BJJ Scout: Keenan Cornelius Guard Study – The Worm Guard


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98 thoughts on “BJJ Scout: Keenan Cornelius Guard Study – The Worm Guard”

  1. Buck4Free says:

    Keenan site is gold. lol

  2. 1qas23 says:

    Thanks, another great vid and music. Avoiding the foot from going past the hips to the outside and re-griping the lapel trapping the ankle on the inside of the hip –> Leg Drag??   

  3. nicacrush says:

    keenan is the mystery bjjscout

  4. protocultureBJJ says:

    Soooo is BJJScout someone from the UK? I see the word defence used where in the USA we spell it defense…
    Seriously though awesome video again right up there with excellent breakdown details and quality analysis

  5. It'sme Josh says:

    it's effective and difficult to pass, but i hate it…i know it's not intended as a stall position but it makes for boring jiu jitsu.And yes,i know keenan is much better at jiu jitsu than me,…it's just my opinion.I like flowing jits and this aint it.

  6. instituteofjiujitsu says:

    Arrrghh! That looks frustrating as [email protected]@@###k!!

  7. luchador1764 says:

    Dafuq did I just watch?

  8. Keenan Cornelius says:

    You are all screwed

  9. M Yousef says:

    Great work as always.
    This guard has been used by Robson Moura for a quite long time, one of the entries/setup from his single leg guard.

  10. iamjason says:

    For some reason i see Lo passing this guard with his active passing and quick knees movement .

  11. Shaughn Vos says:

    Avoid the grips. Grip fight like heck, and try establish your position pronto. Once the grip is made around the Lapel it is hell to break. Also Join Keenans site – it is unbelievable. and very well priced!

  12. Josh Ketry says:

    Keenan's link does not work

  13. waldomarek says:

    i'll probably get flamed for this, call me "conservative" or whatever, i really got some mixed feelings about (sports) bjj. i think some things are getting out of control… it's like it turned into tug of war and lost the essence of jiujitsu (self defense martial art). maybe i'm just ignorant about how these new guards can be useful in self defense or maybe that's not even the point at all. i mean it's cool the game is developing constantly, but the more it develops, it's like the further it gets from its root (self defense).

  14. qcasey says:


  15. Danny Burke says:

    I can't find the first song online anywhere?! 🙁 

  16. Jiu-Jitsu 4 Odin says:

    I love it!  Makes passing even more tough!

  17. DC JIU JITSU says:

    really like it OSSS another great innovation for BJJ players to evolve 

  18. whoreson12 says:

    Damn!! another great vid. Great game by Keenan…

  19. Lee White says:

    Can anyone confirm/deny that this is knee reaping?
    The passer's 'wormed' leg is turning inward and the 'wormer's' grip on the lapel is pressuring that knee inward, much like the traditional reap with a guard player's leg.

  20. Jason Clarke says:

    heel hook.

  21. Garrett Vargas says:

    That's some next level shenanigans! Awesome stuff!

  22. Spangler Martial Arts says:

    If you believe Keenan's stuff is boring or shit, you  either have some instructor who still believes in creonte and thinks his stuff is different and more dangerous than anybody else;  Or you believe you know it all, or you've been in the game for all of about 2 or 3 years and think your opinion means something beyond just that.  If you think first before you criticize something that is obviously amazing, you may be jealous.  Instructors who teach ignorance and control based on lineage or "their style being the best" are not growing spiritually or mentally.  Is that really who you look up to??  It's time to check yourself before you wreck yourself. 

    If you believe his worm evolves the game, you have an amazingly insightful and intelligent instructor. He isn't afraid for you to find something out there he may not know.  Because, somehow that makes him less of an instructor or something.  In fact, he picks your brain because an instructor is first and foremost a student who began learning who his jiu jitsu is "after" getting his/her black belt. 

    I keep this quote in my head:  Empty your mind…Be Formless…Shapeless.. LIKE WATER…You put water in a cup…IT BECOMES THE CUP…You put water into a bottle…IT BECOMES THE BOTTLE….You put water into a teapot…IT BECOMES THE TEAPOT…Water can FLOW or it can  CRASH….BE WATER MY FRIEND.

    Kennan Cornelius is like water and many of you just don't get it..

  23. William Kim says:

    Hey bjjscout!!! You guys do an amazing job. I thoroughly enjoy these. Keep it up!!!! Thanks for contributing to the bjj community like you do.

  24. Al Niter says:

    Yo this shit is taylor made for my game !!! Im goin to perfect this !! Never stop makin these vids !!

  25. Sis0BJJ says:

    I love that videos analysing technics. Liked

  26. L Wapo says:

    Keenan, your "BJJSCOUT" cupon code doesn't work on

  27. Paul Coffey says:

    Thanks Keenan.  I have been playing a lot of lapel through the legs lately.  This gives me a great jump.  I can't wait to train now.

  28. dualmass says:

    Lol, great sense of humor, not much better than that!

