Book Clubs : How Does a Book Club Work?


Hi, I’m Julia Drake and I am going to talk
about how book clubs work. A book club is usually a group of people (8 to 12 usually)
who get together to discuss a certain book and you share what they likes about it, what
they didn’t like about it, what resonated to them about the book in their lives. It’s
also just a group of people sharing their love for books and their joy for reading.
Usually how book clubs work is that you pick a certain genre that everyone is interested
in and you start out with the book but obviously, just for the reason that you are reading this
book there is something that resonates with your life so you start off with the book but
the eventually you start talking about your lives. It’s as much as talking about books
as is talking about your lives with other people. Usually you get through a book within
one to two months and so every week you discuss another aspect of the book. You might start
out with the theme and then you go onto characters ans specific questions that members of the
group have or they want to address about the book. Book clubs are great for authors because
this is a great way for them to get their books out and generate interest in their books
in the reading public. Publishers also, that’s why every publisher has or offers book groups
for people to get their books out. For online book clubs not so much for on site book clubs,
but for online book clubs you actually have a chance to correspond with your favorite
author about the book and ask questions and they ask you questions back so it’s a great
way to establish a relationship with an author.

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    Thank you Julia!

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    I just joined a book group at my local library and didn't know what to expect so this is great thanks

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    She's so cute

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    Maybe one day have a discussion on these interesting books –

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    Is there any good online book club i can join ?

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    5 "ummm"s and 20 "You know" in less than two minutes!

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    I had to look up what a Book club is because I forgot what it was.

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    Lol 2019? Waow this girl is probably old now.

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