hi guys it’s Theresa welcome back to my
channel in today’s video we’re gonna be talking about the series that I have to
leave behind in the year 2019 I don’t want to read anymore I think it’s really
important sometimes to like check these off of my list because sometimes I see
books on my shelves and I’m like should I read more but when I take a conscious
step and be like no I don’t think I’m gonna enjoy the rest of these books it
actually is kind of a relief and it lets me put my attention on other things that
deserve it more so I always enjoy doing these videos and this year I
actually have quite a few series that I’m abandoning so let’s get to it
the first one is the Burned series by Ellen Hopkins I read this book in
December and while it’s good I can’t I can’t do the writing style as you can
see it’s really strange don’t enjoy it I just pretend it’s not there
basically and honestly also the ending of this
book is so tragic and destroyed my soul I’m not here for that I love dark books
I like to be sad sometimes but I need some glimmer of hope on the horizon and
I didn’t get that here like the opposite there’s no silver lining there’s a black
lining is what this is so I’m not here for it I’m sorry I don’t care to read
more the next series I’m not gonna continue is the Wayfarers by Becky
Chambers mainly because I didn’t even continue with this book i dnf’d this at
about 100 pages into it because I just was so bored this has zero plot I love
the idea behind the world I think it’s so creative and just a great like social
experiment almost of what would happen if humanity went into space and had to
interact with alien races not races species and kind of the same issues we
face now between different races and cultures taken to a much more extreme
level between different species and it’s just very very fascinating as a concept
but I don’t love the execution I’m just bored out of my mind with this book and I
really wanted to like it but unfortunately this isn’t my thing. the
same kind of goes for the next series which is the Chief Inspector Armand
Gamache mystery series by Louise Penny this is the second book dead cold I
enjoyed the first one it’s set in Canada in a small town
you know it’s just a typical mystery series but I like the setting I like the
writing style the second book though was a big dud no action happened until a
hundred pages into the book and there were some very like not good messages
that this book was sending about like fatphobia and stuff like that, it was
just like not my thing and I was just bored again so I didn’t continue this
book and conversely I also won’t finish and continue the series I also won’t
continue the Dark Artifices series by lady midnight… by lady
midnight sure I also won’t continue the dark artifices series by Cassandra
Clare I know after my rant review of lady midnight some of you said that I
should try to read the sequels and do like rant videos on them and as much
as I like to film rant videos I don’t want to put myself through that again I
did kind of have fun reading the first book but honestly also people have told
me that the sequels are even worse which is almost unfathomable but somehow
happened and I don’t want to do it to myself I’m sorry I’m gonna do a lot of
things for you guys but not that. same goes for the devouring grey by Christine Lynn Herman I know the second book is coming out this year but yuck.
definitely not. i did a very very very in-depth review about this book you can
check it out I like literally tore it apart picked it apart as nitpicky as you
can possibly be.. that’s me. ha, rhyme. this is kind of a no-brainer because I had
like zero amount of enjoyment while reading this book so of course I’m not
gonna read the sequels but I thought I’d include it because I did abandon it this
year and you know, it needs to be mentioned also not continuing with the Dark Shores
series by Danielle L. Jensen I read this earlier this year and it’s okay like
this isn’t a bad book but it’s very generic to me and I don’t love it like I didn’t
fall in love with it and I just don’t feel connected to the characters or to
the plot honestly I’m just not here for mediocre books in 2020 anymore and this
was that and I just want to leave it behind and not have to worry about it
ever again I also obviously won’t be continuing with the beautiful by Renée Ahdieh. I do love that the second book is called the Damned because it’s so on the nose it had to happen but also no I’m not gonna read it I
don’t know if this is just gonna be a duology honestly the first book is so
flimsy in the world building and like still throws so many vague things at you
that I don’t know the if only two books is enough to like fully create this
world or if she’s even gonna try in the second one I don’t want to hazard a
guess as to that I just don’t see the second one being any better than the
first, I gave this one star again I have a rant video for this
I’m also abandoning the ember in the ashes series by Sabaa Tahir. I think
this is a very again mediocre book it’s not terrible but it’s also not good I
don’t enjoy the world I don’t think it’s super fleshed out I think it’s very
generic and like literally one of the most predictable plot lines ever that
you’ve read like a thousand million times before. again I’m not here for
mediocre books in 2020 so putting that right back on the shelf and never
looking at it again probably and then finally a book series
I have called out or like declared abandoned like five times already and
still I keep coming back to it but this is the final time this is the ultimate
I’m making the decision this is permanent I promise I’m not gonna try to
read this book again promise this time I really mean it and that’s the bone
season series by Samantha Shannon this is the third book the song rising and I
tried to read it for like, again, the tenth time this year and I had to just
dnf it because I realized I lost all interest in anything related to this
series I really loved the first one when it came out the second one was good the
third one is just meh, I just don’t care I think again the plot isn’t
particularly engrossing or interesting I don’t like the main character she seems
such a self insert like basic heroine that I just am NOT interested in her as
a person I don’t like the romance I don’t really care what happens to these
people or their world and so unfortunately but this time finally I’m
gonna call time of death on this one it’s just not for me anymore
I wish the books had come out like all at the same time five years ago probably
would have loved them then but honestly I also don’t see this being turned into
a seven book series like how can you stretch out one story for so long that
seems insane also in general like giving a seven book series to a debut author seems insane so I don’t know what they were thinking I don’t know no judgments
maybe it does get better you could let me know if you read it but I’m not gonna
be a part of that journey I’m sorry to say but anyway those are the series I
abandoned in the year 2019 I’m leaving them behind won’t be returning to them
thank you so much for watching this video let me know in the comments which
series you’re abandoning, you’re not planning to continue and which you’re
dying to continue because that’s just as important even more important actually
while you’re down there please like subscribe the usual come back very soon
for another video and in the meantime check out some of the videos on the
screen right now I hope to see you back very soon have a lovely week bye

