Book Club – Sweaters


(pages turning) – Lovely sweater. – Thank you, this
one’s belongs to me. – This sweater, now, these are. – Sweater? – Sweater, sweater. – This is something that
we, that you, that you got? – This is gonna go ahead and
start here and then go up. – This is very nice. – Is that your sweater? – Sweater? – This is a sweater. – I like a cardigan. – Do you love how the
line is like this? (men groan) – Sweater. – Thanks, it’s lambs. – Sweater. – And what are these,
actually made of? – Oh, I think these
are just made out of harder parts of sweaters. – Sweater, sweater. – Sweater! – Thank you, it’s a sweater. – I stole this! – Your sweater’s mine. – It’s mine. – It looks stolen. – (sighs) Sweater? – Amazing pop art sweater. – Sweater. – Yeah, makes you look like
you have fat shoulders. – One, two, three, four,
and then a double six. It’s very good. (pages turning) (vibrant classical music)

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25 thoughts on “Book Club – Sweaters”

  1. ohbabybigboy says:

    Cum on me

  2. Laurence Yu says:


  3. Unforgettable says:

    Just waiting for Key and Peele!

  4. violo123 says:

    It seems like anything and everything passes for comedy these days

  5. Big Vic281 says:

    The reason it's funny is because people are that stupid.

  6. maria brown says:

    Key and Peele, where are you???

  7. Thomas Mareel says:

    this is hilarious, the way they talk reminds me of tim heidecker

  8. Caleb Holtan says:


  9. Þorgrímur Sólon Þorgrímsson says:

    What's the name of the song in the end?

  10. 805SANTA says:


  11. Choas Enigma says:

    It is called Vivaldi- Spring, its a famous and amazing piece of classical music.

  12. Shift4g says:

    I guess it's those people who are having a hard time finding it funny. All of the sudden, these comments make sense.

  13. Brazos Cole says:

    Is this Tim and Eric?

  14. XzoltCRE3D says:

    I don't get it…

  15. stayangrystayfoolish says:


  16. Lukas says:

    so ein schrott hab ich schonb lange nich mehr gesehn bei cc

  17. Alex Kessler says:

    i actually loved this!

  18. Kurt Johnson says:


  19. Mr Willis says:

    Why did they dislike this

  20. YallWieners says:

    Oh this is nice.

  21. senior Fapington says:

    stop making this shit ,, its not funny ,,, i only laff at this shit if I'm high as hell

  22. MrRandomcat123 says:

    its funny just keep talkin bout books

  23. Nathan Radich says:

    Lol and I'm not high

  24. ruzzell907 says:

    This is a vivid image of my style of clothes

  25. Simetry says:

    Sweaters became popular in the northwest because of k records.

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