Book Clubs : How to Choose a Book for a Book Club


Hi, my name is Julia Drake, and I’m going
to talk about how to choose a book for a Book Club. In general if you don’t have a specific
idea, and you want to know what’s out there, if you want something contemporary, I’d start
with the New York Times Best Seller list and just go through it and see if something strikes
your fancy. Or if you want something more rare and unknown, go to your local library
and talk to a Librarian. You know, they usually find books that are not on the best seller
list but that are really good too. So then, if you want to go to something most specific,
a specific genre, or specific author, it’s really great to either contact associations
that are related to, you know, the subject matter. Or if you’re looking for something
more specific and you want to see, you know, if, you know, a book may be has been read
before in a reading group and it was successful, go to “” and there
you can search by subject matter, or by author, or, you know, there’s just different types
of ways, you know, to look for the book that you want and you’re going to get a review
of reading groups about the book and also, you know, a sample of discussion questions
to start you off with. But if you are hosting a book club, it’s, it is on you to decide
on, I’d say the, you know, the general area. I think you want to pick, you know, maybe
four to five books that you want to discuss, and then maybe conduct a survey with your
group members to find out, you know, which one to discuss first.

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