BJJ Scout: Conor McGregor Study – Takedown Defence


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100 thoughts on “BJJ Scout: Conor McGregor Study – Takedown Defence”

  1. BJJSCOUT says:

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  2. SirrupSandwiches says:

    The cons to Connors approach is that you caught them . So he has to hope khabib and his coaches didn’t catch that or watched this video lol

  3. Mr.Goodlife says:

    this is awesome, all those fan boys can't understand

  4. Pete Poet says:

    In before Khabib does what he does and mauls him round after round.

  5. otiswrath85 says:

    This is awesome. I have a whole new respect for Conor's game.

  6. Redshift says:

    I don't think anyone has his talent for psychological warfare. It is why he is hated, he beats them before they fight. Every loser hates the champ

  7. pizza gui says:

    Nah he has been takin down plenty now the difference is it's kabib and that wild fuck will ride u till the bell rings

  8. D Bra says:

    I believe it was the Alvarez press conference he said he’s been beating up wrestlers with an overhand his whole life. Khabib is not something new. He may be the best he’s fought, but it’s nothing new

  9. Igor says:

    I placed $1k on Habib by submission.

  10. Tomi Lehtonen says:

    Seems like being a southpaw helps fighters a lot

  11. Joe Cockerline says:

    Fascinating to see some actual analysis of skill and technique rather than people doing MMA math with previous fights. "Chad took him down and Khabib is better at wrestling than Chad so Conor will get smashed," is NOT HOW THIS SHIT WORKS. Tactical preparation from each camp, fight IQ and application of technique make fights, not subjective judgements on how "good" someone is like there's a quantifiable figure you can put on that.

    Thanks for the analysis, really great stuff.

  12. Erik Browning says:

    Excellent analysis.

  13. Neimenovano Ime says:

    Connor will die.

  14. Heisenberg says:

    Khabib should prepare for this and throw a right right before Conor wants to throw his left, or counter him otherwise with a strike

  15. David West says:

    Good old first contact. Thats a wrestling tatic its self. That right constantly coming out touching finding range for him and is his first defense. Great Video Conor in 2 via TKO

  16. J Antonio says:

    Conor's best approach is to tap out ! 😆😁😎😊

  17. J Antonio says:

    Conor is still going down !

  18. NoobMaster69 says:

    please don't use mendes as an example for conor's "good" takedown defense. the dude only lost that fight because he came right from his sofa to the arena. if he wasn't on such short notice he wouldn't have gassed and conor's career would have ended there. if i want to be 100% fair tho there is a rumor that conor's knee was injured so maybe it would have been more competitive on the grappling if it wasn't for that. chad even tho way smaller managed to take conor down and do damage. as for alvarez, well alvarez kinda got rekt so i can't say anything about that 😀

  19. Michael J says:

    Low single leg shots/ankle picks and the 2 on 1 Russian Grip should help negate connor's reach/touch.

  20. TG R says:

    thanks BJJ for the excellent meta study and breakup….I am not a professional but the way you had explained in this video made it quite easy to understand the technicality behind Connor's success against wrestlers….yes it is very important to understand the intent of a wrester, strike or takedown, which is quite hard only by looking at the pattern of his movement, so touch becomes the most effective tool to gaze the frame of the opponent, the movement, the force behind his body rushing in, which ofcourse also becomes the primary defense mechanism to block takedowns by converting the touch to a defensive block and using the incoming force to create space…which is nothing but pure body mechanics…fighters with creativity and high ring IQ uses the same technic…that is why they are class apart from normal blokes….I think a close study of techniques used by Jon Jones and Israel Adesanya will reveal some important facts as well…looking forward for such meta study in future…brilliant video…keep up the good work👌👍☺

  21. TG R says:

    Couldn't agree with you more @ Jack Krieger👍

  22. bart caron says:

    Great inside, thx!

  23. NOiR says:

    Awesome vid! Well done

  24. - JustMaxPirk says:

    Best technical breakdowns in the game.

  25. iamXavierLee says:

    Phenomenal insight in this video. Thank you

  26. Bliss Beatbox says:

    I just placed a bet on Khabib winning so knowing my luck, Connor will win. But what I really want is Connor winning.