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  1. It's a Books World says:

    I don't have any series left that I haven't finished yet, because I wait until an entire series is out and read them back to back. Lately I'm not a series reader either and the only series I own and still haven't read is The Young Elites trilogy by Marie Lu! πŸ™‚

  2. pastelwriter says:

    I left behind Cassandra Clare in general in the 2010s because I just couldn't deal with her writing anymore. It's the same thing over and over again, and I decided enough was enough. I got like 200 pages into Lord of Shadows and called it quits on her as an author.

    A series I'm still not sure if I'm leaving behind is the Ember in the Ashes series. I actually enjoyed the first two books but I read them so long ago that I don't know if I have the will to reread them in order to continue the series.

  3. Hassan Hassan says:

    Thank you

  4. Nikki says:

    Life is too short to be wasting time (and money!) on long-ass series you don't enjoy. πŸ˜‚ Rant videos are fun, but people shouldn't be pressuring you. There is difference between "picking a book that turns out to be trash" and "picking a book BECAUSE you know it's trash".

  5. ashleyisawesome18 says:

    The sequel to burned ended in a high note

  6. Natasha Last says:

    I am so bad at starting a series and just leaving them hanging. Just some are The Wayward Children series, The Passage (which I don’t have any inclination to continue tbh), Jackson Brodie series by Kate Atkinson, Cormoran Strike – just to name a few. Clearly my sweet spot are stand alones – no massive level of commitment required πŸ˜‚. Love your work.

  7. j says:

    I don't think the sequel to Lady Midnight is worse. Lord of Shadows is one, if not, her best book. But if you didn't like LM, it's a good decision that you decided to not continue with the series!!

  8. Melvin Tan says:

    I only got the courage to DNF after watching your videos.

  9. Meghna Basak says:

    I understand what you said about Cassandra Clare. I left this author after the first book In mortal instruments.
    PS completely agree about the ember in the ashes. It was so predictable. Too much hype for that book.

  10. RosieBlue16 says:

    I abandoned Caraval. It was very mediocre, I didn't like the main character, the romance wasn't only insta love but it was based on lies and the plot wasn't cohesive. It's one of those books that you don't understand why people love it

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