Book Clubs : How to Find a Book Club in Your Area

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Hi, I’m Julia Drake and I’m going to talk
about how to find a book club in your area. The first thing you have to consider when
thinking about joining a book club is what kind of book club you want to be part of what
kind of genre. A local book club, you’re getting together you know face to face with people
and just by the nature of you know, being together, physically being together it’s more
of a you know, there’s a social factor to it that you don’t have as much with on line
book clubs. The advantage of an on line book club is that you actually get to talk about
you know, your favorite book with your author. You actually get to correspond with your favorite
author, you know, asking questions and then they ask you questions back. And so that’s
sort of you know, you can actually establish a personal relationship with an author which
is great. Places you can go to find a book club that’s right for you is you know, the
first thing is you know, go to your local library. They usually host a number or book
clubs. Or you can go to your local community center, YMCA, they usually host book clubs.
Then you can go to different associations you know, depending on what kind of subject
matter they deal with. They might have a book club. Then you can search on line for book
clubs. It’s also a great alternative. Then you know if you want to make this something
that’s you know, kind of a hobby or it kind of takes you out of your normal life, you
know you can maybe you know, travel outside of your area a little bit, you know and see
what’s out there to meet new people you know, kind of make this a weekly you know, little
trip, a little weekly trip. There are book clubs that are free but then it’s on you to
you know, buy the books that are required and also you know, be responsible, just be
responsible for you know, paying whatever they cost. You don’t get any discounts on
it. It’s on you. If you know, then on the other hand if you join a book club that requires
a membership the memberships range from you know, twenty to you know up to a hundred or
even more depending on you know, what kind of membership it is, depending on if authors
are involved, you know. But what you get with that is you know you get you know, at least
three to four books free you know, then you get you know, huge discount on the books that
you purchase and just you know, a number of freebies. Because usually the you know, the
on line book clubs that require memberships, usually hosted by publishers, is what they
kind of want to you know, get their books and you know, their material out there, so
there’s a lot of freebies involved.

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