Book of Thresholds | Yuumi Champion Teaser – League of Legends


I don’t need instructions – that’s your job, Book. Wait! Think it’s safe to go back? I know… Maybe someday. Let’s see… Where could Master be? Oh! Mark this page, Book! No Master, but lots of fish. Big fish. That looks powerful… We should check it out!

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100 thoughts on “Book of Thresholds | Yuumi Champion Teaser – League of Legends”

  1. Freak Death says:

    Disney called they want there champion back

  2. Chi Johnson says:

    Dora as cat

  3. SKED says:

    Guys and girls, this is the moment we've been waiting for. It's the new Star Guardian Urgot skin hhHHRRNNNNGggg oWo

  4. lex jr says:

    Ryze homegirl or hearstone merge.

  5. hyunmin park says:

    a LULU type of support

  6. xdragon 01 says:

    Nerf the new champion

  7. Illusionary Mercy says:

    Anyone else super confused as to just how her passive and w are setup? I mean, passive says if she is attached to an ally and attacks and enemy they will gain her shield from the passive. But then the w says she can't attack enemies while attached. Already bugged and not even out yet

  8. GamePile says:

    If anyone here played Vainglory: cough Flicker was first cough

  9. spryz says:

    Who thought it'd be a good idea to implement Dora into League of Legends?

  10. Puddi Panda says:

    I could use a self-bookmarking book :3

  11. hav0c84 says:

    sounds like chromie from WoW

  12. Taylor Vall says:

    i would die for Yuumi

  13. deathtoy101 says:

    So Dora the explorer will be the next champ

  14. Aeon says:

    So League has now officially transitioned to anime? Ok…

  15. Makuro Shinya says:

    The kind of book I want of my shelf or in my bag

  16. jesus christ says:

    Oh boy. I better stay away from r34 for awhile

  17. Sulaiman Aljabari says:

    It's THE book everybody

  18. Ted Shin says:

    Dora the Explorer enters the Rift?

  19. PH's Kennen says:

    I knew it! She was connected to the yordles. (somehow)

  20. toronto warriors in 3 says:

    Guys i think Stark's dead

  21. kivum says:

    everyone: no more disney champs
    riot: anyway here's yuumi

  22. Valk says:

    Her master is Bard

  23. Valk says:

    I'm guessing support but can be played in jungle? or jungle that can be support? she teleports with book but she has shielding and healing

  24. Kawaii Potato Bean XD says:

    master YI

  25. Julian Franz says:

    League of Legends 2009 – 2019

  26. liz ramos says:

    omg yes a cat champion i am DOWN

  27. Scar Slaya says:


  28. Borion Waffles says:

    league producing more cartoon characters than disney

  29. Gamerstar1000 says:

    How is this #22 on trending yet the trailer which got the same amount of views in half the time is only on #12 "for gaming"

  30. joker25999 says:

    Iron man dies and blackwidow aswell

  31. ItsMitsuki says:

    Hmmmm kind of look like champion from vainglory

  32. its Kayla Eproxy says:

    Oh God

  33. Madchickenbutt says:





  34. Evanlyrush says:

    Pug maw: >:)

    Fuzz fizz: 》:)

    Gnar: GNAAARRRRR!!!!! (Sister?)

  35. Oragami Raptor says:

    So this cat is basically a voice box? So the real champion is the book? New champion the morellonomicon

  36. Zachary360 says:

    Please don’t be jailbait…

  37. Micah Sharance says:

    Is Zoe her master?

  38. jaime playz mobile says:

    Hmm the void

    I'm more of a darken fan

  39. Nick Digraz says:

    broken for sure

  40. justin tinge says:

    Yuumi, Last Whisper mortal enemy.

  41. Eric Cartman says:

    #22 on trending street

  42. kenneth soriano says:

    The book look like the hearthstone

  43. jennuari says:

    this doesnt feel like league anymore..

  44. jennuari says:

    Feels Like Mobile Legends.

  45. Kim Jiwon says:

    Do you know who I am?

  46. Demonical Damage says:

    Bard is that you?

