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– Hello and welcome. I am jewelry designer, Jill Maurer. I talk a lot about jewelry on my channel. I also talk about luxury design. But today I’m talking about books. I was tagged by the lovely Andrea who has a channel here on
YouTube called Styled4Life. And she started this video, I will put her original tag video below. The idea behind this
video is to talk about one book that you have read
that you’ve enjoyed. And then also identify one
book that you plan to read and we’ll all come back in
September and review that book. There’s an interesting story behind a book that I read that I
want to introduce to you. I had a different life
before I did jewelry design. I had a company and I sold
my shares in my company. And I was trying to figure
out what to do next. I couldn’t think of what I wanted to do. I felt a lot of pressure
because I had done very well financially in life. I thought I could do anything. I could do anything that I want to do. There’s really no excuse
for screwing that up. I can do anything I want. I just don’t know what I want to do. And I was sitting at home and I was trying to figure out what to do, and I thought there’s
gotta be a book for this. I’m not inventing anything. There has to be a book for this. I just got in the car, I
drove down to Barnes & Noble, just started looking on the bookshelves and this book was there. The title is I Could Do Anything
if I Only Knew What It Was. It was amazing. So I picked up the book,
and it’s by Barbara Sher. So I picked it up and I
had never heard of her, I had never heard of this book, but it was right there and I thought well, that’s exactly what I was looking for so I’m gonna take it home and read it. And I strongly recommend that you do too. This book has been around for a long time. This is not new. It is still incredibly relevant. I’m not sure exactly
when it was published. I’ll look it up and
put it up here for you. What this book does is it takes you through a series of exercises
and it’s very important because I’m somebody who sometimes I’ll read the whole thing without doing the exercises thinking I’m gonna go back. You really can’t do that with this book. It will mess you up. She has you read each chapter, and then you do the exercises. And it’s important to do the exercise before you get the
information that is ahead in the chapter, in the next chapter. And the reason is because
this is all about you, and you don’t wanna be
influenced by what’s coming next. You really want to get it out of your head and down on paper and be just as honest as you can with yourself. Nobody else is going
to look at it but you. So be as honest as you can, and if you do that, you may find that you already know things about
you that are quite shocking. And I did for sure. And this is how I realized that what I needed to do next was
become a jewelry designer. This was crucial in that. The other thing that happened to me in the time period that
I was reading this book is I got on the internet and I just happened across this quote, and the quote was by
Howard Thurman and it said, “Don’t ask what the world needs, “ask what makes you come
alive and go do that “because what the world needs “is people who have come alive.” Those two things together,
this book and that quote, started me on my whole journey of becoming a jewelry designer. If you have read this
book or if you do read it and it changes the direction of your life or it gets you thinking about
yourself in a different way, please let me know. It was a major epiphany for me, and I would be curious to know if you have that experience as well. Now for the book that I plan to read. I had heard about this book before. It’s an older book. I never picked it up, I didn’t read it, and I’d always thought about reading it. It is, it combines jewelry
and current events sort of, which is something that
is, can be kind of rare. It is book by Secretary of
State, Madeleine Albright, and it’s called Read My Pins. This is about the pins and brooches that she wore while
being secretary of state, and they weren’t arbitrary. She never told anybody, but her pins, her brooches, were sending a message to the people
that she was meeting. Some of them it was positive, some of them it was more negative, some of them it was a slap in the face. As a diplomat, she
couldn’t necessarily do it, but she did it with her pins. So I’m fascinated to read this book. It has photographs of
her brooch collection, and she writes about each brooch and where she wore it and what it meant. So I’m very much looking forward to that. And now for tagging. I’m going to tag several
people to do this video because it’s a new tag video, and I think most people
have not done it yet. I tag Autumn Beckman, Be
Fabulous with Me_Irene, Tabby Violet, Chicprofessor, LuxMommy, YotaStyle, OxanaLV, LeeLeeLV, Andri, melikeetoo, Life of MC, luxcat, Marta Laura
Zayes, le petite, and Paty Perez. I would love to see all
of you do this video. Thank you again, Andrea, of Styled4Life for tagging me. This is a fun video to do, and I can’t wait to see what books everyone else is reading. If you like this video, please like it and share it, and also please subscribe. I’m uploading a video every
single day for the year 2019, and I would love to see
you here again tomorrow. Until then.

