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Hello weirdos! Welcome welcome welcome to
my channel. I am EmmaAbe books and today we’re going to be doing the book snob
tag. I originally had this all filmed but then unfortunately I accidentally
deleted all the footage. I have like a can of beans right next to me feel like I’m
gonna knock them over so we’re gonna move them. First question is adoption
snob do you always see the book before you watch the movie? And I would say no. A
lot of the times, I don’t even know there is a movie about a book or if I go watch
a movie and it’s about a book or its adapted from a book I sometimes don’t
know. If it is a book that I like and I know there’s going to be a movie, I think,
I tend to be a more hesitant to go watch it because sometimes it turns out really
well then sometimes, um, like in the case of Eragon by Christopher Paolini, the
movie is really really bad and it’s just sad. Many times what will happen is there
will be a movie that I didn’t know was a book like 127 hours and that will prompt
me to get / read the book. Next question is format snob if you had to
choose one format to use for the rest of your life that being a book audiobook or
physical hard copy what would you choose? I guess I would choose audiobook.
Although I wouldn’t want to, but for me that is the easiest way for me to read
and what the fuck is my shirt doing? We’re just gonna do this move the hair.
Although, preferably, I would like to have an audio book then follow along with the
actual book but that’s not always possible because sometimes I don’t have
the book and sometimes the book doesn’t have an audio book which is stupid all
books should have audio books in my very humble opinion. The one that I would get
rid of easiest is ebook because I don’t typically use them. I have never really
used them so I don’t really know if they’re good or bad so I don’t want to
make a judgement on that. The third prompt is
ship snob would you date or marry a non-reader I would say that doesn’t
really matter to me if I do date or marry a non-reader. That means my books
have more shelf space! To me, what I look for in a partner is someone that is
deeply passionate about whatever they’re passionate about and we can share that
in our relationship together and if that is books or some other form of medium. I
just want them to passionate and love me and me to love them and that’s all I
really care about. If they do love to read, that’s great.
I mean I-I have dated nonreaders in the past and I’ve dated readers in the past
and really it doesn’t matter that much to me. To me being a reader or not being
reader is not a deal breaker because there are more than just reading to
sharing stories and being passionate, in my opinion, about something.
The fourth prompt is a genre snob if you could ditch one genre for the rest of
your life what would that be? That’s so easy for me
primarily because I’ve never read in this genre and I don’t particularly care
to ever try and that is westerns. I don’t like westerns for a couple of
reasons the main one being is they’re just kind of boring in my opinion and
they’re not a real depiction of what the West
looks like. Also, many times they tend to be extremely racist and depict Native
Americans especially but not only Americans you can get this with Hispanic
people and also with African Americans but primarily the whole issue of Indian
vs. Cowboys is one that I don’t really like and not a lot of respect is given
to Indian culture and customs so it just really puts me off because I’ve seen
some western movies and I just don’t like them and I’m pretty sure if the
genre is the same for movies as it is for books then I don’t really like it. I
could read books about westerns in fact the Cynical Historian, he’s not a
booktuber but just a youtuber that I watch, do
a really really good, movie length video about the death of the Western and I
think that is very interesting. I think I’d watched maybe about halfway through
it I haven’t found time and gotten around to finishing that but it’s really
good and I’ll link it down below so you guys can watch. I can drop kick
westerns. I do not care if they disappear off the
face of this planet. The fith question is Uber genre snob if you could choose one
genre to read from from the rest of your life what would it be? Oh that’s hard. I
guess cheating answer it would be nonfiction because I really would like
that as you can see, well maybe not from this picture because this
is a lot of the top of this shelf is fiction books, but most of the books I
actually have are nonfiction. I really like that, but then from that (nonfiction) I think I
would choose more of a history and then right now I’ve been super into science
books. I’ve been really… oh I’m so excited so I like just got the audio book for
Emperor of All Maladies and I’m so stoked to read it but I want to finish
up a different book before I get to this one. I know I am so excited because I
really liked the author’s other book the Gene that that I finished and is over
there in a different part of my room and so I’m so excited for that but I think
if long-term for what I had to read it probably do more of biographies type
things because I really like to learn about different people and I think if
you learn about a specific person is specific time you can learn a lot more
about that time, Yeah, I’ve been… I’ve been really digging science, evolution, biology
books so far so that’s gonna be my answer of that one. The sixth prompt is
community snob what book genre do you think it’s the most flack on booktube?
