Book train tickets online through IRCTC: complete tutorial with TIPS (with live example)


welcome to MacDurgesh and today we are going
to learn how can we book train tickets online through IRCTC website.its a very simple procedure
,you just have to follow my video tutorial.first of all you have to login to IRCTC. for that
simply GOOGLE IRCTC.CO.IN .If you have written the spelling exactly the same ,the first result
which appears on your google webpage,you can simply click on it and then this kind of a
page appears of it is asking for your user id and your password,if you have
them you can simply enter the username and password,if you dont have you username and
password ,you will have to sign up for IRCTC.i also have a video about can see it
and learn it and sign as soon as you enter it you will find this kind of a page
where it is asking for your journey if you know the sattion codes,the railway
station code s, you can simply enter it.if you dont know the station code,you can directly
write the entire spellling of the station hee i am writing the station name
dadar and see that dadar-some small letters writte in it(capital letters)those are the
station if you have problem with it you can simply go to google and write the
station name of your choice along with the suffix station code and search for it.Here
i am searching for Pimpri station code,so you can see in the results in the bracket in capital
letters it is written PMP ;that is the station code for pimpri.for your station code i can
write here,for my dadar station code,the next page the results will show DDR i.e the code
for dadar station. so any station of your choice you can simply write its name along
with a suffix “station code”and you can search for can see in capital letters what ever
is written in 2 or 4 letters that is the station code . So next time whnever you are on this
page you can simply write those capital 2 or 3 letters and then u will see. So once you
have done the next time you have to enter this 2 or 4 capital letters and then your
station name will automatically appear below it.Then select your date By very small
calendar Icon beneath it,where you have to select your date and carefully check your
month as well.Select E -ticket from that option and click on as soon as you submit
you will find that a list of train that will run according to your given information,whatever
information you have given ,the list appears on it and at the very left of it you can see
the number of train writen.If you click on it you will find that it is the timetable
of the train,that from where the train is travelling,which station its going to be halting
and for how long it will be standing on those stations and at what time it will be coming
at your station,so its the complete time table of your train.So make sure you know the schedule
before you book a train ticket.And on the previous page at the extreme right you can
see the class of the ticket,here its all written in the short if you dont know the
short forms,you can simply read this page where i ahve explained what these short forms
mean,here you can read it ,you can pause and read this thing.On the next page after clicking
on your preferred seat option ,its written available seats and only if it is available
you have to click on book now .Once you click on it ,first thing you have to check is your
boarding station ,its very important to check it .carefully select it.And then enter the
name of the passenger in capital letters which is actually preferred and enter the age and
the name , the spelling and the exact age should be there which should match with your
proof ,any proof AAdhar card or any other proof which you will be carrying during the
journey.And dont forget to select the travel insurance.Enter your mobile number,very importatnt.beacuse
if you enter your mobile number,you will get a mobile message of IRCTC along with the ticket
details which you can show to your TC,in case you ae not carrying a printed ticket.Enter
the captcha and select next.Now as soon as you select next,Here its a very important
page here it is.Now here you can see that here once again it is saying Availability.Available
seats here you see is 138.When i started booking it at the start of this video it was
139,so you have to be very careful about this page.You have to look very carefully before
making the payment.For making payment you an select net banking or card payment.A lot
of banks are there .you select your bank and dont forget to check it as your preferred
bank ,so that the next time when you come for your IRCTC booking , it will show you
only one bank and you can make your payment faster.and card payments also work but i prefer
net banking because they are faster.after selecting your bank click on make payment.Now
this is your payment page of your bank,my bank is SBI.Of your bank if you are familiar
with the procedure you can simply start making payments .I will be entering my username and
passsword.Check the amount here and don’t forget to check the service charge as well.Its
only going to cost you 11.50 rs .in my case here whether it is a 400 rs ticket or a 80
rs ticket,service charge is one and the same .IN the next page enter the OTP carefully.Do
not refresh this page or go back to the previous page because if you do this ,you are not going
to get your ticket,but your money will be deducted .So enter the OTP properly and once
you complete the payment ,you will be redirected to the IRCTC webpage.This will be your
you will have you seat number ,you will have your berth whether it is window seat or it
is a lower berth ,according to your class of ticket.So this is the digital format of
the ticket.Now if you want a PDF format ,which you can print and carry along with you,click
on the blue box PRINT ERS ENGLISH and here is your ticket in the PDF format.this is the
actual ticket you can carry along with you during during the journey and mobile is also
allowed but sometimes you may run out of battery so have print along with you ,it will always
save you.Print this ticket .if this video has helped you , you can like this vidoe and subscribe to my channel
to see such more informative videos.DONT GO ANYWHERE BECAUSE AT THE END OF THIS VIDEO
HELPS YOU A LOT and now you become master in booking these tickets . Thank you

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  1. Mukesh Prajapat says:

    nice video sir

  2. Kalyan Brata Das says:

    Good one but I think it's a bit faster, especially the closing part where you shared some tips. Visitors need to pause the video to actually see them. Anyway, good one

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