Book Nerd Problems | Carrying Too Many Books



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80 thoughts on “Book Nerd Problems | Carrying Too Many Books”

  1. Bára Křepínská says:

    Happens to me ALL THE TIME.

  2. Brandon Hill says:

    Book Nerd Problem: wincing while seeing books dropped in this video?

  3. cin91221 says:

    Book nerd problem: cringing when someone drops a book 😭

  4. leeTV says:

    It's like book stacking after a haul, but in public. 😱

  5. Little Word Weaver says:

    The bag breaking is the worst. Especially if you can't physically carry them all without it!

  6. Filósofo Sem Diploma says:

    Very good.

  7. Mandi Lynn says:

    Notice there's no disclaimer that says "no books were harmed in the making of this video" 

  8. Laura Luna Books says:

    I wish I had my own personal book carriers. 

  9. Sara Marques says:

    I have my own personal book carry. My father. He's the best on this job <3 But he is just mine

  10. Erin Weeks says:

    this is great

  11. ReadingMissFroggy says:

    Were there any books harmed while filming this?

  12. Fangirlnoir says:

    This has happened to me numerous times.

  13. Mafalda Silva says:

    I would love to work there ^^

  14. Amy Mor says:

    I'm exactly like the last guy! 😉

  15. Madeline says:

    This is me getting to the registers at Barnes and Nobles

  16. It's Me, Midge says:

    All I can think of is me leaving the library.

  17. jasminvalerie says:

    Omg the ending had me laughing so hard on the bus! Lol

  18. jasminvalerie says:

    This was me carrying 3 bags and a suitcase filled with books from a book conference last summer on two shuttles haha!

  19. Tara Kleponis says:

    this is the most relatable video i've ever seen

  20. Allison N says:

    Haha this is like me at school every day

  21. starza96 says:


  22. starza96 says:

    And thats me everytime I go to Barnes and Noble. I always refuse to use the basket thingy. 

  23. Alabare A Jesus Cristo Rey De Reyes says:

    My heart "shatters" everytime they drop a book 😢

  24. jennawirtz says:

    My friend Isabella got 25 books from the library and had to get like 6 bags lol

  25. Zephyr says:

    I feel BAD for those books! I Hate when I drop a book or dent a corner by accident! winces

  26. Maria Lopez says:

    Nooooooooo they were falling!!!!!!!!

  27. RIAN says:

    Your office is AMAZING, could I work with you?

  28. Hannah Bray says:

    Dear Epic Reads,
    How can I work for you?

  29. christina says:

    Those precious books!

  30. A'Marie By The Sea says:

    This is my life working in a bookstore.

  31. little-phan says:

    I wonder how much damage was done to these pretty looking books as they fell. >.<

  32. ilovebooksgirl says:

    that last part got me laughing pretty hard lol

  33. Patricia Paguio says:

    Anyone else think of infomercials while watching this? Hahahaha

  34. LavenderThe Flower says:

    This is why I never go places. I need to bring at least 25 books. Ya know. Gotta do this reading thing… and ignore people.

  35. Ark of books says:

    My heart was breaking every time the books were falling on the floor. This was a really hard video to watch..!

  36. Quint Victrum says:

    lol I need book slaves

  37. ɿoɿɿim says:


  38. Riley Terrace says:

    Booknerdproblems : friends who rush you in bookstores

  39. KMAE O says:

    Your office is indescribable ugh 😭😭😭 too much perfection. I wanna work at HaperCollins 😭😭

  40. TheLovelyBooks says:

    Sometimes I get distracted by how beautiful the headquarters looks in these videos and Tea Time. heart eyes emoji

  41. The Owlery Books says:

    OMG yes!! everyone needs two minions to carry their books around for them!! 

  42. Zaria P says:

    The struggle is so real

  43. Juliana Ongari da Silva says:

    that office looks like heaven 

  44. Thao Pham says:

    I love your book spaces a.k.a. your office. o_o

  45. MrFrostburner says:

    0:24 he's trying so hard not to laugh.

