Book Clubs : How to Start a Women’s Book Club

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Hi. My name is Julia Drake and I’m going to
talk about how to start a women’s book club. First of all when it comes to women’s book
club, you have to know that 85% of the books that get sold are getting sold to women. So
really the book industry is supported by women. A great way to start is with associations
such as The Women’s National Book Association. They host a number of book groups and you
can get ideas from them to start your own book group. And also, they have monthly events
where they feature different authors. Everything focused on women authors; where you might
get ideas. And then also you view your local interest groups as a women. That’s a great
place to start to your friends and family. When you’re starting a book club and you’re
the host, even if you pick the general area of interest, it’s great to give your members
a selection of four to five books and them vote on it. The way to do it is to distribute
a survey that gages their interests and maybe you’re point of discussion that they are interested
in. I think in terms of when to hold your weekly meetings, week nights are the best
because it doesn’t interfere with your weekend and it’s also a great escape after your work
life. As host of a book club although you have the responsibility to provide the space
and you’re the moderator, starting the discussion and getting the flow going. You really, in
order to engage your group members, you really want to start to delegate responsibilities
to get people involve. The way to get other group members involved is to have them search
for discounts on books. Have them look for events that may, that relate to the book that
you’re discussing or maybe the author is having a book signing in your area. And also have
them generate discussion points. So those are all great ways to get group members involved.

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