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Hi everyone. Happy New Year. It’s Wallace
here with your Monday video. I hope you all had a nice holidays and are getting
back into the swing of things now that the new year has started. I have an in
real life book club and last month we read little fires everywhere by Celeste Ng.
And it was really such a good book to do for a book club because there’s so much
to discuss. And even with people who are like you’ve a lot in common with, you
might be surprised how much you disagree with in that book. So it’s definitely one
for a good, lively conversation. And even if the conversation doesn’t get super
lively at least, there’s a lot to discuss. Plus it’s just a really good
page turning book. And I happen to think that those two things are hard to find.
Usually you find a book that’s like it has a lot to discuss but it’s a little
slower and it’s a little bit more boring. Or the fast paced fun books, they’re just
not that much to discuss besides like this happened and you all agree because
that happened. The next book that we’re reading is behold the dreamers. And I
just started this on the first and I am literally just started it like before
bed. Which usually I only read a page or two before bed and I fall asleep and I’m
done. I’m 40 pages into this. I know 40 pages might not seem like a
lot to some of you. This is being recorded obviously before you see it.
So by the time you’re watching I’ll be farther. But I’m a slow reader and I
literally read one or two pages before falling asleep. To the fact that in four
nights I’ve read 40 pages, that’s a lot for me at night before bed. Anyway this
book has been out for a while so you’ve probably heard a lot about it. But it’s
basically about this chauffeur who’s an immigrant and his wife and their
relationship with the man that he is hired by and the family that he is a
chauffer for. And so far it’s, it’s really page turning. The way the author like
kind of goes, where we get to delve into this man who is the immigrant his life
while also watching the life of these really wealthy people, these
Manhattanites who he chauffeurs around. And then hearing his backstory with his wife’s backstory, and where they came from. It’s just
really well done and I’m, I’m really into it. So I’m excited about it. If you’re
looking for something to read or a good book club book, I think this one might be
the one. Especially with everything that’s going on with immigration right
now. I mean, it might get a little dicey and you might not want to bring it up in
your book club. But, uh, it’s, it’s a good one to talk about because it’s real and
it’s relevant and it’s really happening. And so getting a good view
into these people’s lives and just seeing what they love so much about
coming to America even in these first 40 pages I’m not even sure that’s what the
entire book is about. I don’t think it is. But I think it’s, I think it’s partly
about that. But that’s what my brain has been focused on for these 40 pages just
because I don’t have very many stories in my own personal life about that. And
so reading something somebody else’s story and hearing about what that’s like
and everything that they’re doing to try to become U.S. citizens and every lie that
he has to tell her, like every little untruth and how nervous he gets about it
is really eye-opening. And that’s literally in 40 pages. So I think this
book is gonna be a really good one and I’m really excited about it. If you’ve
read it, you can comment down below with no spoilers please. I am recommending it
for book clubs. Until next Monday, happy reading.

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2 thoughts on “Book Club Picks from Wallace’s IRL Club”

  1. Sarah Rose says:

    I’m so glad you showed the book cover in the thumbnail. I listened to this book via audiobook this past summer and loved it. I am not a huge fan of audiobooks but this book made me want to find other books to listen to.

    I highly suggest for you to give the audiobook a try. The narrator is perfect and even has an African accent so you really feel like you are in the story.

    No spoiler but the ending was sad for me. Realistic but sad.

  2. karen zeibak says:

    I loved Behold the Dreamers. I listened to it and the narrator was fabulous!

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