  27. Nakamura Naomi says:

    Conor mctapper losed 3 time in ground game..and khabib is pro at ground game..conor mctapper is pro standing game,but khabib never lose in stnding game..FACT..

  28. Jason Reichert says:

    Khabib has never lost a round in UFC…. but he don't knock people out. Conner does.

  29. Robert Ryan says:

    V good video.
    I enjoy the breakdown and understood it.

  30. Satya Pawitra says:

    Useless againts khabib

  31. Lenin Salam says:

    Conor the fucking loser..

  32. Sahdin Khan says:

    What was it again. Everyone thinks they got it all figured out before they faced Khabib.

  33. Luis Coley says:

    now that your chicken has tapped, you all need to remove these stupid videos of conor's "takedown defense" and stop trying to make yourself feel better. it's over, face the reality.

  34. Le Grand Fromage says:

    Who’s here after 229

  35. sai kumar Ganneboina says:

    Conor is no close to khabib in standup and wrestling, conor scares of takedowns and opensup blocking khabib overhead righthead with head.

  36. Blaze says:

    How relevent is this today after khabib vs Connor?

  37. Nagymegyeri Dr says:


  38. Nagymegyeri Dr says:


  39. Nagymegyeri Dr says:


  40. Feli Belajar says:

    All these tactic do not work against Khabib.

  41. Vishal Sheoran says:

    youre the G in the studying fighters and this showed in this fight,khabib never let conor post or use the lead hand either and eventually confusing him in takedown vs strike.

  42. Sandy Putra says:

    no effect on khabib

  43. workdaypegasus says:

    If Connor loses 1 more match against title holder, his career is OVER!
    I really want to see him succeed again!

  44. Dark Oz.svp says:

    The music of matrix… This video before the fight was difficult to watch, too much fantasys and so embarrasing arguments, but now is pure gold of comedy HAHAHAHA please do more!!!

  45. Brooklyn Brawler says:

    U seriously huggin Connors Nuts

  46. amir syafiq says:

    The amount of Ls in this comment section is glorious

  47. Hajime Saitou says:

    Khabib squeezed all the Irish whiskey out of Conor.

  48. Dwi Bagus Ramadhan says:

    Only works with long reach fighters

  49. Azman Faris says:

    Informational video! I’m sure Conor’s defense is too good for Khabib.. oh wait. 😜

  50. jayson belmoro says:

    the best take defense for noobs! can't do that in a class S grappler like khabib.

  51. UnexpectedWonder says:

    This is an Accurate Vid.

  52. Mr Balochistan says:

    Corner told me to delete this video make it out of khabib's eyes….he will make me humble and smash me hard again .. you fooking youtuber

  53. Round says:

    Suprise suhpize muddafuggA the drama queen is BaK!

  54. Anas H says:

    Khabib shook the fooookin world…

  55. Mister Libra says:

    it should be anti neck crank tactics.

  56. Abhishek says:

    I am here after UFC 229 . Now it looks stupid lol

  57. Juan Antonio Iglesias says:

    I AM still waiting for the UFC 229 analysis.

  58. Skylar Cary says:

    He should have tapped Khabib.. Oh wait, Khabib tapped McNugget LOL

  59. Maki Maki says:

    Well this video didnt work out so well

  60. Honest Expression says:

    No system is perfect though…

  61. sdaftermath123 says:

    After watching his TD defense, I think it’s par. He did better then most of Khabibs opponents did in my opinion.

  62. BardockThaRawest says:

    he did well against khabib honestly, rode out his best shots but he just got his back taken in the end

  63. mohammad abdul moeez says:

    Conor needs to fight better wrestlers is the exact argument. The person who made this video is a fake martial artist

  64. tirigou samir says:

    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 229

  65. Robb Boss says:

    Tactic #1- tap.

  66. Blessed says:

    Khabib Time !

  67. Man Jay says:

    Interesting. So the phrase" feeling out" the opponent is not just a figure of speech. In this example, it is literally true.

  68. Nenad ИС XC Shuput says:

    Do a video, on why this didn't work on Khelabob?

  69. 666LaVey666 says:

    So this video sucks in hindsight huh?

  70. TavotheSavior says:

    I was so frustrated that Conor used exactly none of his usual tactics until round 3. The round he managed to win.

