BOOK 2 – Chuck Palahniuk ‘Fight Club’


Remember this. The people you’re trying to step on. We’re everyone you depend on. We’re the people who do your laundry, and cook your food, and serve your dinner. We make your bed. We guard you while you’re asleep. We drive the ambulances, we direct your call. We are cooks and taxi drivers and we know everything about you. We process your insurance claims and credit card charges. We control every part of your life. We are the middle children of history raised by television to believe that someday we’ll be millionaires and movie stars and rock stars. But we won’t. And we’re just learning this fact. So do, not, fuck with us.

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100 thoughts on “BOOK 2 – Chuck Palahniuk ‘Fight Club’”

  1. Shr Ansr says:

    amazing. simply beautiful

  2. A P says:

    doskonałe ❤

  3. We Are Phamily says:

    Yes, I am, and I am prepared to defend myself should people comment on this.

  4. We Are Phamily says:

    Like this is my favourite YouTuber.

  5. Amy Putnam says:

    This is amazing

  6. klaudia szczepanska says:

    Swietny filmik
    Zwlaszcza gdy sie siedzi samemu
    Po ciemku
    I slyszy ostatnie slowa
    Zawal murowany

  7. rachel durling says:


  8. Alexxis Ola says:

    jeju przestraszyłam się na koniec

  9. Kamilaa21 says:

    ciesze sie na każdy twój nowy filmik! ♡♡

  10. Marie Karlsen0 says:

    Emma Watson would be so proud ❤ #Feminism

  11. wallflower AM says:

    proud feminist! 💪

  12. Anna Czerwińska says:

    Filmy z tej serii są absolutnie mistrzowskie.

  13. Damiën says:

    This is everything! I adore <3 Good work

  14. jespar dal'verak says:

    scary shit at the end ahah 😀 i won't i swear ..

  15. vagabond says:

    Kasia, jak zwykle fantastycznie, jak zwykle w punkt i jak zwykle genialnie wizualnie.

  16. Lisa Ew says:

    Nie bedzie napisow? ;-; bo trochę slabo u mnie z angielskim

  17. ObscenityEll says:

    Przysięgam wielbić Cię miłością wielką do końca mych dni .Jesteś jednym wielkim fenomenem dla mnie. Chciałabym mieć tylko takie osoby jak Ty w moim życiu. To wszystko dziękuję

  18. Marika Marikass says:


  19. Matylda De Croix says:

    Aaaach Palahniuk 😍😍😍 jest szansa na inne jego książki później?

  20. It's Yara says:

    I'm a huge fan! I wish you know me by now. You inspired me so much and for that I'm grateful. And yes! I am a Feminist

  21. Angelika Czarnecka says:

    Jestem zła, że zamiast (ok) 4 tys. wyświetleń nie ma miliona. To co robisz jest niesamowite. Same pomysły już są WOW no i realizacja filmów pierwsza klasa! Mega mi się podoba :O :O To się nazywa talent.Pozdrawiam ciepłooo :*

  22. agata says:

    Nie tylko końcówka, ale cały film to coś pięknego! <3

  23. Wiktoria Bagińska says:

    mój chłopak(Anglik) gdy Cię usłyszał w tym filmie zapytał "Is that Billie Piper??" 🙂

  24. Nina Kang says:

    I love your work so so much

  25. Freja Bonjour says:

    Would you be able to write down the transcript for us?

  26. Kamila Wójcik says:

    Szkoda, że nie jestem kimś pokroju Anonymous, bo teraz chętnie zhakowałabym wszystkie komputery, telewizje, bilbordy, smartfony ect na całym świecie, w każdym możliwym miejscu żeby ten film dostał się wszędzie. Wyobrażacie sobie? Wszystko zostaje przerwane i jest tylko ten przekaz. Pół męskiego gatunku zesrało by się w gacie. Kasia uwielbiam Twoje dzieła. Jesteś niesamowita i zmieszasz w idealnym kierunku. Tak trzymaj.

