Book Clubs : How to Start a Book Club at School

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Hi, my name is Julia Drake, and I’m going
to talk about how to start a book club, at your school. The first thing to do, when wanting
to start a book club at your school, is to talk to your teacher, or principal, the administration,
and tell them what you’re all about,and what you want to do, and then the next thing, is
to decide what kind of book club this is going to be, what kind of genre, what kind of subject
matter, theme. There’s a lot of different ways to structure a book club. Which brings
me to the next step, which is structuring the book club, the goals, and the rules. It
has to have kind of a class structure to it, and then after that, you want to put up flyers,
and tell people, tell your classmates, just get the word out there, and once you have
members, obviously, you want to get them engaged and excited, so find ways to make it fun,
and once your members are growing, your group is growing, you can start to publicize it,
and host events, and just keep it growing from there.

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