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as you can see there is a painting here
that I’m working on it’s not finished yet I’ve shown you this on Instagram some of
you said that it’s already nice like this but it’s only the first coat so I really
need to finish it hi everyone I hope you’re well so this
video will be about my English books so I don’t have a lot of English books
because I mostly and usually read in French because French is my first
language but as I’m trying to improve my English since last year I try to also read in English because of course it’s better and it’s useful
I love reading about psychology and neuroscience because I went to
university to learn neuroscience even though I’m not working in this field
right now because I’m youtuber like Influencer but I’m still loving this science
but today I’m not going to talk about psychology books or in neuroscience
books but more like everyday lifestyle books and also self-help books because
that’s also my favorite type of books to read because I think it’s really
interesting to learn in books and I love learning when I’m reading books
I want to have like concrete like pragmatic like really useful and
practical advice in books and of course self-help books are great for that so if
you like me I think you’re going to love this video and I’ve also made previous
videos in French about my French books I usually put the English version like
the English book in the video so you can go check it out in English if you want
if it’s possible because all the books are not translated but a lot of books
I’m reading are translated in French so the original is in English so a lot of
them you can find them in English so I’ll put the link of my previous videos
here and in the description box you can check them out if you want if you’re
interested these are the books I’m going to talk about
today I put them in the other I want to talk about them. I always make a really long
introduction I’m sorry but I feel like I have to give you a context for this
video. first stop is this book essential… Essentialism ooh Essentialism I hope it’s that by Greg McKeown. I’m sorry if I pronounce
something wrong because obviously English is my second language. I love
this book because it really helps you to matter know what is essential in your
life and trying to reduce things reduce activities like really do things you
want to do so use your energy for the right things and so enjoy more life and
enjoy more what you’re doing and also what you have because I feel like especially in
this time we are living we have more and more things, more and more possibilities,
more and more activities and everything I think we’re really blessed but we also
have to learn how to differentiate what we want and what we don’t want and also
what you really like and what is not for you or for us better understand what
is important and also helps you do the process like because it’s obvious that
we have to get rid of some things we know that we know that you can’t have
everything and we have to choose but I don’t know sometimes at least for me
it’s kind of difficult. I’m always someone who… for whom is difficult to let things
go and yeah it helps me a lot it’s almost like the Marie Kondo book
which is really about things and tidy up and everything like that but this one goes
beyond that which is like minimalism but I think here it’s
like finding a balance between what you want and what you need and yeah having you both of them because sometimes of course who we want something that we don’t really need
so if you’re a purist like if you’re really into minimalism I think you would
get rid of these things but if you essentialism, essentialist maybe you would think that if I want something is maybe because
this thing is important to me and I can make it… and include it in what I need I
don’t know how to say that but I think there is a transformation process in
essentialism you transform things that maybe you feel are important but we
don’t know why and we don’t know how they are and it’s not only about getting
rid of things, wanting to have less but having better making time for things
that are important and also be practical like we have a limited time, we have a
limited home, we have a limiting mind like we can’t think about everything we
have to choose what we want to think about and yes everything about that
I also love the fact that there is some black pages like I don’t know the
book is really nice and sometimes you have like big text like this the
only downside I would say is that for an essentialist
book maybe there is too much stuff in it it could have been smaller and shorter
but I loved it I recommend you this book great book !
next one is the wisdom of no escape and the path of loving-kindness by Puma Chodron. I don’t know how to pronounce this name she’s an American Buddhist and
there is a lot of Buddhism in this book I’m not really into that but there are
really interesting things in it. I bought this book at Shakespeare and company bookstore in Paris if you are in Paris you have to go in this
bookstore it is really good every books are in English and you have so many books so
many type of books and the building is really typical like old French typical
house and everything that are so really beautiful and it gives you like a like
this to mark the page I don’t know how you call this in English I went with an
American friend Simone so hi Simone you have to go there it’s really nice. So I picked this book because I want to work on my perfectionism I want to learn how to
be more kind with myself because if you’re perfectionist it’s because you
sometimes you have trouble accepting things about yourself you know you have
trouble forgiving yourself these kind of things so that’s why I
wanted a book about that because yeah I’m really trying to be less like that
for years now but this year I really want to be more kind
with myself because of course if you’re kinder with yourself you’re also kinder
with others so it’s really important sometimes I just want the things to be
right like to do the right things and people do right things like…of course yeah
everyone wants that but sometimes it’s almost get obsessive for me so yeah I
really need to get rid of that because it’s not essential. What was interesting
is that I learned that sometimes is better to have limits in order to
appreciate what you have and be satisfied which is kind of
counterintuitive because I always thought that it’s better to have no
limit and to have escapes I hate having the feeling that I’m not free so when I
saw the title I was like okay how could it be possible how can you enjoy having
no escape to enjoy this escape thing like this freedom thing because I love
that… but actually some time to be able to
enjoy what you already have you have to put limits for example like in
relationships or marriage or everything like that I think you enjoy more the
relationship when you fix that there will be only one person like you learn
about the person you’re doing things with this person you’re creating
something chose this person so you have limits and you can actually really build
something and enjoy what you have and yeah things like that
