minister, is that the country is really run by the civil servants,
    and that the ministers are generally well meaning but misguided, and the civil servants have
    to keep reining them in. The word minister has 2 meanings, it can just mean an MP ie "minister of parliament"
    which would be equivalent to a congress(wo)man, or it can mean the US equivalent of a secretary of state,
    eg the minister of defence is equivalent to the secretary of defense (spelt differently).
    The comedy series is generally about the latter meaning.

    with one episode, the minister wants to cut spending, and he wants a study done on current government spending, but the civil servant points out that this has already done, and that the study itself required more civil servants to be recruited to do the study and that itself pushed up spending even more!

    the civil servants decide to educate the minister by making him cut his own spending to set a personal example,
    and so his limousine is done away with, which he doesnt mind, but eventually the cuts start to hem him in.

    Having watched a lot of american news broadcasts on Youtube, I am fairly certain that the ideas will apply to the US

    the high level behind the scenes people who run the british government are very similar to those who run the US government.

    There was one episode where the minister has a burgeoning intray, and the civil servant offers advice on how to deal with this,
    where he can move each letter to the out tray without doing anything, by carefully chosen wording of the reply.
    His staff would reply to the letter saying "the minister asked that we thank you for your letter, and that the matter is under consideration" or "that the matter is under active consideration". The minster asks what the difference is, and the civil servant says "under consideration" means the file has been lost, and "under active consideration" means they are trying to find it.

    The letters basically would be processed but not read.

    in one scene the minister asks the civil servant why something hadnt been done, and the civil servant replies CBE.
    The minister asks "what is CBE?" and the civil servant replies "cant be everywhere"!

  28. mark harrowfield says:

    It's Pence with Ghost writers

  29. news now philly says:


  30. Debbie Garrett says:

    I just have to keep reminding myself that he is being taken down from his emperor throne, albeit slowly. It is happening. People are starting to wake up to the realization of just how much damage is being caused by him. But, wheels have been set in motion, and I doubt he will go down without taking a LOT of his enablers with him. It’s all just a matter of time. Gird yourself, America. You’ve taken down fascist dictators before, you can do it again!

  31. elroy the great says:

    Liberalism is a disease

  32. Will Mills says:

    This was more funny than anything else. White folks, you voted for this fool because you were angry amerikkka elected a black man? A mixed one similar to myself I add. Thanks! For the rest of my life I have a reason to discredit applied thought of any Republican that voted for trump. Never Will i consider anything you say truth, fact or important. Restuplican stock is 30 of them for a 1$. Down 99%. How about that for your stock market.

  33. Andrea Strachan says:

  34. greyeyed123 says:

    THEIR frayed nerves? What about OUR frayed nerves?

  35. oldrrocr says:

    but when are we going to hear the secret white house tapes? there HAS to be some!

  36. oldrrocr says:

    so I guess that professor who said that trump was "the dumbest SOB" he'd ever met was right on target.
    But what does that say about his enablers?
    they can't figure out a "laser pointer" solution to control him?

  37. oldrrocr says:

    did they try reducing their power point presentations to comic book format?

  38. johnniee says:

    HUGE THUMBS DOWN due to stupid ads in the middle….

  39. Peter D says:

    Very stable genius who truly believes he's the best POTUS in history.

  40. parandham sai says:

    If I had no context that it is about a 78 year old who's POTUS, listening to this would make be guess, this as a 80 year old with Alzheimers in hospice and doctors are convincing public to pull the plug!!

  41. Mxr Wxl says:

    MSN web site and msnbc and this anchor is talking about everything but the rapes of our military women in uniform in the ranks of the US military in every branch.

  42. Gail Kaplin says:


  43. hopydaddy says:

    Trump is a six-year old with dementia – with nuclear launch code. God help this country…

  44. Carl Clausewitz says:

    " I don't read, I lead."

  45. Bruce Havelka says:

    So, in the beginning of the administration it was observed Trump is not fit for the position he is occupying. Stimulating talk of invoking the Twenty-fifth Amendment.
    It appears to me these people have neither the spine nor intellect to put the brakes to the train wreck and so we have a far more catastrophic event.
    So the op-ed and book are written so someone can maybe soothe their own self-righteous ego and say, "Well I tried."
    NEWS FLASH– Not hardly!
    This crap that has been going on the last three plus years only affects what, maybe SEVEN BILLION PEOPLE?

