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– [Paco] Arden, do you need help? Do you need a hand? -[Arden] No, ew, don’t touch me. Ah! Get away from me! – [Paco] So, there’s two beds we’re putting our bag on one and me and Ryan are sleeping together on the other. – [Ryan] Yep. – [Paco] Look at that face. He looks disgusted, he looks– (Ryan in the background: We’re just going–) – [Ryan] I’m going to sleep over here. (Paco laughs) – [Paco] Are you ready? Look at all these. – [Ryan] That’s easy, dude. Give me a real challenge. – [Paco] So Ryan what’s your secret to signing? – [Ryan] Um, just make every one different. – [Paco] Oh, so it’s unique. – [Ryan] Yeah, see people, what they normally do is, have the same signature for everyone. I actually care, so I always change it. – [Paco] Alright, so who are these people? – [Arden] Oh my cousins. – [Paco] This is my favorite cousin right here. Boom look at these crocs. – Fist bump! (cheers) – [Ryan] One of them, I’m going to sign Paco and I’m going to like, just spit on it. – [Paco] They’re going to be like, “Ew, Paco!” But when they watch the video, they’re going to be like (Ryan chuckles) “Ryan spits on here?! I’m just going to smell it,” smells sugar-free Red Bulls. – [Ryan] Alright, done. I’m going home. (fans cheer) – [Ryan] Yeah you should get that. – [Paco] Nah I’m getting you man. – [Paco] I’ma say, “Who’s ready to see Ryan?” And then you guys, obviously, scream, right? That’s not that hard. – [Paco] Who’s ready for Paco?! (fans scream) – [Girl] Hi! -[Ryan] Hi, how are you? -[Girl] Good, how are you? -[Paco] It’s okay, it’s okay. It’s fine. Are you happy? Are you happy though? – [Paco] He’s freaking out. Breathe! Breathe dog breathe! You gotta breathe! Oxygen! (fans cheer) – [Paco] We’re gonna meet some fans outside, so that’s cool. My dude came in with the crocs! Looking super clean right now! Shoutout! That’s what’s up. Clean gang. – [Paco] (singsong voice) Who’s in town? Look who’s in town! Everybody! That’s because Auntie Lucy’s in town. (laughter) (rap music) – [Paco] All right Ryan. First day is done. Stop watching my YouTube videos dude I know I’m funny. – [Ryan] This is the first thing that just popped up on my Twitter. And I’m mad. – [Paco] (laughs) That’s me dude! – [Ryan] Look at where he is, though! He’s outside, not at the meet-and-greet where he’s suppose to be. (flashback) – [Ryan] Oh, and look where the camera is, that’s suppose to be recording the whole video. Right here! Right. Here. – [Paco] I, you know, I didn’t want to say no to fans! – [Paco] Good morning Ryan! Dam look at those back muscles! You ready? Chicago! Why do you look so sad all the time? (Ryan chuckles) – [Paco] You should be happy — you’re hanging out with me. (Ryan sighs) Yep. (Paco and Ryan laugh) – [Paco] So we just landed in Chicago. – [Ryan] We gotta go, we’re late. – [Paco] We’re late? – [Ryan] Yeah. (Paco laughs) – [Paco] We have no time to film. Always have time for a French fry though. – [Paco] So Ryan’s hard at work. Just imagine him doing this for another hour. – [Ryan] Time-lapse. – [Paco] Time-lapse. Just imaginary time-lapse ’cause I actually have to help him out. (Imaginary Timelapse music) – [Paco] Dude, you gotta hurry up. You should really… book it. – [Ryan] Hey mon, come on. – [Paco] So a lot of times you’ll see when there’s a long line, they do a montage where they run by, and get everyone on camera but, I’m way to lazy for that, so… What’s up guys? (fans cheer) – [Paco] Yo what’s up Chicago?! (more fans cheer) – [Paco] Look at that butt, (cue laughter) yeah, that Ryan booty. (sighs) I’m definitely putting that in. (fans