so that’s really interesting for me because that’s obvious for me in
relationships but in other things in my life it’s not so I don’t know I’m kind of
paradoxical so yeah I know but that’s something really interesting for me to
learn about and I want to read more books about that so if you have any
suggestions recommendations please leave them below in the comment section
I haven’t finished it and I don’t know if I’m gonna finish it there’s a lot of
Buddhism and a lot of things about meditation which interests me a bit less
I would say this book is more like a philosophical book and also a book of
theology and it talks a lot about meditation so if you’re into meditation
maybe you’ll like this book ok next influencer by Brittany
Hennessy as you know I’m an influencer and I love what I’m doing and I love
creating content and I think it’s always interesting to learn about others
perspective on this job I’m doing it for seven years now so it’s been a while it
gives a lot of advice which are great really really recommend this book if
you’re into social media and using social media to build your yeah your
personal brand that’s exactly what it is about so many advice and she also
interviewed some big influencers so they give their advice too and their own
perspective in this book I do not learn a lot because I’ve already learned a lot
by my own experience but I really recommend this
because I think the advice are really good if you don’t know anything about
social media and how to be an influencer what it means to be an influencer it’s
really good it’s really easy to read I love the fact that you have like bigger
parts like this, some insights presented like this like different
organisation in the book differentiate the advice and I don’t know I like how
it’s built and I feel like you have almost everything in it so it’s really
good I also love the cover which is really cool and really nice really
beautiful. In the influencer game I have Patricia brights book which is beautiful
I love this pink and she looks gorgeous on the cover
heart & hustle which is difficult for me to pronounce when you speak French you
don’t pronounce like the H so it’s always a struggle I’ve already read half
of it which is good is that you can read it pretty fast so I’m gonna finish it
really soon she talks about her life how she got into this influencer game. how
she built her brand how she built her company she gives a lot of advice it’s
almost like you’re having a conversation with her and she talks in this book like
she talks on her youtube channel so it’s really I don’t know it’s really fresh
like I have a nice feeling when I’m reading it because I really feel like
I’m talking to her and she’s talking to me so I don’t know it’s… I like how
it’s written it’s also really easy to read if English is not your first
language. you learn about things that happened in her life and you wouldn’t
think that I don’t know I was surprised sometimes about things in this book and
the way she write this book is really inspiring because as its feel like a
conversation is like yeah you friend giving you advice so you want
to listen to her in a way she also talks about money and finances
which is really interesting because there is not a lot of books that talks
about that so that’s good and in this topic I’ve also bought this book which
is a classic book in this field. Rich dad, Poor Dad this book is small but it’s
actually really big like you have so much informations in it I haven’t
finished it yet because I think I’m gonna take time to finish it because I’m
not reading it in the right order like straight like first page to the last page
instead I’m like going in here and then go back and then yeah like go into it
as I’m feeling it and following what I want to learn because as I said there
is a lot in it and there are like conversations in this book which I’m not
really into I like the pages where you have graphics and concrete explanations
which is good which I like I think it’s really helping you to have another mindset on money and about money learning how to build assets learning what is an asset. how to manage money that’s something I haven’t really learned in
school like even though I also have a degree in entrepreneurship we had
classes about finances but it wasn’t a really concrete and really about
the mindset and about I mean almost the rules like what are the rules to
really manage your money right and doing the right things and doing yeah what you
should do with your money so I don’t know it’s really really interesting for
me to learn about that and I think I’m gonna buy other books about this topic
because yeah I actually don’t know much and a lot so I can definitely improve in
this field. I’m my own boss so I really need to manage my money properly. I want to be
entrepreneur like be my own boss all my life so it’s really important for
me to really think ahead and really anticipate and I would say be more
thoughtful and smart about money so yeah definitely important and useful and I would recommend this book if you’re interested
there’s something bothering me when I’m watching his videos so it’s better to
read the book for me but I think he knows so much and his knowledge is
really useful and practical and yeah so that’s why I bought this book and the
last book is becoming by Michelle Obama of course I had to have this book
I haven’t read it yet that’s the only book I haven’t even started reading because I
want to really be focused on it and at the moment I’m really like a bit there
a bit there when I have a bit of time but I really want to be focused on it
what I’m gonna start reading it but I know that it’s about her life what
happened what she learned so I think it will be really inspiring and really
interesting so if you like her of course you want to buy it. As I love Patricia Bright
that’s why I bought her book that’s also why I bought Michelle Obama’s
book and I think I’m gonna be surprised about some things in this book you also
have a lot of pictures in it so yeah really interesting that’s it here we go
for this video I hope you like this video let me know if you have already
read some of these books because they are not really new so maybe you have so
let me know what you think let me know if you’re gonna read some of them and let
me know if you have recommendations for me for books to read so please like
if you like this video let me something in the comment section because I love
reading you in the comments also subscribe if you want to keep watching
my videos in English and French on this channel so one on two in English
and I hope to see you soon bye okay Heyhey you’ll be able to go check it out Chuck
them so you’ll be able to so you can check them mam… non oh no no trying to pronounce minimalism *_*

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    Edit: You can try "The Subtle Art of not giving a f*** by Mark Manson in french it's "L'art subtil de s'en foutre: Un guide à contre-courant pour être soi-même" , it's not everyone's favourite but it's such a good book, youtuber Samantha Maria recommended it and I love it!!

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