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The primary function of design is to
really hook someone into picking up a book and bind them and actually wanting
to read what’s inside of it. It’s getting a specific idea or a concept to someone
else not in words but through colours and shapes and texture it’s visual
storytelling. There are different ways that we can choose the right cover. First
we have to understand who the audience is and then whether we choose to go for
an illustrator or we choose to design ourselves we have to stay on top of
what’s going on in the market what’s on trend but at the same time we need to
see things that inspire us personally. It can be as simple as just graffiti on the
wall, it’s just finding inspiration in the little things around you. When it comes
to techniques it really depends on the designer and how they prefer to work. I
definitely like to read the manuscript first, I like to go into it and get the tone of
the book, understand how I want the cover to appeal to an audience member if I
want them to have the same reaction that I did then I have to really understand
what the author is trying to tell us through the story. I love seeing design that has a twist mostly that are concept driven that
aren’t just something that’s pretty, but there’s meaning behind that, there’s
significance. This was a special gift edition and to show the
travelling aspect of the story we had traditional Japanese marbling pattern
and we incorporated cats within the marbling. The greatest pleasure is
working in such a creative field and with people who push you to be creative,
and push you to do things that sometimes you wouldn’t be able to do in another
field or in another studio. we create several visuals, and then we go
through iterations of finding the right colours, the right typography, the right
compositions we show them to the entire company and then once that direction is
chosen it gets refined to the final cover that we see today in stores. When
you see a cover and there’s a specific typeface that’s been used or there’s a
specific photograph that usually wouldn’t work, but because that designer
used it in a certain way it just blended it so perfectly to create the perfect

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