screaming, “Hi Ryan!”) (fans screaming) (music) (Paco laughs) – [Ryan] Hey how’s it going? – [Man] Thank you. – [Ryan] Thank you. Stop messing around, will ya? (Paco laughs) (Paco laughs in surprise) – [Paco] I promised that if she made a shirt of my face on it, I’d follow her. – [Ryan] Hey — I don’t know about this one. Oh my gosh — I can’t believe you actually wore it. – [Paco] Wait, hold up, hold up, you got the crocs with the fur? Who are you, what’s your name? – [Girl] Jessica. – [Paco] Jessica, why are you my best friend right now? Just like, hold it right here real quick, – [Paco] How are you feeling sir? – [Ryan] I’m ready to start this. Let’s do this thing. (Paco laughs) Start round two? – [Ryan] Yeah. – [Paco] I’m dying so hard, Ryan’s not — it’s like 1:30 A.M., and Greg, in our group text, is just sending hella old clips, making us laugh. Wait, I just wanna show the one picture of Arden — is that Arden’s brother, right? – [Ryan] Yeah. – [Paco] It’s Arden’s brother but looks just like Sean! (in hysterics) – [Paco] Don’t make me play the taser one. Alright, this video is literally the first, like, within the first two days that I moved to Vegas. I moved to Vegas in February of last year, it was right after Will’s birthday, and Ryan gave Will a taser for his birthday. And Ryan just messes with me and they always send this clip to me to tease me. (repetitions of Paco screaming) – [Paco] That Sean face though! (music) – [Paco] All right, so yesterday I made the accident of Snapchatting that we were leaving a flight, and there are some fans that waited for Ryan at our arrival. So, I know not to do that ’cause some of you guys are crazy! – [Paco] So, we just landed in Austin, and we are about to meet up with a very special friend. – [Ryan] Take one guess. – [Paco] He literally just rolled up, right here. – [Man] I’m going all the way around — Hi YouTube! (laughter) – [Paco] Oh who is this? Who is — Ooh! – [Kevin] What is that camera? – [Paco] Friend! Long time no see, sir! – [Ryan in the background] Have you even seen him before? – [Paco] Right here, last one! – [Ryan] This one is to Kevin. – [Paco] Oh my gosh. – [Ryan] This is my real writing. This is when I take my time. (drawn out) Kevin. – [Paco] Wait a minute, who are you? What are you doing here? – [Paco] Dude Ryan, look, no one showed up! – [Ryan] I know, thank you guys so– – [Paco] No one showed up Ryan! (fans greeting Paco) This Line Is too Long it’s lighted – [Paco] Look at this. Look at this line! I’m going back, I’m too tired. (music) – [Paco] Everyone likes taking pictures with Ryan, and sometimes, they ask me and, I, I don’t look as good as Ryan, so you got to make ugly faces to make up for it. – [Paco] How, was it? Ooh, look at that sweat mark! Right here, sweat, sweat. – [Ryan] Look at this — — at the back. – [Paco] Ooh, sweat. – [Ryan] Boston man, just how they do it here? – [Paco] Houston is worst, Kev said! – [Kevin] It is. – [Ryan and Kevin together] It is. (music) – [Paco] Bright and early and back at it. It’s another routine. – [Paco] Dude, my favorite store. My favorite store, oh my gosh. Oh baby. – [Paco] So we just got into our room, and I think this is a nice hotel so far, – [Ryan] But it’s really small. – [Paco] New York. – [Ryan] Well, for New York– [Unknown] Well it’s dark though! – [Ryan] It’s New York big! – [Paco] — but look at this! This is one bed for me and Ryan to share. (music) – [Ryan] Nope! You’re in a cot! (music) – [Paco] Hey guys we’re going to Philadelphia but, we’re not catching a plane this time! We are doing something different. – [Ryan] We’re going on a toot toot! That’s my