  29. carritohmc says:

    More like tentacle guard, or squid guard, man this is going to be a headache to pass, but someone will eventually find a way

  30. Adrian Zarza says:

    Bueno, hay que crear siempre. Ser fluido y nunca estancarse en la mediocridad. Felicitaciones Keenan Corneluis

  31. Michael Joseph says:

    Keenan…i think i can defeat this…

  32. Calibur1980 says:

    The only reason I will even give this guard a second look is because I like the soundtrack of this highlight.  🙂

  33. Chris Franco says:

    Its awesome i tried it and it worked awesome the only thing is people step over the leg that lassoed the lapel and i had to reset cause of kneeslice threat. .like the would step over the ankle…so i just need to make sure the whole ankle is stuck to the hip i imagine.. maybe i just need to practice it more :p

  34. Gerald Martin Go says:

    BJJ Scout just want to hear your thoughts.  What is your course of action as the worm guarder in Galvao's case when he steps back?

  35. onyxavatar says:

    All the guy has to do is go for your lapel and put pressure on your neck before you get anything on him.  That's how you could counter this.  Not to mention that you're foot is ripe for being ankle locked.  

  36. Aldenyr Yuri says:

    hello people of bjj scout, forgive my English translator, I am Brazilian I would give you a hint p, studying the game Buchecha like you guys do with Lendro Lo and Rodolfo.

  37. Benjamin Moriniere says:

    Nice Keenan. I have been developing one called the Kung Fu Guard. Hope to get really good at it and show if off a bit.

  38. the Lizard team says:

    i lik dis.

  39. Eric Seo says:

    i hate his guard as a top player… how the fuck should i pass this guard??????

  40. FreiwilligFrei says:

    i would rather listen to voice, instead of reading the descriptions.
    but anyway thanx very much!

  41. Chris Dealy says:

    Been playin with this for about 2 weeks now and the main counters I'm seeing are the leg attacks toe hold and knee bar which I'm doing well countering but mostly when I come up my training partner works easily into single leg x so be careful noobs! 😉


    where is the music from ? you didn't post in the description !!!!!

  43. kambosoop says:

    Amazing work, love all your videos.

  44. Scott Phillips says:

    Great video and amazing creativity Keenan. With total admiration for it's effectiveness in sport BJJ I have to say I don't like the recent evolutions of sport BJJ techniques and think it heads on a path to BJJ being as useless as TKD.  Just a personal thing, I'm a 40 year old guy, I like "rice and beans" BJJ

  45. jrdking1 says:

    Thank you, tried it and it was very effective and very frustrating to my opponents. Once it was locked there was little my opponents could do to prevent the sweep or berimbolo up to purple. Brown belts gave me alot of trouble because they would prevent the set up at all cost. Once I started working for the lapel they would squat and fight my hands then start smashing. Will keep studying to figure the best set up by threatening something else and keeping them from jumping on top of me.

  46. xxxninja24 says:

    Yes yes yes yesssssss…. Worm gaurd is the best….

  47. vizhns says:

    Why not just attack his grip on the feeding arm and break that grip?

  48. GEORGE M. says:

    that's why i prefer watching No-Gi matches….

  49. lowlowseesee says:

    perpetual motion perpetual motion perpetual motion perpetual motion perpetual motion !!!!!!!

  50. cesar pelayo says:

    I was put in this position today for the first time.. Wtf!!! Pretty cool definitely felt incapable of defending but im sure there is… I wanna try it now!

  51. LionelWitchieWardrob says:

    I'm a white belt. This looks like the instructions to build a jet engine or something. Fuck this

  52. CRISPR-Cas9 says:

    All this wizard stuff… I don't understand

  53. Jeff Rickman says:

    Looks extremely aggravating. Defend an arm bar then realize you've been tied up. Lol

  54. bluenickels says:

    Keenan cracks me up.  I was lucky enough to see him dismantly Kevin Casey at Metamoris 3.  Keenan's a monster.

  55. stansxm says:

    Parabéns. ..One question. Did keenan already apply this technic with some guardeiro like miyao or Mendes? How to apply this when opponent like to seat on guard? What ever. Big up to the people who makes bjj evolving with efficient creation.

  56. 396Kes says:

    Nice innovation Keenan .

  57. David Velas says:


  58. cole pellegrin says:

    Actually what if u lasso your own lapel, theoretically your leg is stronger than his arm, so what if you should lasso the lapel, again theoretically, the lasso would strict the pulling of the leg and if you should put that knee to the mat and retract it then it should break the grip, also since his foot is trapped, it leaves open, submissions, passes, and maybe a berimbolo.

  59. Graysson Winter says:

    Too difficult to train, definitely could take time.