And, I would say a couple of my answers to that would be romance YA and
nonfiction, and romance being because I think a lot of people don’t really like
romance in books or just romance books in general and I think a lot of the time
those are look down on is just sort of fluffy frilly pieces. I do like romance. I
don’t read it a whole ton. I’ve been kind of disappointed with some other romance
that I’ve been reading recently, Yeah that one really put a bad taste for my
mouth. If you want to know more about that, let me know and I could
do a whole rant review on that particular book because I did not like
it. Second I think YA because even though
why a gets read a lot and talked about a lot on booktube, I think a lot of people
give lots of YA authors and readers a lot of crap because YA typically isn’t
seen as something sophisticated and has seen more as childish books which I
disagree entirely with. I’m sorry if you can hear the washer and dryer running in
the background my roommates doing her laundry, and I
think that is really unfortunate. Thirdly I think nonfiction gets a lot of crap
because lots of people view it as boring there’s not a lot of booktubers who
focus on nonfiction, which is okay. Everyone has their own reading tastes
and good for everyone for loving the books that they love and I’m super proud
of that and I love what everyone loved but yeah I think a lot of people think
that nonfiction is very dry and very boring whereas, in my opinion, I have a
lot of fun with it and think it’s really cool and so I’m glad we have things like
nonfiction November. That’s all I’m going to say. The seventh prompt is snobbery
recipient have you ever received any snobbery for reading books or the type
of books that you have read? And, I would say hard core Yes on this line. Not a
lot so much recently. Recently someone was being kind of snobish about the fact
that I was even running a booktube channel, not in the fact that they
thought that I couldn’t do it. They just didn’t know that I would read enough to
make a booktube channel because of my learning disability, which was like “okay!”
Secondly, when I was growing up and was diagnosed with my main disability, I-I
was put in like special like classes to help me with my innate disability and
there’s only one other person in the class and I did not like that person. We
did not get along and then years went by we went into middle school and I think
at a dance somewhere, maybe it was the eighth grade dance. I don’t remember.
We ran into each other again and I was like “oh, it’s you… hmm.” You’re not my
favorite person. We just.. our personalities clash. we just did not get
along. I don’t think of this person
as a bad person. I just… our personalities clash and that was the sort of
contention why we didn’t really like each other. We get to talking about our
learning disability and they ask me, “Oh so do you like reading?” and I was like
“Yes! I love reading!” This person responds to that with, “oh, well, then you must not
have it as bad as I do because I hate reading,” And, that makes me so freakin
angry. Number one you just don’t say that to a person that because they like
something that should be harder for someone doesn’t mean that they won’t
like it and trying to put someone down because you are not good at that and to try
and build your self-esteem up is not OK! The comment that she made to me just
made me feel really really invalidating because we had gone through the same
shit. I had worked really hard to get to that point. There was a long time in my
life where I did not really enjoy reading and I would fight with my
parents like every single day when they would try and make me read with my
eyeballs, and I hated that.. hated that form of reading and I really loved
audiobooks and so I’ve always loved audiobooks. I have always been using
audiobooks and so it just made me really really angry that she said that, So, note
to all of my friends, all of you weirdos out there, do not invalidate people’s
disabilities. Especially when you know they have been diagnosed with one. Just
don’t do that. It’s not cool! All right, thank you weirdos for sitting through
and watching this video with me. I hope this was nice short and sweet,
unlike some of the other videos that I’ve been putting out lately, which have
been really really long. So all of the fun things that youtubers and booktubers
want you to do liking, sharing, subscribing, leaving a comment. For
tagging tag yourself if you want to do anything. I may or may not leave some
people in the description who I would like to tag so look out for that! Yeah
let me know have you ever been invalidated for liking to read or for
having a disability. Let me know all of those juicy stories.

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