Book Club – The End


(upbeat music) – Honey, dig faster. – Wanna help here? – Whose house is this? – I grew up here. – Oh, your parents
still live here? – No, I don’t even know
who lives here anymore. – Hey, son. – Oh, wait, yeah,
that is my dad. – Oh. – We’ll, we’ll be right back. C’mon, sweet, let’s go. – Who are you? – What are all these
other gravestones? – Pets don’t live forever, Adam. Wouldn’t we all be
incredibly lucky if our beloved pets
could live for two years? – Might as well
cancel the funeral. That dog is too
big for that hole. – Ryan! Your voice sounds perfect today! I wouldn’t be too sad if we
started off the whole thing with a little song from you! – I can’t. I’ve never sang before. – Oh, come on, get in
the saddle, you puppy! – Do it! Come on, please! – All right. ♪ Deep river – Holy fuck. ♪ I want to cross over Jordan It almost makes me happy my
dog died so I can hear this. – I know this song
perfectly, should I join him? ♪ Deep river – Go sing!
– You can do it! – I’m about to sing!
– He’s about to! – Please.
– Sing, sing! ♪ I want to cross
over into campground – Here’s the rhythm! (claps) – I know this song so perfectly! – Go go go go go! (applause) – I finished singing. Thank you. – Gorgeous baritone. Ryan? – Win or die. I’m smarter than this
dog, and I proved that. I proved that to all of you. – Adam, go ahead. Take as much time as you want. – Okay. I’d just like to say thanks
to everybody, especially Zach. – Bamp! Boring alert! Time’s up. Women! Come on! – Let’s go, that’s us. – I had a whole
thing planned out. – Actually, you know what,
you’re really turning out to be one of my top
guys, so watch out. (sobbing) (keening) – I think what my new friend
Sarah is trying to say is that in accepting
the gift of life– (yawns loudly)
(claps slowly) – Now my speech! We’ve been brought together
by our love of book, of learning, more than most. I want you to think
of this dog’s life as a book that we all read. – Not a very good book. – No, not a very
good book at all. In fact, most of it was
written like a shit. – Yes, a stupid book. It’s a children’s book,
I wish I’d never read it! – But we read it
because we had to. – Zach, Zach, pick me, pick me! I think it’s important to
not die with any secrets. Who knows what this little
guy witnessed, or maybe saw? And with that in mind, I
think you should all know that I’m (mutters gibberish) – What? – I’m sexually attracted
to every one of you. – Pete, this is not the
time nor the place, okay? I’m speeching some very
inspiring stuff right now. I want y’all to think,
remember, there are always kids and autistic kids who go
to jail if they speak. They get like
completely murdered for uttering even a single word. And that word is hope. So count your blessings, folks. Coulda been us in that hole. – Especially if we didn’t win
the chocolate eating contest. – A chocolate… You ate
chocolate with the dog? – Yeah, that… I’m
smarter than that dog ’cause I won a chocolate
eating contest with it. (sobs) (groans) (sobs) ♪ Deep– – Bamp! (drum music) (water bubbling)

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69 thoughts on “Book Club – The End”

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  3. explore prime says:

    4th YAY!! <3 LOL

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  5. explore prime says:

    umm.Whatr U Talking bout?

  6. Camdenro says:

    What is this?

  7. Smoked Robot Pâté says:


  8. MajesticLT03 says:

    this is the dumbest thing ever

  9. Smoked Robot Pâté says:


  10. JR_113 says:

    Comedy Central officially lost its funny.

  11. 805SANTA says:


  12. Freakier Spark13 says:

    is that dog real?



  14. bobopenguin45 says:

    Not exactly sure about what I just watched

  15. MrRandomcat123 says:

    awesome vid this is great

  16. MegaPablo says:

    Not funny anymore.

  17. Isa Marenco says:

    Horrible booooooooo

  18. chompucabra says:

    i don't understand what about this video makes it NOT funny and NOT good.