thing. – [Paco] They bought the train tickets so you wouldn’t feel strained. – [Ryan] Oh my gosh — don’t laugh, don’t laugh. – [Paco] This is interesting! – [Ryan] This looks cool! – [Paco] Yeah! – [Ryan] Never seen this before! I feel like we’re in a movie-music video! – [Paco] I’ma put every song you’ve ever done like right there. (music) (Bromance plays) (Nice Guys play) – [Paco] So we just got in — books. Ryan you have to sign all these ones too. (laughter) – [Ryan] Left hand. – [Paco] You special. – [Ryan] I’m not going to do it. – [Paco] They’re not allowed in yet. Hahahahaha. Who has stinky armpits? Wave your hand. (Paco laughs) (music) – [Paco] Who are we in line for? – [Girls] Ryan Higa! – [Paco] Yeah! You guys excited for Greg and Sean? – [Girl] Oh my gosh Greg is here?! – [Girl] Oh my gosh I love them. – [Paco] They’re not here. They’re not here. – [Paco] Are you excited? – [Ryan] What is this, fourth? Fourth? – [Paco] Fourth stop. – [Ryan] Hello, hi, how are you? – [Girl] Good. – [Paco] First one in. – [Ryan] Nice to meet you. – [Girl] I’m going to cry. -[Ryan] She’s first. -[Paco] You guys are from where? – [Girl] Ohio. -[Man] She resides Ohio, she drives. – [Paco] And that’s how far from here? – [Man] Seven hours away. – [Girl] Six, seven hours. – [Paco] Oh my gosh. Thank you guys so much for supporting for real. Auntie’s got fans too! – [Paco] Look at this guys. Alright, first of all, Where am I?! I’m part of the group! I’ve been a part for a year and a few months already! I’m draw myself — this is me. And I got big mouth that’s why so, and then I got like, weird hair, so, that’s me. – [Paco] Yay! We’re all there now! – [Paco] These guys came from where? – (at the same time) Costa Rica! Woo! – [Ryan] Costa Rica! (cheering) (music) – [Paco] Did you sleep well? – [Ryan] Good day today. First time we can sleep past 6 A.M. Now I feel so ready. – [Paco] The fans think that you actually hate me. – [Paco] You can– -[Ryan] They’re right. – [Paco] (stammers) No– uh– hey! Come on. Gaah! (Ryan laughs) – [Paco] And it is the last day of the tour! – [Ryan] Is it though? – [Paco] You’re right. Your tour. – [Ryan] Your tour. – [Both] Coming out soon. – [Ryan] Yeah. – [Paco] We’ve just arrived. At BookCon. (in amazement) Woow. – [Paco] Are you ready dude? – [Ryan] To do this? – [Paco] Are you ready to do more books than you’ve ever done in your entire life? – [Ryan] I thought we could see a thousand people or no. – [Paco] Yeah. Are you ready to do a thousand books? ‘Cause we don’t have– – [Ryan] Ten thousand. – [Paco] Ten — Are you ready to do a million books? – [Ryan] Go away! – [Paco] Your hair smells good. (Ryan chuckles) I didn’t wash it — that’s the secret. (Paco laughs) (music) – [Paco] We ran into another friend. – [Ted] Hello! (music) – [Paco] Alright drop the water. – [Ryan] Are my lips chapped? – [Paco] Nah you look good. You look alright. – [Ryan] How’s it going? – [Ryan] That is a masarap. – [Paco] Why are we just standing by trash? (Paco laughs)

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    *good mornin— Dang look at that back muscles* 😍

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    5 million subs!!! Congrats 👍🏻

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    I like Paco here. Fits right in..

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    I'm so sad…… Why do they live in the US? A completely different country, in a completely different continent.

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    Bruh, y'all need to come out to Utah someday, after all, we ARE state neighors 🙂

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