Book Chat with Melinda Gates!

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Hey, guys, it’s Sasha,
and I’m currently trying
to contain my excitement because today I am joined
by Melinda Gates, who wrote a book called
“The Moment of Lift.”( music playing )I would like to ask you
a little bit about one of the moments in this book
where you talk about your struggle with feminism
and the word “feminism” and what it means
to be a feminist,
so I wanted to ask you what do you define
as feminism and do you consider yourself
a feminist? Yeah, so I write in the book
a bit about how when I had left my career
at Microsoft after nine years, I was in my very early 30s
at the time. Actually a nun asked me
whether I was a feminist. She asked me to speak
at a conference. Yeah, it was a all-girls school
and she wanted me to speak. And she said, “Well,
would you feel comfortable – if I asked you
if you were a feminist?”
– Mm-hmm. And– ’cause we were preparing
for this interview, and I–
I said to her, “No.” I wasn’t comfortable
with the term because of how
it had been defined
when I was a young girl and what I remembered
about feminists. Whereas, as I’ve come now
to travel the world and seen the difference
that when a woman has
her full voice, her full decision-making
authority, she has resources to act
on the things she cares about. It changes everything for her
and her family. And I’ve come to realize
that for me, that’s what feminism is,
is that we have our full voice, our full decision-making
authority, our full resources to do whatever we want.
We’re free to do that. And if that’s feminism,
you bet I’m all for it. – Yeah.
– You bet. I was wondering if you could
read the last sentence – of your book that I have
right here.
– Sure. I love how you
had the book title
in the last sentence. – Mm.
– What was the inspiration
of leaving your reader with that last line? Anna touched my life.
She lived in Tanzania. And following her around
for two days and the many, many,
many conversations, she touched me and opened me
in a way about women
all over the world, including the United States
and what we need to do. What I took away
from Melinda’s book
“The Moment of Lift” was truly the empowering
statement of how you could pave the way
for many women, not just who are above you,
but below you as well because you need to rise up
with them and bring them
up with you, so younger kids,
bring them along with you
on this journey, and know that they will learn
from your actions, and your actions
can be so powerful. Seriously, guys,
go check out this book. Get involved
in the conversation. And don’t forget to check out
the “Booktube” episode, which we filmed
with Melinda Gates on YouTube Originals
right now. Bye.( music playing )

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