  27. Elocin says:

    Y español? 🙁

  28. qrzqaz73 says:

    ten filmik jest jak zwiastun dobrego filmu sensacyjnego

  29. Colton the creator says:

    Am I the only one who jumped when she got close to the camera? Lol

  30. Hollie Cira says:

    this is genius and beautiful. I love that book too, incredible.

  31. Colton the creator says:

    There is something about your videos that I cannot put into words

    You have such an elaborate way of putting your videos together and it's almost hypnotic. I love it

  32. Colton the creator says:

    You're voice is high key sexy


  33. Theodore Roosevelt says:

    i ain't gonna fuck with woman… i'm making love with woman :3 be polite!

  34. ankit kumar says:

    I've been waiting for so long! This is happiness, seeing you and hearing you, i don't know why.

  35. Peete Schneider says:

    this deserves so much more attention. I love it.

  36. Laura Porto says:

    this is art

  37. Michelle says:

    beautiful, I love this.

  38. Mia Witowska says:

    Z wyczuciem i smakiem jak zwykle z reszta, chylę czoła Katarzyno 🙂

  39. Natalia Vindas says:

    This has been one of the most empowering videos I have ever seen

  40. Alistair Sebastian says:

    We're everywhere. Beware.

  41. Carla Rodriguez says:

    I can say now that it is impossible to find bad videos in this channel

  42. Greg.Z ski says:

    my fav book

  43. Greg.Z ski says:

    i just need one. explanation to the last sentece. "do not fuck with us" (how do you u understand.) dont because we will be angry for what the tv done to us or what ?

  44. Rafał Piwowarczyk says:

    Jest świetny :D. Doceniłbym bardziej gdyby tytuł miał coś wspólnego z treścią :(.

  45. Adrian K says:

    Zaczynam się Ciebie bać – jako, że jesteś kobietą.

  46. Anoushig04 says:

    I love your channel and your voice😍😍

  47. Jadwiga says:

    Yes, I am!

  48. Natch Anan says:

    Kat you're' amazing! Truly.

  49. Anja Zole says:

    omg! this was scary!

  50. Arthur Phillip says:

    Ja uważam że kobiety i mężczyźni nie są równi w żadnej dziedzinie życia a feministki chciałby żeby to państwo zagwarantowało im tą równość jakimiś ustawami, zamiast podjąć rywalizacje z facetami.

  51. Julia K. says:

    yes, yes, yes!! this is amazing and the ending, just hell yes

  52. Kasia says:

    Yes, I'm a feminist and I'm proud of it.

  53. nadin ghanem says:

    this video is pure art

  54. Marie Jeanne says:

    Oh mon dieu j'adore, c'est tellement profond, criant de vérité et surtout DIFFÉRENT !♥

  55. teyo v says:

    u are not your youtube account

  56. Urszula Zajączkowska says:

    Jesteś kobieto niesamowita!

  57. Nastigyal says:

    I'm so late, but THIS IS AMAZING KAT !!!!

  58. Teresa Kurowska says:

    I'm wondering, why there is so many people who are afraid of the word "Feminist"? Technically If someone says "i'm not a feminist", means that this person doesn't believe in (for example) equal rights and what? Maybe we shouldn't let women vote ?
    It's illogical. Like come on, where are we, 16th century?
    I think that all women around the world want to be treat as they deserve to be treated. That's why we all should be feminists, well at least I am one :))

  59. Ann Lee says:

    Your voice is really amazing 🙊

  60. Aqilah's Dead says:

    This is the reason why I'm subscribed to you, thank you

  61. Scarlett Scarlett says:

    Myślę, że miło byłoby gdybyś nagrała jakiś film o zaburzeniach odżywiania, tak samo psychologiczny jak o na przykład atakach paniki. Chętnie bym taki obejrzała i proszę przemysl to. miłej nocy

  62. the blush says:

    wow i loved that jumpscare at the end!! that was so impacted💙

  63. Sylwia Kujawa says:

    Jakie to jest świetne! ❤️

  64. Fnatsent Kitty2 says:

    Oh my god, this is the artwork. Absolutely in love with your videos

  65. Zgniły Banan says:

    "2001: A Space Odyssey" will be next. Probably. I hope.

