Book of the Month TV Commercial – Your favorite new books, monthly.


I really look forward to getting mine every month. Okay… I just started mine. Dude. Me too! We’re synced. You still get it grandma? Sure do! It’s so heavy… …I cried. It’s happening again. I’d invite you up but–I just… …got my Book of the Month. Book of the Month. Choose from 5 new books and get your favorite delivered to you, monthly.

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60 thoughts on “Book of the Month TV Commercial – Your favorite new books, monthly.”

  1. Jordan Labreche says:

    THIS IS EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sara Couch says:

    So smart, so funny!

  3. Quaima Boylan says:

    Haha it supposed to be about periods how clever!

  4. Madison's "Daily" Videos says:

    LOL dies not describe how hard I laughed.

  5. Lemon Cade says:

    id get it just because of this

  6. Jayla C says:

    Clever πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  7. Animal Xpert says:

    At first when I saw this ad I froze and was like: "this must be about pads to put in your underwear." Then I realized and if just had my period then. Why…?

  8. wake up says:

    of all comparisons that could be made they pick comparing book deliveries with bloody monthly vagina deliveries. yeah thats what i want to think about,bloody bodily waste from the crotch. sickening!!!!!!!!! maybe next they will do one about getting runny shits.

  9. Happy Holidays says:

    DISGUSTING! RIDICULOUS! YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! WHAT AN ABSOLUTELY SICKENING COMMERCIAL! The 'MONTHLY' reference to the 'woman's curse' is just, plain stupid! I'm furious at this awful, awful commercial.

  10. Swan Arima says:

    ahhh thats so funny omg lol

  11. Parker says:

    This made me hurt to watch

  12. Lisa Lewis says:

    That's hysterical πŸ˜‚

  13. Whiskey Black says:

    Oh C'mon, I totally came back to youtube to search for this exact shit, cause I saw it on a commercial, just cause it made me laugh my ass off! <3 #BRAVO!!!

  14. Pedro Beltran says:

    It sounds like there talking about there Periods

  15. This is Ryder says:


  16. N. J. Saroff says:

    I'm crying this company is great I have subscribed and this commercial

  17. Fealice Green says:


  18. Imelda The Hon says:

    These ads are brilliant. I giggle every time I see them. THANK YOU BOOK OF THE MONTH CLUB!

  19. Joan L says:

    I came looking for this commercial on Youtube just so I could give feedback. Is a woman's menstrual cycle the only thing you could think of that comes once a month to pin the joke on? When did a woman's cycle, or rather the euphemisms used to describe it, become funny? To anyone? Maybe you should take a page from Audible's advertising and focus on how reading makes you smarter, more informed and more creative in other areas of life. Maybe you could choose to promote how books and stories let us travel on adventures along with the characters, let us empathize with characters as they face life events. This ad is sexist and outdated.

  20. Rebekah Wolkiewicz says:

    My God… 🀣

  21. Lizabeth Tucker says:

    What white older, probably Republican, men thought this was a good idea? If you're looking to drive most women away from TBotM, you've hit the right way to do it. Congrats!

  22. Elisabeth Heisler says:

    If I could stop seeing this advertisement every time I'm trying to watch a video that would be great

  23. tahitinui2010 says:

    Putting this advertisement at the same level as the Carl's Junior sexist and disgusting commercials. While I don't find this sexist, the allusion and descriptions is tasteless.
    I also get the intended humor yet find it classless. I wouldn't be surprised that the ad firm hired is the same that did the Carl's Junior's ads.

  24. Lean Cuisine says:

    This is very weird. I hate this commercial.

  25. paz11580 says:

    Right, so associating books with heavy menstrual bleeding is supposed to make them desirable? How anyone can find this commercial "clever" and funny is beyond me.

  26. Dave McCarthy says:

    yeah. hilarious. Periods. GET IT?


  27. Iamfey Sparker says:

    No. I wouldnt even call this toilet humor as there is nothing humorous about this. Just crass. I change the channel whenever it comes on.

  28. Cher Moore says:

    Too funny. The only thing more humorous is reading comments from all the people here who don't think it's funny! LOL! This is like Bill Murray in Caddy Shack washing golf balls in the ball washer… what ever goes through YOUR head is on you you dirty perverts! (You know who you are). If you feel "dirty" for thinking he was masterbating, hey… that's on YOU. What he was doing was completely innocent. THAT IS PRECISELY WHY IT WAS FUNNY! Likewise the women in the ad were talking about how much they love and look forward to their BOOK every month. Who talks like that about their period?? Lighten up people. The ad was brilliant.

  29. bilderbergbrothers says:


  30. Hectttic says:

    I genuinely enjoyed this ad

  31. CloverzBandit says:

    Ha troll. Very cleverπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘

  32. Abbi Lalewicz says:

    I was like what? But then I got it. Very Clever!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  33. MsKTMvalley says:

    Lol πŸ™‚

  34. laurennn says:

    Lmao at all the people saying it's "disgusting" or "not something to joke about" or even "SEXIST." As a woman, I found this hilarious. You all need to learn how to take a joke.

  35. CamGamerr says:

    i really thought this was about periods. clever

  36. Gwenhwyfar Aine says:


  37. Brenna says:


  38. Electronics For Fun says:

    haha that was kind of funny.

  39. 6 ! says:

    This is stupid, and excludes many groups of people. Do you guys only want rich, cis, straight, white women to be your customers? What about your trans, queer, POC potential customers?

  40. pineapple ish says:

    This is kinda messed up in a way

  41. Ben dales says:

    Where are all the Hispanic people in commecials now???

  42. Cotton Candy says:

    I am subscribed to BOTM. i am SO SICK of seeing this advertisement every FREAKING time i go to youtube. If i hear "i really look forward to getting mine every month" i'm going to scream.

  43. Honshu Wolf says:

    Hulu brought me here!

  44. Victoria Prickett says:

    Is that Ashley Greene in the beginning???

  45. Logan Gomez says:

    What about men? Can we get it every month?

  46. Vipera7 says:

    I just got this ad and well I laughed, realizing that is was actually about a book ;>

  47. Soranaru says:


  48. I’m petrified of Nipple chafing says:

    Was that Toby Ferguson

  49. Maria Schwartz says:


  50. It’s Cool says:

    Really ?…

  51. Baylei Gordon says:

    Very clever πŸ˜‚

  52. Jollivado Jjolivad says:


  53. Stacey Hart says:

    normalizing periods fights stigma & shame

  54. Jasper Gleam says:

    This is the best ad ever

  55. Audrey Hung says:

    You still get it, Grandma?

    sURe dO!

  56. Addison Vaughn says:

    BEST ad

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