  46. jilly 4444 says:

    You Americans have some serious problems with your electoral system that has allowed a person of weak character, poor education, no governmental experience, a very limited intelligence and with a questionable business and tax background to become president. It requires ALL of you to address this situation and make changes to your systems and processes so that this can never happen again. I suggest that you look and learn from other countries around the world and overhaul your drawn out, big money dependant system that puts 70 year old white men in charge. While you are dealing with all this chaos, your people are struggling on with the most expensive healthcare system in the world, gun violence at extraordinary and unprecedented levels, poor infrastructure and racial and immigration atrocities. You have nothing to be proud of here. How are you improving the lives and future of everyday Americans??? All the rest of the world sees is conflict, divisiveness, corruption, political inertia and a tremendous waste of opportunity to lead the world and be a beacon of truth, justice and the American way!!!!

  47. rouelibre1 says:

    This sub-human is the most dangerous thing on the planet, as of now…

  48. Darling Dear says:

    I think Trump's inability to learn and focus even on one point is a blessing in disguise – he won't know all the secrets he can divulge to an enemy, he is just too stupid to focus and remember these !

  49. patrick scholten says:

    a drama, good luck america

  50. Alberta Sigh says:

    Wow… just wow

  51. Doodelay says:

    some people think this guy is a literal genius 😐

  52. Matt Gibbs says:

    Exactly like a toddler.

  53. Guy Parris says:

    Treasonous Trump is pure filth….his supporters are much worse.

  54. Fred Obermyer says:

    like giving a .44 magnum to a 5 year old.

  55. Maria Cuachon says:

    Symptoms of a "fried" brain from all those pills he takes😵😱

  56. Chris Topher says:

    Jesus Christ… INVOKE THE 25TH AMENDMENT ALREADY!!!! The republican party has absolutely zero shame!

  57. ricco rodriguez says:

    so basically he is a dumbfuck,there's no other word to describe how uneducated that orange moron is,thanks right wingers you are to blame for the decline of this nation on the world stage you and the republitards are traitors.

  58. intuitknit says:

    Is this why we never saw school transcripts?

  59. Nakishaa John Williams says:

    Black Mirror: The Waldo moment

  60. MultiTomcat67 says:

    They needed a script-writer from telletubbies.

  61. P S says:

    This essentially just confirmed exactly what I thought was going down anyway.

  62. Green Orchid says:

    Kelly Anne Conway when asked what's her book about📚 witness to democracy dying in darkness and silence🌋😈👹😲 best practices translated to mean ?? 🏛🌋🐮🤔

  63. Maru telléz says:


  64. The Truth says:

    oh, I just can't stand Trump!

  65. M. Dion says:

    Wow! Unless something happens, we may get 4 more years of this madness.

  66. Jeffrey Crenshaw says:

    "These are just words. A bunch of words. It doesn't mean anything." Seriously, if you voted for this orange oaf, you are an embarrassment to our species.

  67. Megan White says:

    Okay, so when can i get my hands on this book? lol.

  68. Tristana Fiscella says:

    We lived through mental incompetence in our executive branch w/ Ronald Reagan's second term as well as George Bush Junior. It's certainly dangerous and concerning. Sadly, it's not America's first rodeo.

  69. Matthew Dobbs says:

    There is nothing new here, this is public trump, no difference. Despite his inadequacy for the office, his supporters like him that way, because he is as dumb as them.

  70. Hiroki Mori says:

    Origin of hotchpotch policies making explained! No wonder …

  71. Scott Sena says:

    With him using diversionary actions so shallowly? You may as well figure that his finger can go to some “button” at all times. (Article 25 should have had much more purpose involved when it was first widely considered by his “people”.)
    Now? He’s largely surrounded by knock kneed sycophants….and the fear isn’t even of him directly, but of his constituency. WTH?

  72. *Uptown* says:

    Don’t buy the book.

    This person is too chicken 💩to come forward, and is now going to make money off of the misery tRumps presidency has caused.

    Also, correction: tRump is NOT the most powerful man in the world.
    The position of being the American President is powerful. Not the orange buffoon himself.

  73. KuroTsun says:

    This is alarming on so many levels.

  74. nirispa12 says:

    There is a good article in the Atlantic titled “the president who doesn’t read.” Aids have to add his name in briefings to keep his attention.

