Book Clubs : How to Join a Children’s Book Club

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Hi, I’m Julia Drake, and I’m going to talk
about how to find a children’s book club. The first thing to consider when looking for
a children’s book club, is what kind of children’s literature you’re interested in? That is to
say, what reading level, you’re interested in. Reading levels vary a lot, from something
that’s very simple like Dr. Seuss, to something that’s much more sophisticated, so really,
with each age range, the books just differ drastically, so find out what you’re interested
in, or what your child is interested in, and then depending on that, approach your local
kindergarten or school. Go to children’s associations. There’s a number of different children’s associations.
Then, you can go to writer’s associations, all over the U.S. They all have different
sections, for children’s books, and then you can also go to charity organizations. There
is a lot of charities that specialize in children’s needs, and also children’s books, and you
can also go online, and look for children’s books online.

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