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[Music] welcome to the biker angle we got some news today by Ken Ritter The Associated Press and this is coming out of Las Vegas from the AP wire a jury in Las Vegas heard two vastly different views in a federal racketeering trial that opened Monday for a BIOS biker gang members stemming from a 2011 shootout that killed a rival Hells Angel leader in a Nevada casino prosecutor John Hancock bit an orchestrated murder approved by Vogel’s international president Pastor Pella facts defense attorney Michael Kennedy countered that using a gun to stop two active shooters in a crowded Reno area casino is not murder representing Vagos member Ernesto Gonzalez Kennedy told jurors at two Hells Angel members shot first and were quote stopping and quote a man at gunpoint when Gonzalez shot Jeffrey Pettigrew dead prosecutors called Pettigrew’s killing part of a pattern of more than a decade of Vagos crimes in California Arizona Hawaii Oregon Utah and Nevada next one by sam orgullosa x staff writer out of Tampa it took a federal jury about six hours total to find two men guilty of shooting to death a rival motorcycle gang leader the 12 member panel on Monday afternoon convicted Christopher dirty Kasim on oh and Michael pumpkin muncher a murder conspiracy and a host of other charges in the 2017 execution of the local outlaws motorcycle club president Paul Anderson metric closed his eyes and lowered his hole as the verdict was read by US District Judge Marion Sriman just before two PN Kaza models stood still glancing at his attorney jury deliberations started Thursday then the judge set up a jurors home for three days and had them a reconvene Monday morning there is no sentencing date yet for the pair the judge said they face up to life in prison the to our members of another motorcycle group prosecutor said local kills bernal branch of the 69 errs motorcycle club quote we appreciate the jury’s diligent and carefully considering the evidence in this case and bringing it to a successful conclusion US attorney Maria choppa Lopez told the Tampa Bay Times in an email defense attorneys declined to comment over the course of the two-week trial casa model and mentor pointed the finger at one another in the December 21st 2017 ambush on a paso county still the defendants sat next to each other at the defense table both of them ran on each other mentors attorney and board rowdy told the jury it was Casa model thirty one who shot Anderson Casa models attorney JJ white implied that it was mentor 52 who killed the outlaws leader quote he’s the one that’s going to fly off the handle and shoot Paul Anderson end quote wise told the jury Thursday jurors didn’t buy that argument the government had accused both men of conspiring to commit murder prosecutors said Casa model pulled the trigger but if he missed mnsure was there to finish the job caz Amato and men sure rode motorcycles Trek and Anderson’s pickup truck as he drove north on the Suncoast Parkway prosecutors said they were armed and wearing masks the two were out for revenge the government alleges Anderson and a group of outlaws had previously beaten up other 69 members at the local Brewing Company restaurant in Palm Harbor when Anderson took an exit and stopped at a red traffic light near State Road 54 prosecutors said caz Amano walked up to the trucks window and shot the 44 year-old outlaws president several times with a Glock 45 semi-automatic pistol quote he was dead with his foot on the brake and a phone in his hand assistant US attorney Natalie Adams said during the trial three other members of the 69 errs alan burt big beefy guan tow Eric richard biggie robinson and cody james little savage Wessling were indicted along with casa model and mentor and accused of taking part in the plot to kill anderson they all struck plea deals earlier this year quanto and Wesley testified during the trial the outlaws and the 69 errs are two of the best known a biker gang Gia right 69er st. the assassination was part of a local conflict between their Tampa Bay chapters authorities have said the jury on Monday found Taizo model not guilty of assault in another outlaw member James Jimbo Kosta during a separate incident in July 2017 prosecutors had accused Casa model of shooting and wounding Kosta in Hillsborough County mentor also was found not guilty of a separate judge or drug related charge the government had said he helped distribute heroin with Robinson unreal by Zachary hella skok a California Highway Patrol officers dead and two others are wounded after a lengthy shootout that began with a routine traffic stop around 5:30 p.m. on Monday 34 year old CHP officer Andrew Murray stopped the driver of a white pickup truck along a highway off-ramp in Riverside California for reasons still not release Moy he decided to impound the vehicle and was filling out paperwork when the man pulled out a rifle and began shooting at the officer despite being fatally wounded Moy was able to return fire and call for backup three other CHP officers three deputies from the Riverside sheriff’s office and at least one Riverside police officer quickly arrived and began to engage the man with gunfire according to the Los Angeles Times the shooter was 49 year old Aaron Luthor a member of the Vagos motorcycle gang who had an extensive criminal record dozens of rounds were exchanged between the group of officers and Luthor who critically injured a second CHP officer and wounded a third Luther was killed during a gun battle although a motive for the shooting is still unknown quote we don’t know why Luthor shot Moyie Riverside police spokesman Ryan Railsback said that is all going to be a part of this lengthy investigation end quote mui was airlifted to a hospital but to come to his injuries while in route well it was a long and horrific gun battle and resulted in a very extensive crime scene end quote Riverside police chief Sergio Diaz said at a Monday press conference Moy he had been serving as a si P officer for almost three years after graduating from the CHP Academy in 2017 he previously had a job as an electrician but beach but dreamed of becoming an officer since he was a child he is survived by his parents siblings and wife Sarah quote I am devastated by the tragedy yet unloaded earlier in Riverside tonight I mourn the loss of one of our own CHP officer Andrew Moy who was killed during a shootout following a traffic stop prayers go out to all including the responding officers injured in the shooting CHP commissioner warren stanley said in a tweet after the tragedy my god i hope the club comes on and disavows that one because these cops are gonna be all over that club and all over clubs in california yeah one of the rules was you never killed a cop unless he was freaking dirty on your payroll but doing something like this my god [Music]

