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Hi guys! This is Heather from
Today we’re gonna make some black bean salad with corn which is a great way to have a filling
but fresh and light meal for summer. So what I’m starting with are some black
beans which I have cooked and rinse and dubbed them in a bowl. Very simple! You can also
use canned beans. Ok! And then second ingredient of choice – corn!
So, this is a cub of corn that was boiled and is now cooked and ready to be cut off
the cub and into the, into the salad. So really simple, all you do is just cut along
the cub and get those kernels off there. You can be more thorough or less thorough depending
on how much you wanna get off. You can also use frozen corns if you wish.
I’m using fresh because it’s in season right now and why not. Now if you want to
skip with the recipe I will post that at Alright! The other thing I’m going to add
in here next are I’m gonna chopped up some red pepper and a tomato. This one is fresh
from Phil’s garden. I’m pretty much excited about this. I’ve also got some chives growing
outside so I’m gonna use those although green onions works just as well. So, I’m gonna chopped those up, put them
in a bowl and last thing I’m gonna add into the vegetable bowl is some fresh oregano also
from the garden. You can use dried if you prefer, if you use dried put it in the dressing
instead of the salad. Ok. Then for the dressing what I’m gonna
do is get the zest and juice of one lime, got my zester in the sink. So all it is, is
this little tool it got teeth in its gonna take the very outside of the peel off. We
call that zest. You can also do that with the grader be make sure when you’re doing
this that you don’t go further than the white part underneath the green. The white is called pith and its bitter and
you don’t wanna putting that in but the zest is actually sweet and very limey so it
will be delicious in this dressing. So get all the zest off as you can and if
you prefer you can do a lemon on this or even orange or grapefruit would be interesting.
I tend to like to go with the lemon or lime because I’m gonna be putting some spices
in here. Then to juice the lime you can either prick
it with the zester or a fork, sometimes it is easier with the fork because you can just
twist while you squeeze. Get all the juice out and once you feel like
you properly drained your citrus and we’re gonna add a bit of salt and some seasonings
to this dressing. So, a pinch of salt and then I’ve got some
ground coriander. Now I’m just putting a sprinkle in here but you can put as much or
as little as you like of each of these spices. Got some cumin and I am not a huge fan of
spiciness but I do like to get a little bit in there to kick it up a notch so this is
cayenne, it is extremely potent so only put in a little bit if you’re not used to it. And then again if you are using dried oregano
instead of the fresh, I’ll sprinkle a little bit of oregano in here and give it a little
stir. So that’s how you need to do with the dressing and then you just gonna toss
this in with the vegetables. So there’s my dressing and if you like you
could add up a bit of olive oil to this dressing. I have been using less and less oil, when
Phil and I went travelling to Europe we didn’t have oil most of the time because we didn’t
wanna travel with oil and the places that we stayed didn’t always have any and so
I kinda have the habit of not using oil so much and when we got home I tried to continue
that for the most part. So you don’t need it but if you do like
it then go for it. You could add just a little bit into the dressing. Get this toss around;
you could see beautiful colours coming together here. So fresh, so tasty! Makes an excellent lunch or dinner, you could
have it on its own, on the side, put it in a wrap. Whatever you feel like! Favourite
style! Very easy, very fresh! So I hope you guys enjoyed that black bean
salad with corn. You can find the recipe over at and I would love
to know what you guys think of it, make me a comment and let me know.

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14 thoughts on “Black Bean & Corn Salad || Healthy Vegan Recipes”

  1. Chukwuma Onyeije, M.D. says:

    Love grapefruit. Never tried grapefruit zest, though. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Saundra Daryab says:

    looks delicious!!

  3. Flint S says:

    You are cute!

  4. running90away says:

    @adamc404 she doesnt like fresh cilantro. put in some if you want to. no one's stopping u 🙂

  5. running90away says:

    thank you Heather for the wonderful recipe this looks delicious! definitely a must!


    Looks very appetizing!! Thx for the video.

  7. Jessica Riojas says:

    Looks awsome. Ill give it a try ,(:

  8. jadedbutterfly27 says:

    This looks delicious! Gonna try it out for dinner tomorrow! I'm always looking for ideas with black beans. Thanks for sharing!

  9. outspeaker says:

    5:47 your hair touches your mic and makes a weird noise. Why don't you post all your recipes in the description instead of making people go your website?

  10. Daisygocrazy says:

    @running90away you guys are so catty lol. Dude I agree, cilantro would be awesome.

  11. running90away says:

    @Daisygocrazy lol I didn't meant to come up as catty! she really doesnt like fresh cilantro. she said so in one of her videos. I remember because I hate fresh cilantro as well lol.

  12. CocoaBeachLife says:

    Delicious, thank you for sharing : )

  13. warrior angel says:

    Looks wonderful!! I hope the corn is non-GMO.. I heard almost all the corn and soy is now, unless it says otherwise..

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