B&N NOOK: How To Download Library eBooks


Welcome to the San José Public Library’s
eBook tutorial for the NOOK. To turn on the NOOK, first press the power
button located on the corner of the device. Then, on the touchscreen, touch and slide
out the on-screen bar to wake-up your NOOK. Using the provided USB cable, connect the
NOOK to your computer. Once the NOOK is connected, from your computer,
go to the library’s home page and click on Downloads. From the Downloads page, click on OverDrive. From OverDrive’s home page, scroll down until
you see a section called Getting Started on the left-hand side. From here, click Adobe Digital Editions. From the following page, click Download Adobe
Digital Editions. You will be taken to Adobe’s website, where
you can click to install Adobe Digital Editions. Click ‘Yes’ when prompted, and the installation
will begin. After following the installation prompts and
closing the dialogue box, you’ll be asked to click that you agree with the software’s
terms of use. This will open a setup menu. Click Next. Here you will be asked to authenticate your
computer. If you already have an Adobe username and
password, enter them at this time. Or, to register, click Get an Adobe ID Online
and create an Adobe ID by filling out your information online. However, for our example, we will keep it
simple and instead select Don’t Authenticate and continue without creating an ID. Once Adobe Digital Editions has been installed,
you can return to OverDrive’s home page and browse their vast selection of digital titles
to find exactly the eBook you are looking for. Or, for our example, we will click on Advanced
Search from the top-left corner. This allows us to limit the format to Adobe EPUB eBook
as well as Only Show Titles with Copies Available. After finding a title you want, next to Adobe
EPUB format, select Add to Book Bag. You can either browse for more titles or proceed
to checkout. You will then be prompted to sign in using
your library card number and your PIN. Before confirming checkout, you have an option
for the number of days you wish to check out the eBook. Once you are done, press Confirm Check Out. From the following screen, press Download. When prompted select to Open the file. Adobe Digital Editions should automatically
open, and the book will be downloaded to the program. You can either read the eBook on your computer
screen or, to transfer the eBook to your NOOK, first click on the Library icon at the top
left of the screen. Your library displays a list of the books
you currently have downloaded. Click and drag the title you wish to transfer
to the folder on the left side labeled My NOOK. Once you have transferred the eBook or eBooks
you have downloaded onto your NOOK, you may safely remove the device from your computer. After disconnecting your NOOK from your computer,
press the arc-shaped menu button. Touch Library. On the top right of the screen touch My Stuff,
and then My Files. Here you will find the eBooks that you transferred
to your NOOK from your computer. Touch a title to open it. To flip through pages, touch and slide your
finger across the screen. Note that once you have opened an eBook, the
page you left off on will be remembered and the title will also appear on your NOOK’s
home page. While the NOOK is connected to your computer,
you can return a book before its due date if you finish early. From your library, click the drop-down arrow
over the title that you wish to return and then click Return Borrowed Item. Once the item is returned, you will no longer
be able to read it on your NOOK. To then remove the title itself, click and
hold down on the title until a menu appears. From the menu, select Delete. This same process can be used on the home
page to remove a title by selecting Remove from Home. Note that you can also remove items just from
the home page without deleting them from your NOOK. You are now ready to download eBooks for free
from the San José Public Library and OverDrive, and enjoy reading them in the palm of your
hand. For additional information, refer to your
NOOK’s user manual. Also, visit to browse eBook titles
available from OverDrive.

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