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15 thoughts on “Book CLUB Tag | Books I Recommend”

  1. Ann Mark says:

    “Read My Pins” – now that’s a worthwhile summer read and it will be mine. Thanks for introducing us to this fascinating book. I love the backstories to everyday occurrences.

  2. Elizabeth Pigg says:

    Thanks for suggesting the Madeline Albright book. I am going to add it to my “to read” list. It sounds fascinating!

  3. Autumn Beckman says:

    The first book…how perfect! What a find! I've wondered what that time in your life was like for you and how you started on your current path with jewelry design. The financial resources provide so many options but I imagine it could be overwhelming like an artist with a blank canvas. The second book sounds very interesting. I remember seeing some tabloid type story online a few months ago interpreting the Queen's outfits or broaches as messages to Trump during his visit but I didn't think there was anything to it. Maybe there was! Thanks for tagging me. I've had more time to read this summer and there are a stack of books on my table. Now to select two.

  4. Andri says:

    What an interesting couple of books .. Nothing beats a good book, but since youtube came onto my life I don’t seem to have the time, I know it’s all about making the time … Thank you for tagging me xx


    Haha, I read this book in 2013. I found this book when I was looking for books related to juicing at liberty. That was the time I suffered very serious depression after gave birth my little one plus my home got flood and I need to deal a lot of things. I tried to get my life back. I finished this book while I was in business trip to Japan. At that time I was planning to quit the job. After I read this book, I felt if I changed my job, I might need to face another challenge, could I handle it at my current condition? I ended up keeping this job until now. I think I made a right decision. Thank You so much for tagging me. Jill, I will leave country this afternoon. I may not able to watch your video on time but I will catch up. Thank You so much for sharing and have a wonderful day ❤️

  6. Styled4Life says:

    Thanks Jill for your kind words. Thanks also for mentioning the tag. I am so excited to hear about the Book "Read My Pins" I heard long ago that her pins had meaning . Now I a curious to know what they mean in various occasions . I will add this book to my list . You know how much I love brooches. You picked a good one book. I also found the first book you mentioned interesting, it sounds inspiring. Thank you for awaking my interest with the two books you mentioned.

  7. Life of MC says:

    Thank you so much for tagging me, my friend. I used to read inspirational and motivational books when i was younger and employed. I have had experience in life like most others do to get me to where i am now, thanks to these books. Unfortunately, i don't have them anymore. I may have passed these books to my relatives and friends as well… 😘

  8. Olga Santo Tomás Monroe says:

    I am starting "If I Could do Anything"; what do you think of "Black Tie Optional" by Carrie Knowles?? One of my favorite books is "Red Tent" by Anita Diamant

  9. Jeanith Burdine says:

    I love this video! Very interesting life you are having!

  10. Leslie Craven says:

    Great story thankyou. I am reading a book about Catherine de Medici. It’s my favorite subject non-fiction about the great women of history I’ve spent a lot of time with Elizabeth the first and Catherine the great. But now I am going to move to modern history because Madeline Albright sounds fascinating

  11. sky dust says:

    I just ordered the first book from ebay for less than 4.00! Thanks for the video! Have a great evening my friend XOX 🌹

  12. Michele Salter says:

    Before the video ended I went to audible and downloaded the Barbara Sher book and then went and ordered the hardcover of Read My Pins (need to have the pictures!) I will start the audible this morning while getting ready for work. Great feedback on doing the exercises before moving onto the next chapter. I always keep a notebook and pencil in my makeup drawer, so if I hear something I can make notes, I’m goofy like that. Can’t wait to get started, maybe I need to start a YouTube channel just o communicate with all of you. Now going to sharpen my pencils.

  13. Pinky Dime says:

    🌸🌻Wow! What a classy lady?😀💃 Thanks for the book info my friend! 📖📚📒💃👠😀👍

  14. smscrapper says:

    Loved loved this video! The first book, I must get! That second book would be something perfect for you to read with your interests, very fitting, and so interesting. So nice they added pictures of the broaches too!

  15. josie caruso says:

    What a great video. Really fascinated to read both books. I was particularly surprised to learn that you turned to jewellery design as a change of career direction. I just presumed you have been doing this for decades. How inspiring. Thank you for another inspirational experience x

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