  47. Joker says:

    Talk about gettin carried.. literally

  48. Teddy says:

    m-master >=< nuzzles

  49. JohnSedicesimoXD says:

    Oh so the W makes yuumi attach to champions simultaneously

  50. Salty Player says:

    ryze pet for sure.

  51. Fouad Nassar says:

    Pver Oowered

  52. Brwki says:

    Invoker is that you?

  53. Pakeroo says:

    Where is demacia?????? Garen u need to show justice!

  54. Lashrath says:

    Another Disney positive character… moreand more this game caters for 8 year old girls instead of their playerbase.

  55. Juodez 0 says:

    I really wanted the next champ to be charismatic and edgy like jhin or kindred or kalista
    wtf is this

  56. Aron Asenci says:

    Our 3rd disney champion in league

  57. Paolo Cañete says:

    I really wish the cat is a male cat (a Tom).. i am sick of all the new kiddy-girly-cartoonish thingy. Name that cat Sylvester or Charly or Milo perhaps… Create more male specie please Rito.

  58. Roger ST says:

    Where could my hoomin slave be? Rito I helped you to fix the typo.

  59. Flopus says:

    Another champion for weeb losers

  60. nghia le says:

    Aerie + mejai = Yuumi

  61. MystDjland says:

    So whats next??

    A pencil?

  62. Adiwik Hadhon says:

    Your getting closer.

  63. Eruick 047 says:

    I think Necrit will have a lot of headache

  64. earl point III says:

    Dou for zoe adr zoe hmmm

  65. Ray bleh says:

    Disney has invaded the rift.

  66. Tsubasa Cruz Ng says:

    sounds like Zoe

  67. Akhil P says:

    Who thot the thumbnail was master Chief 😂😂

  68. Newezreal says:

    i'm 25…

  69. Manny Palacios says:

    Holy! It's a pussycat!

  70. Coffee Cake says:

    It's Bards apprentice :3 magical journey 2.0

  71. Ari :3 says:

    I read “Book of threesomes” instead of thresholds 😂 I’ll go now….

  72. Max B-mus says:

    A book of Thresh Holds…seems fun.

  73. Rimgar says:

    is that the voice actor for Happy from Fairy Tail?

  74. Eyes On Me says:

    Book of Honor Level5

    Im so proud of myself im honor 5 rn

  75. James Weber says:


  76. _press s for sex _ says:

    A new kid rly?

  77. Andrea Fagerheim says:

    Is she support??

  78. Zuch Machine says:


  79. draunt7 says:

    Dora the Explorer?

  80. Jecko Galvez says:

    Who's her master?¿?

  81. Daniel Galedo says:

    please add yuumi to kda's new song in the future or let her be the mascot of the group

  82. Asnawi 0577 says:

    New Zealand 👍👍👍🐱

  83. Cassie says:

    I think Necrit will have a lot of headache

  84. Random VD says:

    After a lot of investigation and research..I finally found that riot have lolicon problems

  85. hen ko says:

    Disney has invaded the rift.

  86. David Thomas says:

    Such a nice book, who to pet first the book or the cat ??

  87. Roger Villarreal says:


  88. duc mad says:

    Fizz fizz

  89. LeeKun Hy says:

    She looks like libra from Vain Glory 👀

  90. Fire Fire says:

    Riot: New Champion Yuumi
    Bunnyfufu: Hybrid Yuumi is too OP 1,084 AP

  91. LEON HASTASI says:


  92. YhelloWish says:

    Is this Book Worm Adventure 2 deluxe teaser?

  93. YhelloWish says:


  94. Vladimir G says:

    I am here just to say this Is garbage

    And yes I am a hater and other bla bla things
    PS: Peace

  95. Julian Bautista says:

    Its a sup

  96. Dino Muratovic says:

    worst teaser ever. I felt like I was 6yrs old watching some cartoon BS

  97. NikoMariko says:

    At first i thought that would be zed's mom

  98. John Ivory says:

    Another Disney character

  99. Sonan X says:

    We thought Cats vs Dogs was just an april fools joke, but we we were played. Cats won.

  100. k i n g says:

    Qiyana wtf

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