  46. Alexis perez says:

    I have never cringed so badly. Please tell me those books are okay

  47. Blog Divergente says:


  48. Saints_Ghost says:

    I cringed through this whole video. I was like stop hurting and denting them. I hate when something happens to my books like accidentally getting soda on them or bending something. I dislike bent spines immensely. I like them looking nice.

  49. Saints_Ghost says:

    What really sucks is when you just bought some books and the books have created a hole in the plastic bag and you better hope you notice the tear before all hell breaks loose and books drop everywhere

  50. NerdyBookPerson says:

    Ohmigosh this was literally me and my friend when for school we were taking yearbook photos for the whos who column.  Me and her got most likely to be seen with a book (obviously) so for the picture we brought in all our favorite books which is A LOT.  Our school has a lot of stairs and were are not allowed to use the elevator (don't ask me why) and we were lugging the books up the stairs and I almost dropped all my books I was so scared.  On the way back down we got 2 guys to carry our books for us ; -)

  51. nicky van bezouw says:

    I would love to work in a place with so many books!

  52. James Colin Green says:

    Who was the first girl? She's cute!

  53. The Librarian says:

    Ah I know this all to well.

  54. Halle Adamson says:

    I have this problem switching in between classes 😛

  55. Oh Really!? says:

    Did anyone cringed when ALL those CARELESS people dropped those precious book?

  56. Maddy Nelson says:

    Are there any good books I should read

  57. Johanna W says:

    I hope the books are okay

  58. Ral Deaver says:

    At first I was like: I feel your pain

    Then I was like: I wanna work there

  59. Holly Letson says:

    How many books were damaged while making this video?!? Makes me wanna cry, seeing those pretty books being dropped like that.

    BTW, banana boxes are great for storing books. Get some.

  60. Iana Edrianne Awayan says:


  61. Maddie says:


  62. FromUnicornsToDragons says:

    People at school be like: What are you keeping in your bag?! My response: A few text books… and 12 leisure books! 😀

  63. Irish Anne Ugat says:


  64. lilacs says:

    it physically hurt to watch the books drop

  65. Charlotte Amethyst says:

    Eh…I'd rather be the practical one

  66. Spilled_Ink 0917 says:

    I have had EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of these things happen to me XD

  67. Julia F says:

    I was traveling through Europe for 2 Months and packed a moving carton full of books. I'm not even exaggerating.

  68. mnpmaddysc123 says:

    What do they do? Like where do these people work?

  69. Milly Proctor says:

    Anyone upset there wasn't a "no books were hurt in the making of this video" disclaimer😭

  70. Sophie the Jedi Knight says:

    I have had all of these happen to me! Literally had a book bag rip under the pressure and my mom told me "Maybe you should stop carrying all these books around." BUT WHAT IF I GO ON MY ADVENTURE TODAY AND GANDALF OR DUMBLEDORE FINDS ME I NEED THESE WITH ME
    Also 0:12 is me literally every single time I go to the library to pick up my holds. Every single time the librarian asks me "Do you need a bag?" and I answer "No. I've done this before."

  71. Useless Historian says:

    This is me at school

  72. Kaitlin van Lille says:

    Hehehe same

  73. john steadman says:

    so me!!!

  74. K. D.J says:

    When Your Usual Is 10 Books Per Library Visit On A Week To Week Basis
    "The struggle is real guys,the struggle is real" 😂😒😧📚

  75. LosersAreBrave says:

    i gasped when i heard the books drop to the ground….poor babies

  76. g u a d a l u p e says:

    The falling books gave me anxiety lol

  77. KingdomHeartsFan3211 says:

    This was me pretty much every day in middle school. It took me a while to accept one simple fact: too many books = too heavy of a bag = SERIOUS back problems.

  78. Jelle Rijntjes says:

    There are never top Many books

  79. Ginny Cullen Greenleaf says:

    I was literally carrying 12 today at Target and my mom didn't let me get a single one!

  80. KingdomHeartsFan3211 says:

    Nothing beats a physical book; but this is a prime example of how digital books can come in handy.

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