    Instead he went in there thinking he'd time a flying knee on a shot and win big. That flying knee was a huge mistake.

    Im still very interested in a rematch, but we need to first see that the old McGregor is still alive. Because he could come out again with a poor gameplan and show that he is slower than his prime and lose to a guy that he legitimately could have the Eddie Alvarez performance against if he plays his cards right

  71. 사마중달 says:

    이 영상은 진짜 레전드 영상입니다.
    내용도 내용대로 정말 좋고 bgm도 잘 어울리고 ..게다가 맥그리거의 전략을 정확히 분석한 아주 완벽한 영상

  72. Calla CTM says:

    His best tactic is hiding after that huge embarrassment

  73. Kazi Rasheedi says:

    Conor is good no doubt. Khabib is in different scale no one got a round against him except Mcgregor. Khabib has been living in disciplined life so long that is why his cardio is so good.
    Now do not shout Conor is more talented striker.

  74. Cow Kings says:

    As it turns out he just needed to fight a wrestler like Khabib

  75. John Fystikis says:

    Old fast and light on his feet Connor could KO Khabib imo.But alcohol,drugs etc. has affected him,Connor has become slower and stiffer ,he isn't also as hungry and motivated as he was.

  76. Sanjay Khanka says:

    lol u got owned bro…..that too big time…hahahahaa guess u are still in shock😂😂😂😂anyways good luck brooooooo

  77. Cafu says:

    Should have sent this video directly to him probably didn't see

  78. Vent Williams says:

    Man thissss video is what any true STUDENT of the (art) of fighting should love.. the TECHNICAL side of fighting and not just throwing punches without a plan or fighting without a plan. One of the best TECHNICAL videos I everrr seen and definitely the best TAKEDOWN DEFENSE as far as distance control wrestler vs striker video I ever seen. 🤙 classic video

  79. kerpal321 says:

    awesome video

  80. Joshua Dyer says:

    This video is genius, all these haters have no idea what they are talking about. This video changed my MMA life forever. Thank you so much… For real

  81. MrMojo13ification says:

    Cons.. khabib smesh

  82. Alberto Rangel says:

    Subscribed 4 minutes in. Fantastic stuff. Such a disgusting habit that commentators and journalists have of trash talking a fighter when they lose and the writers don't really understand the nuances of why they lost.

  83. jamal jan says:

    Khabib 💪 ma sha ALLAH

  84. Roe Jogan says:

    I’m not listening to a guy who can’t spell defense correctly. “Defence”

  85. Sapo_Samurai says:

    I think everyone underestimated Khabib's speed and ability to figure out range. He had Conor's range and timing down perfectly after the first round of Conor throwing.

  86. Noah Brooks says:

    Connor got taken down it’s getting up that matters after that you have to have a way up after

  87. borederthanu says:

    Fuuuuuuuck wrestlers flag football athletes.

  88. Robb Boss says:

    1st tactic,…tap out.

  89. Devocean Studio says:

    His seemingly slow jab is him pawing to feel if opponent will go for a take down. And give him a head start on his pushing frame tactic. Keeping the wrestler in striking range. Very interesting.

  90. Zaur Ibrahim says:

    Still waiting ufc 229 breakdown.

  91. Craig Reeves says:

    tldr: simple trapping. That's what Conor is doing and he's good at it. Trapping certainly isn't new in fighting nor is it particularly innovative. Conor's just really good at it.

  92. Zaman Geçiren Videolar says:

    Not khabib's level eddie or mendes

  93. GRISLE_SMACK _ says:


  94. shaj ali says:

    So what was the outcome

  95. Cy Todd says:

    Comparing Mendes to Khibib is silly. Mendes, without a camp, beat a much bigger McGregor the 1st round, took him down at will.
    SImply ran out of gas. How did you theory work when McGregor fought Khibib? McGregor was destroyed.

  96. CreamyBone says:


  97. Sure Thing says:

    Goes to show just how much value you get from training. None of these are conscious decisions Conor's making, all of these are subconcious processes that guide him from repeated training and fighting experience. And they work so fast. It's awesome.

  98. R G says:

    Khabib doesn’t care about your frame…I just smash through frame.

  99. Jayston Williams says:


  100. bruce akins says:

    Good breakdown

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