Book Clubs : How to Start a Book Club in Your Church

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I’m Julia Drake and I’m going to talk about
how to start a book club at your church. The first thing to do when thinking about starting
a book club at your church is to gage interest, maybe see if some of your church members are
already involved in a book group, a book club and then talk to the pastor, the administration
and then you’ll post up fliers and get people to just see if you can actually have the manpower
for the group. The great thing about starting a book club in your church is that you already
have the meeting facilities, the church hall or there is always the church community center
where you will find a room so that is an advantage and also because you are already a member
of an interest group. It is really nice picking books because you already have something in
common you can talk about and also once you have a few people, delegate responsibilities
and find out where do you get these kinds of books or ask them to generate ideas for
which kinds of books to talk about.

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