  66. Erika Alief says:

    I really love your videos :)) can you please make a video about bipolar disorder, it'll be fantastic if you make it. And sorry for my english, i sill work on it

  67. Emily Kalimullina says:

    I can't even imagine how beautiful your soul is

  68. rosegold says:

    uzdolniona wiadomo, że z polski
    pozdrawiam 😉

  69. oeil de faucon says:

    not bad 😮

  70. I Hate Google says:

    You seem to be advocating the misuse of personal data and professional position to carry out personal and political vendettas.

    Acts of civil disobedient against a state misusing its power I get and in many cases support but what you describe just seems to be petty and open for tit for tat reprisals. In many circumstance it could even be criminal.

    What constitute "f*ck with us"? Does Emma Bates down the road disagreeing with abortion and advocating against it, constitute this vague standard?

    What about someone who "misgenders" someone does this qualify?

    Why would someone who deals with confidential or critical matters want to hire someone who holds your sketchy ethics?

  71. Elvis Angel Lopez says:

    Español por favor, el resto de tus videos (los que puedo ver) me encantan

  72. Flummi says:

    Chuck Palahniuk is an amazing author

  73. Zgniły Banan says:

    So next book will be "Trainspotting"?

  74. martens132 says:

    Jak zwykle genialnie , aż ciarki przechodzą brrrr

  75. Ri ya says:

    love these 😍

  76. Trish Trish trisha says:

    you are amazing Ma'am. i love your videos and they inspire me. i wish you all the best for your future. your videos have helped me in dealing with life.

  77. Malek Abidi says:

    your accent is everything . So in loove

  78. Inaya Basu says:

    Please tell me what audio equipment you use! Your voice sounds amazing

  79. Maria Barrera says:

    AMAZED 💖

  80. Ludwig Kob Jakes says:

    I wont talk about it.

  81. Bizzarro World says:

    This shit is disrespectful to the original work of art. One of the main themes of Fight Club is manhood and you picking that part to make feminist propaganda is pretty fucking ridiculous.

  82. kswannie says:

    Tell this to the Polish parliament – the one's trying to erase democracy for totalitarianism.

  83. TheLauren376 says:

    you're puttinge in a trace omggg❤🙃

  84. joytekb says:


  85. Le Vej says:

    do…. not…. FAK WITH US

  86. Iluminus Ômega Force says:


  87. BYolufemi says:

    Congratulations you are now my favorite youtuber of all time this content is next level

  88. Marta Misiuda says:

    Super film! 😉 Krótkie, mocne, na temat! Brawo, Kasia!

  89. Filipa Ribeiro says:

    I would really love if Kat N. Kept doing more introduction videos about books i even have a sugestion . How about Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury ?

  90. Intellectual genius social retard says:

    Feminism is cancer

  91. errrnope says:

    I love this!!!

  92. XxThearkxX says:

    Dzisiaj pierwszy raz trafiłam na twój kanal i bardzo mi się spodobało będzie więcej tego typu odc?

  93. Syreal Hall says:

    Proud Male Feminist

  94. DIABOLO KANSAS says:

    a lot of people are hating here so i'm just bringing back a bit of love. keep on going you're great! x

  95. boring. says:

    You inspire me to make videos like this. So expressive and creative. It’s like a short short film.

  96. Anomie_Strain says:

    These days neither sex really fits perfectly in stereotypical gender roles. That being said, I want to learn how to make banana pudding from scratch and learn to drywall.

  97. Esther Gonzalez says:

    this is so eccentric and creative. I like it.

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