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26 thoughts on “Biker News Vagos MC Outlaws and more.”

  1. Insane Throttle Motorcycle Magazine Biker News says:

    We will be issuing a correction to Vago Story. Seems like the LA Times where everyone got the information stated in article below after lots of outcry "Local investigators initially thought Luther had ties to the Vagos motorcycle gang, one of the nation’s largest and most dangerous outlaw biker gangs, alongside Hell’s Angels and the Mongols."However, federal experts familiar with the Vagos say he is not a member.
    This was the main source on the wire. Why half the news outlets are reporting he was and the others were not. So until proof is given we issue our correction.

  2. Sean Strehle says:

    Do the crime do the time ambushind is for cowards

  3. Adam O says:

    The feds have said he wasn't part of the vagos in your news article you released. As far as the niners-f is the 6th letter of the alphabet,I is the 9th letter. 69=FI of course he was a federal informant

  4. Edward Tillotson says:

    SMH, never even heard of 69ers before this case

  5. Adam l says:

    Thanks for all the news everyday brother

  6. Johnny Half says:

    Sweet Home is just around the Corner ! One of the Best Party's of the year " !

  7. Sam Spade says:

    Cali Cartel ( Government) is hot n heavy on the trail and tail of the MC world. Just saying!

  8. syltrjavi skullz says:

    RATS 🐀…………..

  9. Koolaidacidkilla says:

    Only politics I listen to.

  10. syltrjavi skullz says:

    After having so many felonies and having a rifle at that in cali they end up throwing away key and slamming book on you . its prob just him saying shit im done with if they find this , why night go with a fight . but sadly club has to pay all because he either had a tat or a shirt or something resembling it smh

  11. Ant Squirly says:

    ::: Waves :::
    Scored some nice leather this morning. – I'd like to ask, can I sell off of YouTube?

    Sad news indeed. If you're going to do the crime, be prepared to do the time. Personally, Letting someone live is a greater payback. They'll be looking over their shoulder the rest of their lives.

    Ride safe.

  12. june boy says:

    Being in that life you know the consequences, especially if your running around trying to take people's vest, obviously there going to be retaliation, it's a loose loose situation, everybody's family looses

  13. pak_dmc says:

    Well tht was informative..shit

  14. IE BADBOY says:


  15. HARMARSCH2 says:

    Hollywood another excellent video. Thank you for the Biker News.

  16. Mike deAngelo says:

    again 69ers aint known for shit but are known now to be nothing more than rats………Gotta wonder though Hollywood why the chp were shot at first or even if that is true Isnt the riverside cops the same diry law that were illegally profiling bikers with bs warrants ant illegal tapps a few years back………….. Thanks again for the news Hollywood

  17. Nicky Mcguire says:

    To The Forever Chapter….G.F.O.D!!!

  18. Jim Highfill says:

    Hey rate chaser. Check your facts.

  19. Irish Gip says:

    Keep up the great news brother. 22 4 ever!

  20. Roger Bohman says:

    This is bullshit, same day federal racketeering case begins, I just talked to patched member, Aaron Luther wasn't even an associate, and the pictures their all using showing the same picture you are, and that's not Aaron in that picture, that is from another arrest on other members. This smells funny!!

  21. Red Street says:

    In the late 60's when I was about 9 years old my aunt and uncle took me on vacation in the mountains of North Carolina. We were eating in a restaurant and a motorcycle gang pulled up and scared me really bad. When they came in they sat all around us. My aunt and uncle started talking and joking and my fear went away because I thought at the time these are just normal people, lol.

  22. The vaping biker says:

    Hey Hollywood I’m chilling at home drinking a cup of coffee with my new mug keep up the great videos

  23. Dan Thompson says:

    Oh boy

  24. NITRO MIKE says:

    There is no fucking way Paul was that complacent . I firmly believe Paul thought dirty was some one he knew. Paul was a special forces sniper team leader and won dam near every medal offered including the purple heart cluster . I find it hard to believe that he was that complacent.

  25. LUDIRTY says:

    So to get CLOUT ON THE SCENE, go after anyone in the big 5?

  26. terry eick says:

    Your are idiot just like the leo's we are clubs not gangs… your not worth listening too

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