    In the meantime, I'll create my own guard aptly named "maggot guard"

  60. Tyler Rentz says:

    inverted backwards reverse de la worm guard

  61. Chris Taylor says:

    I just tried this guard yesterday and today with one of my training partners at the gym.  Very, very nice control.  I am not finding any drawbacks so far.  I think that the key is the the fact that your leg is glued to the hip and at the same time applying significant control to the oposite leg.  The sweeps feel very natural.  I am interested in what a defense would be.  so far I can´t seem to come up with any when my partner has me in this guard.

  62. RightWingCon81 says:

    Funny guy but he can be a little overwhelming. Small doses.

  63. gg lim says:

    whats the song called perpetual motion?

  64. Mike Lombardo says:

    This may sound obvious but I got a guy I roll with who is really good with straigh ankle locks, to me it looks liek your leg is open to straigh ankle locks where it is left. Is the ankle lock there for your opponent and if so how would you avoid it?

  65. Quinton Tait says:

    would it work as well with out gi?

  66. Francisco raiderbjj Ramirez says:

    Not sure if I did it wrong or what but I got ankle locked when I did this. are ankle locks a big threat in this position? Also would the guy on top be able to pull one leg x or deep half in like a sub only situation? Im just curious. Im gonna keep playing with the position to get it down

  67. dannielpreto says:

    Worm guard sounds so sneaky and weird. Human evolution has taught us not to trust in weird or sneaky things. I would've called it the salubrious guard. Something very positive and comfortable.

  68. Borja Vellon Garcia says:

    UNSTOPPABLE. Very good watch, I'll get to practice a bit to feel it.

  69. lebroucke says:

    I had to watch it a few times, the music kept distracting me. Great song!!! Loved it!!!

  70. Donnie Brazzersco says:

    Good accomplishments for Keeanan. Congrats. However, not into tug-a-war jiujitsu. Sport jiujitsu is getting ridiculous.

  71. THEBLOODKING123 says:

    I'm 6'5" 195lbs and I've been looking for a good way to kill the knee cut pass. This is working great for me! Question though, is there any way they could spin backward and kneebar your right leg from that position?

  72. Fernando Romero says:

    Very Nice, Need to try to see if it will work for me.

  73. Hugo Boer says:

    which group sing this song? at 6 minutes

  74. Joao Zunga says:

    It was taught to me today, I think it is a very good technique, but I found some difficulty on switching hand after the opposite leg because of short lapel that left.

  75. bjjtapes says:

    The popular Gi's have a longer lapel for a fashionable look; there are a few makers out there that understand the hazards.

  76. joeystrongbone says:

    sad you you don't continue to do videos like this

  77. Mark Spark says:

    This looks like a girl sport to me

  78. Em busca do BEAT inexplicável! says:


  79. Steve R says:

    I cant train anymore do to injuries so i cant try it, but the counter seems to me would be the same as the de la riva counter. Assuming my right leg was trapped, i would take a semi circle step backwards with my left, while laying on you with the right side of my body. With your left leg now between my legs, I could go for a knee bar. Or i could bring my right leg next to your leg and get a reverse kesa gatame.

    Also, if you know its coming, as you as feeding the lapel through the legs, someone can catch your forearm in between there hamstring and calf by sitting down. Enough pressure makes some people tap. If not, your hand is free for a wrest lock there. Its something not done/looked for in bjj, but I learned it in either, catch, shooto (the art), or silat.

  80. Maxx Stiles says:

    Where is your school located?

  81. Evandro Mantovani says:

    I tried, it works, but for me, it's not worthy, takes too long for only a sweep as I felt uncomfortable to submit from this position, after you sweep you have to pass the guard yet, I'm a guard player, I'm supposed to be lazy. Anyway I'm going to practice it and see if it works with the heavier and the higher graduated training partners.

  82. charlieRobinson says:

    is worm guard 11th planet?

  83. greg mayhew says:

    I just did it today on accident in an open mat, so much control. I want to learn more.

  84. Guard says:
    Impossible worm guard game)

  85. White trash can says:

    Maybe this is why I suck at jiujitsu. My legs are half the length of his

  86. Ruben Toder says:

    Is it me or did this video just explain options from worm guard and not actually how to get to it?

  87. ju feione says:

    one of the best chanel's for bjj…oss and thanks Bro

  88. Marco Zaragoza says:

    Wow, one of my favourits channel, thanks

  89. Nick Mavrick says:

    Just started learning this system. I am hooked.
    This is great for older guys, or as my Professor says, "executive players."

  90. lomachenko k says:


  91. Ninj 2026 says:

    Im a no belt, this some high level stuff. I cant even sweep.

  92. ecoriv says:

    What is the difference between worm guard and Lapel guard?

  93. TheHeartmedia says:

    Q: (why) is it not possible to leglock that wormguardleg?

  94. D Mac says:

    Great video.

  95. Flanker says:

    this music is cancer…thank god there is the mute button to enjoy the nice breakdown

  96. Arturo Longo says:

    baaaam! AMAZING!

  97. signoaspire says:

    Should've called it Keenan guard.

  98. paperchasin23 says:

    Can you use it to kill someone?

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