  75. henry rudolph says:

    Hi from New Zealand,
    I'm going to buy that book "A Warning"

  76. corryjookit says:

    In the UK five-alarm is used to describe the heat of a Curry dish. There's one place that holds an annual event dedicated to the dish, Anyone ordering the Curry, has to sign a form releasing the Restaurant from claims of blame for any ill effects after eating.

  77. Colin Connelly says:

    Lol Remember when he said they went through a lengthy procedure before picking his own Club for the G-7???

  78. Tomas L says:

    There are 330 million Americans, I refuse to belive that Trump is the best man/woman to be Preident. If he gets re-elected in 2020, something is really, really f••••d up with the USA.

  79. Malinda says:

    This is just sad.

  80. svhoecke says:

    7:30 … leaving us – and them – scratching our heads.
    Nice mental image

  81. Franco Deng says:

    This explains all the rallies and press conferences… Wonder why Americans elect this Trump to be their president.

  82. JanusMikaelos says:

    Oh my god America! You do realize this horrific farse of a presidency will live as a time of shame in the history books forever right?

  83. call me Ishmael says:

    Anyone think Anonymous is actually Mike Pence?

  84. Rebecca Herrera says:

    "We need someone who's not a politician "
    This is what you get.

  85. Vicky Jameus says:

    Why are these Republicans trying to protect this Trump dude Why
    Time to protect America 😧 country and people
    Under Trump, Dictator leaders 😳 love the new America 😧
    Under Trump, Allies can no longer trust what is said in America

  86. Malèna P says:

    Anonymous = RNC trying to convince Republican voters to show up on the ballots or not to vote Democrats. Basic message: yes, he is incompetent and unhinged but all is under control.

  87. tyro244 says:

    A lot of people are saying that President Trump spreads conspiracies and innuendo by using the phrase "a lot of people are saying."

  88. jannmutube says:

    Rachel, —–> Trump uses lies as a form of "promotion". He lies purposely. Trump patented "truthful hyperbole", which just means lying about having real estate contracts to other real estate sales people when he really doesn't in order to eliminate competition. And, he knows the ins and outs to legally bribe public officials so he doesn't pay taxes. Something he bragged about in The Art of the Deal.
    … "I play to people's fantasies….I call it truthful hyperbole. It's an innocent form of exaggeration — and a very effective form of promotion." (Donald Trump, "The Art of the Deal", 1987) .

    But, it's not innocent. Trump is a self-proclaimed con-man, a grifter (swindler) that takes advantage of others.

  89. Fitzerald Patria says:

    This is hilarious. Im buying that book. 😆

  90. vince baldwin says:

    He's About to be IMPEACHED!

  91. Dwightinho56 says:

    I will never understand how the Republicans in America can defend keeping Trump in office.
    Surely they must see how grave and how dangerous the situation is.
    Just these few excerpts from the book proves what most people with the slightest political knowledge have understood from the very beginning. The situation seems dire and even worse than feared. There is nothing to defend regarding Trump, his total incompetence, his behavior and his vindictiveness. I predict a sad end to this period in American history; both to Trump himself, your great country and Americans in general.

  92. lyrachle says:

    there was speculation that some of these Anonymous releases could be from Mike Pence…After hearing this, I would say that is unlikely. This writer is really articulate, a good story teller, and has a sense of humour

  93. Susan Sullivan says:

    Turd trumpf is a Special Education president he has ADHD and self medicates. In my classroom he would be on a bhavior support plan and only come to school half days

  94. Red Roy says:

    We all knew this about Trump, but somehow….it's more terrifying when it's coming from people who are supporting him.

    They know it, too…and are still propping his presidency up.

  95. robyn jones says:

    Am I the only person ashamed to have a traitor in the Oval Office? I know I'm not but WTF! I want my stuffy old traditional yet patriotic POTUS back. I want my grandchildren to learn about how their nations Constitution still stands and brought remedy to the tyranny of the first openly treasonous president.


  96. Alta Montgomery says:

    Remember a leader ask Trump to read the transcript and he just look at it and the leader said ain't you going to read it and Trump just put it down and said I'll do it later and the leaders could not believe it

  97. Dai Lee says:

    And the nation is not ashamed and prepared to do something, before his doing something?

  98. John Jay says:

  99. Mark says:

    Dammit Rachel, I was freaking mesmerized by your reading of the excerpt. Shock and Awe!

  100. Frank Winkhorst says:

    So, basically, Dumbo's briefings resemble comic books.

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