  19. KingRaccoon says:

    People who don't find this funny, I find narrow-minded and boring.

  20. WallJumper27 says:

    I cannot even follow what they are going with here. And they constantly lead onto a "joke", then just end everything and go off on something else…i think this entire series is an inside joke.

  21. priest imus says:

    chocolate eating contest with the dog lol

  22. random person says:

    I am with the American Animal Society Center and i would like to say that this video was very bad. Not only did it include a dead animal(which is just cruel) but the video also had no humour.

  23. Choas Enigma says:

    Nope. Chuck Testa

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  25. angel castaneda says:

    XD haha wtf

  26. Xtwonine says:

    I came, dislike, comment, now I leave….

  27. DisgruntledSideQuestNPC says:

    Fuck this shit.

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  29. Alex Kessler says:

    me too!

  30. flamefleir says:

    everyone is butthurt woot!

  31. celtic says:

    Was not interested.Sorry everyone!

  32. Looptime888 says:

    do you mean, umm PETA

  33. Shift4g says:

    I have a sneaking suspicion that the "adults" who don't get this also like Mountain Dew and eat at Taco Bell.

  34. Kevin Cortes says:

    After watching ask these I can only ask…WTF?

  35. Dudesome12 says:

    This is bullshit! >:|

  36. BarberBoss says:

    What the hell did I just watch

  37. parkiiasc7 says:

    As a crustacean its hard for me NOT to root for "dead-dog" humor. But even more importantly, being so low on the evolutionary development gangbang, I must applaud the self-involved crustaceans (featured) whose heads are so far up each other's asses, they've formed the perfect centipede. "Hey!! Dig me!"

  38. Darren Holt says:

    This was actually pretty good. the dog burial part was probably the funniest thing i've seen in the past week.

  39. Mohammad Raza says:

    Worst series I have ever seen… Just get of the internet, that was horrible

  40. drjborch2 says:

    Love the new series

  41. Thomas Mareel says:

    omg this is fuckin amazing

  42. shinpeimg says:

    Mohammad Raza. Get your first grade grammar right before you complain about the vid.

  43. dmamatooo says:


  44. Freefor theLadies says:

    Só messed up

  45. pzpzohyeah says:

    This is way below standard

  46. cadu Johansen says:


  47. Noplay says:

    You haters finally realize how good Kroll show and Jenik and Ben show are now?

  48. bronzenrule says:

    Good stuff

  49. Matt says:

    Its that guy from ant farm

  50. Keepforgettingmyusername says:


  51. Slightlystoopid808 says:

    Was that dog actually dead?

  52. Jason Danklefsen says:

    More Book Club, please.

  53. Hunter And Darion says:

    This is terrible.

  54. senior Fapington says:

    that dog was actually dead ?!?!?! wooow asssholeeessssss

  55. DABtheBoo says:

    I heard they sedated a live dog so that they could shoot this.

  56. parkiiasc7 says:

    The comments are so much more revealing than the show, you can watch just to dig the riffs. Well done, 'rents so

  57. Garry Koshnitsky says:

    this isnt even funny

  58. Kornel Wawrzyniuk says:

    I found it very funny.

  59. Cinerocco says:

    They tried.

  60. zmunk says:

    i feel like ive seen that guy before, the dude with the fro, but where?

  61. Shaun Quah says:

    Oddly compelling.

  62. bella darling says:

    AMAZING!!!! legends!!!

  63. Keepforgettingmyusername says:

    lol ive always liked kroll and ben show. i like key and peele too but too many fanboys riding their dicks and hating on the other shows like this one.

  64. Keepforgettingmyusername says:

    i like both. you not into key and peele? or just the fans that come to hate?

  65. Dominick Brown says:

    This is really ducked up man.

  66. Dan Braswell says:

    This whole web series is a metaphor for life. AND Train Man's monologue was the best.

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